Best Golf Grips for Arthritis

Golf is a great game, especially for seniors and provides great mental and physical exercise. For many older golfers though, aging brings with it arthritic pain their favorite sport less fun.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article we discuss the 6best golf grips for arthritis to help you keep up your A-game on the golf course.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The Basics About Arthritis

Arthritis is essentially the inflammation of joints. The inflammation comes about as a result of cartilage breakage within joints and bones. Some common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness, swelling and pain. It’s nothing to be alarmed about though. Arthritic pain can be managed and sometimes cured with normal exercise. And golf provides you plenty of exercise.

The average golfer burns 1,400 calories in a round of golf. They can burn as much as 850 calories riding the gold cart for the entire 18-hole game. If you want to push yourself a little, then walk for 9 holes and ride the cart for the other 9.

Importance of Golf Grips for Your Hands

Golf grips are often overlooked when purchasing golf equipment. Golfers search for the best iron, the best putter, the best ball but not the grip. A good grip can totally change your game especially for arthritic hands.

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A grip is your only connection to the golf club. Armed with the right arthritic golf grip you might even be able to make it through the entire game with minimal pain. Here are our top picks:

1. Avon Chamois Jumbo

This oversized grip is probably the best pick for arthritic golfers. Its large size and air-cushioned shock absorption technology provides a soft grip. It also lessens vibration making the swing less painful.

The grip is ripped making it easier for golfers to identify where their fingers need to go. The guideline provided by the ribbed pattern makes for better consistency during the delivery of shots.

The Avon Chamois Jumbo is made of rubber polymer making it very durable. It is our top pick for arthritic golfers.


  • Soft oversize grip
  • Air-cushioned shock absorption
  • Cushiony feel
  • Ribbed pattern
  • Durable
  • 60 core size
  • Rubber Polymer

2. Winn Excel Midsize Grip

The perforated leather wrap provides a soft yet sticky feel to the grip. This makes it easy to hold, alleviating the tension associated with maintaining a good grip. The perforated leather also makes it easier to use without gloves.

The Winn Excel is extremely shock absorbent. This feature reduces the vibration felt by the arms when a shot is taken, and provides for a smooth movement from swing to impact. It allows golfers suffering from hand fatigue to play for longer without the pain.


  • Shock absorbent
  • Sticky and soft feel
  • Spiral wrap design
  • Can be used without gloves
  • Low water resistance
  • Perforated leather look – minimal texture
  • Made with excel polymer

3. Lamkin Arthritic Grip

Lamkin Arthritis grip is a specially designated grip for arthritis. The nubbed texture and slightly larger midsize core both minimize tension. These features also promote a lighter hand pressure making it easier to hold the grip. All features combined make for smoother swings.

The minimal tension and vibration from this grip results in a longer and more comfortable round of golf.


  • Synthetic rubber
  • 58 round core size
  • Midsize
  • Medium soft arthritic grip
  • Nubbed/Coarse texture

4. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Oversize Grip

The Tacki-Mac grips are made with thermo-plastic rubber ensuring durability in all weather conditions. It is exceptionally soft with a unique serrated patter. All these features ensure excellent grip ability alleviating tension from the golfer’s hand.


  • Soft grip
  • Serrated design
  • High water resistance
  • Thermo Plastic Rubber
  • Core size 60
  • Weight 65g
  • Oversize

A golf grip is personalized equipment. It should fit well in your hand and it only makes sense to buy one that feels like it’s meant for you. A grip that caters well to men will not necessarily cater well to women. So for all our golfer ladies out there, here are a few arthritic golf grip recommendations.

5. Winn Excel Ladies Grip

The Excel series is Winn’s flagship series and their best selling one too. The Excel series cater to everyone’s needs.

The excel ladies grip provides a soft cushioned feel. The perforated leather and spiral design makes for a sticky feel providing a glove-less feel.

Because of its high shock absorption, the excel ladies grip is preferred by many arthritic golfers. The large core size prevents you from over gripping providing a more comfortable experience out on the golf course.


  • Soft and tacky grip
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Spiral wrap design
  • Glove-less feel
  • Perforated leather
  • Minimal texture
  • Low Water Resistance
  • 60 round core size

6. Avon Chamois Ladies Grip

The Avon Chamois Ladies is an undersized grip with air-cushioned shock absorbent technology. It provides a soft grip with a supple non slippery feel.  The grip is very lightweight, making it ideal for arthritic pain relief during a round of golf.

A major plus with this product is that it is available in five colors. Ladies can choose their preferred color from black, grey, blue, pink and purple.


  • Soft grip
  • Air-cushioned shock absorption
  • 560 core size
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 5 colors

Golf is a great game that stimulates the golfer not only physically but also mentally. As Bobby Jones said “Golf is mainly played on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.”

Old age and aching bones may prevent you from pursuing a lot of your passions. Let golf not be one of them. Invest in a good golf grip!

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Grip

When choosing the right golf grip for you make sure to keep the following points in mind:

· Core size

Depending on the golfer’s own preference, they can choose either an oversized grip or a mid-sized grip. Ladies may even opt for an undersized grip.  Your choice will depend on your grip size, whether you play with gloves on or not, and so on. Find one that makes the club feel like an extension of your arm.

· Pattern

You can opt for a ribbed, spiral or nubbed textured grip. Again the choice depends on your personal preference. However make sure that the texture or lack of it there of does not make for a slippery grip. A slippery grip requires more effort from the golfer which aggravates the pain.

· Weight

We suggest you opt for a graphite shaft rather than a steel shaft. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts making it easier for you to swing the club. They also generate minimal vibration upon impact making them more comfortable to use.

· Feel

Almost all arthritic grips have soft feels and cushioned grips to ensure the best possible experience. This feature is particularly important for people with hand fatigue. Harder grips are harder to hold making the game a stressful experience for the golfer.

Our Final Thoughts

Like we said, a good grip will make the club feel like an extension of your arm. It will make it easier to swing and will generate minimal vibration on impact.

For arthritic golfers it is essential that the grip is highly shock absorbent and easy to hold. Aggravated tension due to the wrong equipment choice is going to make the entire experience more painful.

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