Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

Vice is a fairly new golf equipment brand, only founded in 2012 in Germany. While they might not have a lot of history, Vice produces premium, high-quality golf equipment that is more affordable than other premium golf brands. Vice makes its equipment affordable by cutting out middlemen and selling its products directly to customers on its website. All Vice golf balls are tested by independent institutes and are comparable to most premium golf balls on the market today.

Vice produces five different golf balls and has steadily gained popularity amongst golfers since the brand’s founding. This article is our Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review. The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball is designed and created for golfers with high swing speeds of at least 100 miles per hour. Before we get into our review, let’s look at the features of the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Overview

Material Urethane

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

Construction 4-piece

Dimple Pattern 336

Compression 95

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball features a 4-piece construction with a cast Urethane cover. This Urethane cover also features S2TG (stick to the green) technology. This technology makes for an extremely thin cover, allowing for great control, spin, and feel in and around the greens. The outermost layer of the core features a new ionomer material designed for high elasticity, resulting in increased carry distance and ball speed.

The mantle uses Surlyn material, designed to minimize driver spin, which is great for those golfers who struggle to keep their ball flight low. Finally, the core featured in the Vice Pro Plus is a Size-increased High Energy Speed Core, which according to Vice, allows for higher launch speeds and carry distances.

The exterior is a highly durable urethane cover. This cover features a 336 aerodynamic dimple design. This dimple pattern is designed to help the ball fly through the air for longer distances and also helps with the landing of the ball and its stopping power. This stopping power is also helped by the S2TG technology featured on the cover.

That’s it for the features and specs of the Vice Pro Plus! Now, we can finally go in-depth and discuss how these balls perform on the course. Let’s get into our Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review


The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball is a high compression ball, but it doesn’t feel too hard or firm. They do feel a little springy off the face of the club, and mishits aren’t very forgiving, which can be both good or bad, depending on the golfer. Overall, they provide a premium feel from the tee all the way to the greens.


Long Game

The long game is where the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls shine. Keep in mind that these are high compression golf balls designed for those who have high swing speeds – if your swing speeds are lower than 100 miles per hour, you won’t be able to maximize the benefit these balls provide.

With that said, the 4-piece construction makes this ball great in the long game. The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls don’t spin much, and with the high energy core and reduced drag, the ball launches fast and carries for incredibly long distances. The long game of the Vice Pro Plus can be compared to that of the Pro V1x while remaining affordable to all kinds of golfers.

You can also get great shot distances with your mid-irons due to the low spin rate and 4-piece construction. The spin generated is slightly higher when you compare it to a ball like the Titleist Pro V1x, but it is controllable.

Short Game

While the Vice Pro Plus is designed for distance and the long game, it is no slouch in the short game either. While the spin is low, it is great for golfers who tend to generate too much spin or those who struggle with stopping their wedge shots. The incredibly thin urethane cover allows for a soft landing on the greens, and the S2TG tech used allows for great control and accuracy.

Furthermore, the Vice Pro Plus features a Keep in Line (KIP) Putt Line. This Putt Line is a visual aid that can help beginners, amateurs, and even some professionals line up their putts to increase their putting accuracy.


The Value is where Vice, the brand, as a whole is unbeatable. The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls will provide comparable performance and durability to golf’s top-rated golf balls, such as the Pro V1x and the TP5x, but at half the price. You won’t worry too much about losing a golf ball or two the next time you are on the course if you play with the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls. You won’t get this much speed, distance, and greenside control at this price point anywhere else.

Our Final Thoughts

That’s it for our Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review! Again, these golf balls are suited to those with swing speeds of at least 100 miles per hour, and to get the most benefit, a swing speed of 110 miles per hour would be best. If you meet these requirements, the Vice Pro Plus will no doubt help you improve your game – everywhere on the course, from the tee to the greens.

The only issue we have faced with the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls is their availability. As they are affordable and sold directly to customers, they tend to sell out quickly. Overall, you won’t regret purchasing and playing with the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls, and your wallet won’t hurt every time you lose a ball or two!

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