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Early golfers did not have the technology that is available to golfers today. They did not have the privilege of using the branded and sophisticated equipment that we see around today, like modern golf clubs and golf bags. Instead, they had to carry heavy bags with as many as 14 clubs. However, golf technology is advancing quite rapidly. Besides the functional aspects, convenience and ease are important factors taken into account when designing golf equipment.

To make them as sturdy and lightweight as possible, golf bags are now designed using various materials. These materials make a big difference to the waterproofing and weight of the bags in question. If you’ve searched online for golf bags, you must have noticed that golf bags greatly range in designs and sizes and are offered by a myriad of brands.

Among them, Second Swing is one of the most prominent online sellers and specialty retailers of golf equipment. Their golf bags are highly sought after products in the golfing world.

Second Swing Golf Bags

The type of golf bag you choose depends on the number and types of clubs you decide to carry with you to a golf course as well as how you plan to move your golf equipment from one part of the course to another. Let’s now explore some varieties of Second Swing golf bags:

Travel Bags

Travel bags are the best available golf bags on the Second Swing store. They are the largest and most luxurious of all bags offered by the brand. As the name suggests, they are primarily designed for professionals for their golf tours. Therefore, these bags contain a generous amount of extra space for belongings other than golf equipment. Besides your golf clubs, gloves, balls, etc., you can stuff your clothes, caps, shoes, and other items easily in travel bags.

Consequently, they are extremely heavy, weighing about 10 pounds, which can make carrying them around a big issue. This is especially true for amateur golfers who, unlike professional golfers, don’t usually have a personal caddie to carry around their equipment. Yet, if you feel like getting a travel bag for yourself, make sure you buy it with a golf buggy, an electric or push/pull trolley.

Cart Bags

Another bag type offered by Second Swing is the cart bag. These are golf bags specifically designed to be carried on a golf trolley or buggy. Weighing less than travel bags – between 6 to 7 pounds – these bags enable you to move your golf equipment easily in the course. Their non-slip base, often made of rubber, keeps these bags from sliding off the cart while moving.

Cart bags also include pockets on one side of the bag, allowing you to keep valuables, golf balls, and other small items in them.

However, cart bags may not be the best option for you if you prefer to carry the golf bag while walking around the course. Stand bags are more suited to you in this case.

Stand Bags

Many golfers like to walk between holes and carry their golf bags on their backs. Stand bags are an ideal option for such golfers. These bags not only weigh considerably less but also contain 2 retractable legs so that you can have it stand wherever you like on the golf course. Since they stand upright, you can easily obtain the right club when playing rounds.

While there are many limitations to placing or carrying travel or cart bags, stand bags help resolve those issues. Both travel and cart bags are meant for use on flat golf courses only. You need a caddie or trolley to carry them, which can pose problems when moving them to uneven terrain. Plus, placing them on uneven terrain can be equally challenging. Oftentimes, you can’t help your golf bag getting dirty when it’s placed on the ground.

Stand bags, unless they fall, don’t usually get dirty. Moreover, they weigh less than 5 pounds, which allows you to carry them easily across irregular terrain in any course without the need for a trolley or a caddie.

Golf bags can get extremely heavy when stuffed with 14 different clubs. Most stand bags feature shoulder straps like those you would see on a backpack. These allow you to spread the weight of the golf bag on both shoulders. To prevent any rubbing while moving across the golf course, some stand bags also come with additional features like a hip pad.

Lightweight Carry Bags

Carry bags have become increasingly popular in the past few years. These are basically thinner and much lighter versions of stand bags. Despite having a low mass, they don’t comprise on the ability to carry golf clubs. Their 6-inch diameter allows you to carry 14 golf clubs with ease. Because of their slim design, you can even store carry bags in a locker or car.

However, carry bags are only suited for golfing during dry, warm weather. Their light material means they’re not usually waterproof, making them vulnerable to damage during wetter conditions, as well as offering little protection to your golf equipment. Hence, if you happen to purchase carry bags, avoid using them when showers are forecasted.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are similar to travel bags in terms of weight, which is around 10 pounds. The main difference is that while travel bags are meant to offer extra space for non-golf belongings, staff bags focus on tour-worthy aesthetics and are immensely branded. As the luxurious sedans of golf bags, staff bags are almost exclusively used by professional golfers.

Besides being luxurious, staff bags are roomy and big, which again makes them suitable for professionals who have their personal caddies on golf courses — for others, carrying staff bags can a big hurdle. Even if you have a trolley or cart, carrying staff bags from your car to the cart can be challenging, let alone moving it around on the course.

In other words, staff bags bring aesthetics, luxury, and an abundance of storage space together for the most passionate golfers out there. These features, along with their high-quality material, certainly make up for the lack of lightness.

Our Final Thoughts

Thus, Second Swing presents an authentic platform for you to buy high-quality golf equipment. But with various different types of Second Swing golf bags at your disposal, choosing the right golf bag can be a tricky decision to make. Your golfing needs and priorities will eventually determine what type is the best for you. Functionality is always the topmost priority for all golfers, so you’ll certainly be conscious of features like dividers, pockets, putter well, handles and straps, etc.

Besides, if you prioritize convenience over aesthetics and luxury, carry bags may be a great option for you. But if your golf course is prone to frequent showers, stand bags should be a more feasible option to ensure the protection of your golf equipment. Likewise, if you don’t like carrying bags on your back, cart bags may be the right choice for you as they allow you to move them around on a trolley.

If, however, you plan to leave for a golf tour and want to have a multipurpose bag to store your belongings, a travel bag is for you. And finally, if you wish to combine the benefits of aesthetics, high-quality material, and weight isn’t a problem for you because you have a caddie, then staff bags are what you should go for.

Whichever type of golf bag you decide to purchase, Second Swing offers you a user-friendly platform and delivers golf products right to your doorstep.

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