Ping Glide 2 Wedge Review

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration if you’re out to have a good time playing golf and actually want to win it. One of them is a good golf wedge.

This particular item determines the accuracy of your hit during a short distance game. While there are heaps of these present in the market, here we will be discussing the Ping Glide 2 Wedge.

We would have separate sections for the overview of the product, its key features, and the pros and cons.

So, let’s not delay anymore and start right away.

Ping Glide 2 Wedge

Ping Glide 2 Wedge Review

The Ping Glide 2 Wedge is a better and remodeled version of the previous line. This one has a much softer steelhead, and it is made up of 8620 carbon and has 4 different types of sole grinds.

It has very sharp grooves that are really close to one another. The friction increases by a lot this way, and the spin rate also takes a jump like this.

Shots are made more accurately, and swings are smoother. Since the sole grinds and edges of the lead in the 431SS heads have been modified very attentively so that an excellent contact of the surface is made.

Also, the grey gunmetal color available for this decreases the glare from the sun that lets the head of the product to look much smaller than it really is. The eyes of the golfer are relaxed this way, and making a shot becomes simpler.

So, you’ll be able to use the Ping’s wedge on a bright and sunny day without having to worry about your eyes much. For increased durability of the cold wedge, a Quench Polish Quench (QPQ) method is used.

Key Features Ping Glide 2 Wedge

We have already mentioned that this has a smaller head and is adjustable. So now we will explain how that actually plays out.

The Grooves

The groove of this particular wedge has a shape of a half-cut wheel close to the edge of the lead on the 60, 58 and 56 degrees. This helps to increase interaction with the ball, mainly towards the lower section, and hence the overall spin rate witnesses a big jump.

These grooves are specifically designed and constructed by Ping to have a very sharp radius. With the help of the sharp edge radius, you would see that the contact between the ball and the product is more impactful. Therefore, a lot of friction is generated, so the spin and control are improved.

Wedges that have low lofts have grooves that are of 46, 50 and 52 degrees. These have a sidewall of 20 degrees and have an edge radius of exactly 0.005″ which at the end maximizes the performance of a full-shot.

In the case of wedges with higher lofts such as 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees, they have been manufactured with a sidewall of 28 degrees and the edge radius totals to .004”.

4 Different Sole Grinds

Sole grinds determine the depth and the angle of the hit made by the player. You’ll get 4 separate sole grinds with the wedge. Here is a proper breakdown of every one of them:

The ES Grind

Under this grind 54/8, 56/8, 58:8, 60/8 degrees lofts are placed. The hosel is round and narrows down at the head and has the conventional dish profile, which leads to a stellar performance. Since the lead edge is polished, the overall performance improves when using the exceptional ES Grind.

The WS Grind

The lofts of this grind are 54/14, 56/14, 58/14 and lastly 60/14 degrees. Golfers that have a sharp-angled shot get complete security of the turf with the help of the WS grind. Camber is small, and the width of it is greater, so digging is prevented.

The SS Grind

This one has the most lofts that include 46/10, 50/12, 52/12, 54/12, 56/12, 58/10, and 60/10 degrees. The SS Grind has a mid-bounce sole and provides relief because of its modified trail edge and heel.

So, you’ll be able to hit shots in the green regions without any problems. It is perfect for the average angle of attack and hence suitable for almost all golfers.

The TS Grind

58/6 and 60/6 degrees are the loft options for the TS Grind. The shape of this is similar to a half-moon, and because of that, making swings and hits has never been more precise. Since this has geek relief, you would be able to deliver shots with absolutely zero worries of the edge of the lead to sit very high.

Grip and Shaft

Grips are available in six sizes and colors. The colors range from red to blue to aqua to gold, orange, and even white. This means that you could choose a grip according to your need, your favorite color, and the type of game you are playing.

You would get two shaft options for the Ping’s wedge; one is a stock graphite shaft while the other is a stock steel shaft. Both are quite strong and durable.


  • Quench Polish Quench increases the durability
  • A Stealth finish allows it to avoid the glare from the sun
  • Sole grind is similar to a half-moon that provides relief to the toes
  • Has a shallow sidewall that allows better and fuller shots to be taken
  • A sharp radius perfect for specific hits
  • Affordable


  • Compared to the other models the spin rate isn’t as high

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the commonly asked queries:

Is the Glide 2 very different from the original?

The design is more or less the same, but there are three upgrades available for the newer one; the tube of the groove, the grind and the bounce.

Is the upgrade from the original Glide to the 2.0 worth it?

Yes, as you would get better full swings and more precise shots with the newer wedge.

What is the purpose of the extra groove right on the lower face of lofts?

This helps to promote the overall spin rate.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ping Glide 2 is a great wedge in our opinion. Your golfing game would see a leap if you get this and especially for the short-distance shots.

If you have any further confusion or question regarding this item, feel free to comment down below to reach out to us.

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