Callaway XR Speed Driver Review

If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t start your career with the best driver in the market. It will cost more and yet you won’t be able to bring out the best performance out of the tool. Instead, look for the type of equipment that will permit you to build your skills with minimal cost.

Keeping that in mind, Callaway, a highly reputed company introduced a high- performance club named XR speed driver. It is a master at producing high ball speed combined with an easy-to-deliver trajectory.

Callaway xr speed driver review golf

Fortunately, manufacturers of the golf club have placed a huge emphasis on including new technologies that supports all kinds of golfers to gain more results off the tee.

Our Review of the Callaway XR Speed Driver

There are many drivers available in the market that provides mid-range performance. But when you look for an outstanding performer, only a few clubs can make it to the peak. One such equipment is Callaway XR speed driver which is our subject for this review.

Things We Liked

  • Fascinating design with awesome functionality
  • Straight driver for accuracy and distance
  • Overall all-rounder considering the affordable price tag.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lightweight shape may reduce control over the club.

Key Features

X Face Variable Face Thickness (VFT)

​The manufacturer has organized the 460cc XR Speed driver with the newest Variable Thickness Face. It has the lightest face designed to attain optimal ball speed across the whole area of the surface, even on poorly hit strikes.

Carbon Composite Crown (CCC)

​This amazing crown material enhances the quality of the club, and significantly lowers the centre of gravity, allowing more forgiveness and increasing long distance performance.

Project X Shaft

​For even superior performance, the driver presents a Project X HZRDUS shaft which is made of graphite. Arguably, this is the best premium shafts available on the market. This high-quality long shaft provides a fine grip. It also gives a classic look to the driver.

Refined Speed Step

​Our fascinating Callaway Golf club inherits refined speed step with more organized air flow. This latest and classical design offers high club head speed with the help of aerodynamic efficiency.

Attractive Design (5/5)

A newly introduced club head Crown design ensures an improved moment of inertia that helps to maximise distance and accuracy.

The Carbon Composite has been used to keep the weight low. It decreases the weight by 45% compared to the crown made by Titanium of the other models and allows a lower centre of gravity with improved grip.

Apart from that, the latest X Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology completely upgraded the complexion of the club face. The X Face VFT simply assures that you get a very satisfying speed even on miss hits, leading to an accurate and more perfect hit during the round.

Additionally, Callaway proudly claims that the XR Speed has the lightest and the most attracting face it has ever designed, thus turning it one of the best in the business.

Excellency in Straighter Shots (4/5)

Callaway is all about speed. Its titanium body and carbon composite crown provide quality shots. The X face VFT is the key to get a premium-quality driver. It helps to increase ball speed while displaying excellent aerodynamic performance.

Some users have complained that this driver does not help them to get the ultimate result. They are claiming that the lightweight nature of the club is the main reason behind this awkward outcome. Some found it difficult to execute the shot perfectly and as a result, the ball spins too much on the air.

However, Project X HZRDUS shaft combined with refined speed step helps in hitting the ball higher and further with greater accuracy.

Improved Performance (4/5)

If you are going to say that a given driver performs like a professional club, you must have some way of determining how a professional driver performs. Well, there are some ways to measure the overall workability of a golf stick.

To measure this, you need to examine the speed, angle, carry, range of the ball that is being struck. If a golf driver passes these tests with good numbers, then you can certainly rely on this tool.

This fascinating driver has demonstrated top-class efficiency in different test cases. You can get up to 154 ball speed and ball travel around 300 yards with this magnificent tool. On the other hand, it offers a low spin rate with the carry distance of 273 yards (approximately).

Furthermore, the club is more forgiving from all over the face. It’s very easy to manipulate. But, it isn’t pulling down any trees as you can easily observe in terms of distance.

User-friendly (5/5)

If you are unable to control your driver, striking the ball off the tee can be a source of disappointment. No one likes to hear the jeers of your rivals when you pull out a long iron or a hybrid driver to use off the tee, sacrificing distance for precision.

Thankfully, our Callaway XR Speed Driver is very convenient to use and hold. It also provides a pleasant hitting sound. The great thing about the club is that it is available in reasonable price. It can be your best friend if you are new to this sport.

Simple Adjustability (5/5)

You can adjust this driver with ease. The adjustable switch can be moved 2° up and 1° down for flexible flights and trajectories.

Our Final Thoughts

The XR speed is one of the most popular drivers among golfers around the world. It looks interesting and appealing to the eye, sounds and feels charming.

Its unique features make it special and help golfers to build a profound career. The Callaway XR Speed is targeted at players with medium swing speeds who love to have a lighter feel to increase driver speed without sacrificing the accuracy and distance. You will enjoy every shot hit by this powerful driver.

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