Callaway Epic Driver Review

The Callaway Epic, it has a catchy name, a futuristic design and it hit the golfing world by storm when it was first released in 2017. The Epic range has arguably been the main reason for Callaway’s recent rise back to the top of the golf equipment industry.

Our Callaway Epic Driver Review

callaway epic driver review

This driver features Callaway’s revolutionary Jailbreak Technology and it has made a difference in the games of both professional players and beginners. The Epic is without a doubt is a top notch driver.

Things We Liked

  • the Epic features Callaway’s revolutionary Jailbreak Technology;
  • increased Distance due to higher ball speeds;
  • maximum forgiveness;
  • added control with the help of an advanced perimeter weighting system;
  • aerodynamic club head design;
  • maximum adjustability.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • price tag is at the top end of the spectrum;
  • traditional golfers might not be fans of the futuristic look of the Epic.

Key Features

  • Jailbreak Technology refers to the 2 steel bars on the inside of the clubhead that stands parallel to each other on respective sides of the middle of the clubface. This technology is unique to Callaway and the Epic was the first driver to ever feature it in its design. Jailbreak Technology makes a difference for both beginners and Tour players, higher ball speeds lead to more distance for players at all levels.
  • The Epic features the lightest crown ever used in a Callaway driver. The crown is designed out of triaxial carbon and the sole and face feature a titanium Exo-Cage design. The combination of these materials ensures a forgiving, high launching, low spinning driver. The use of high-quality materials in the design ensures maximum performance. This technology will ensure that begginers who tend to miss hit their drivers will still experience a good feel off the clubface.
  • The Epic features a redesigned adjustable perimeter weighting system with a 17g weight that allows players to fit the club to their own individual swing. This feature can make a difference for players at all levels.
  • The OptiFit adjustability system on the Epic features 8 different loft and lie angle options for players to choose from. This feature can be utilised by players at any level to ensure that they set the driver up exactly according to their own unique swing.

Technology/Design (5/5)

The Epic features a design that is packed with all of the latest and greatest technology expected in a high-end driver manufactured by an industry leading company such as Callaway. The most talked about design feature of the Epic is the use of Jailbreak Technology.

Jailbreak Technology is a unique concept used by Callaway that promotes higher ball speeds off of the clubface at impact. Higher ball speeds means more distance, and there aren’t many golfers out there that don’t want to hit the ball longer.

The Epic’s design features an improved adjustable perimeter weighting system. The adjustable weight system on the Epic features a 17g weight that can be moved around in order to adjust the shape of a shot. This feature is very useful for players that hit shots that tend to curve a considerable amount in one direction.

By adjusting the weight on the clubhead a curvy ballflight can be straightened out without having to make any adjustments to your swing. Another technological advanced featured in the design of the Epic is the OptiFit Adjustability system. The OptiFit system gives players 8 different lie and loft options to choose from.

This feature allows players to set the club up to fit not only their swing but to also allow them to obtain a ball flight that they desire. The Epic features all of the technological advances that one would expect from an industry leading driver.

These design features might sound way to advance for the regular golfer, but give the Epic a test it might just save you a few shots during a round.

Feel (4/5)

Feel is very important when trying out a new golf club, if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right. Many different factors determine feel, but one of the most important feel defining factors is the materials that the club is constructed out of. The Epic is designed using high quality Exeo-Cage titanium and triaxial carbon. Both of these materials promote a soft, forgiving feel at impact that can be appreciated by golfers of all levels.

Performance (4.8/5)

​When it is all said and done it boils down to performance. The success of the Epic driver speaks for itself. Tour players couldn’t wait to put it in their bags and the sale numbers of the Epic vaulted Callaway back up the list as one of the leading golf club manufacturers.

How Does It Compare?

There are a host of high quality drivers available on the market, the Epic might be regarded as the best by many, but let’s see how the Epic stacks up against its closest rivals.

TaylorMade M4

The TaylorMade M4 features Twist Face technology. Twist Face is TaylorMade’s newest technology, the objective of Twist Face is to straighten out off center hits. TaylorMade are renowned for the driver designs and the M4 is another world class design, but the Epic will be able to go pound for pound against the M4 any day of the week.

Cobra King F8

The Cobra King F8 features a sound design, it has a CNC milled face that is paired with Cobra’s 360 Aero technology to deliver an aerodynamic, forgiving driver. The F8 is very affordable, and it is arguably one of the best value for money drivers available on the market. The Epic is a tad more expensive than the King F8, but it also features a more advanced design.

Titleist 917

The Titleist 917 driver is a traditional looking driver that also features a vast variety of technological advances. The 917 has a well rounded design that promotes forgiveness, distance and workability. In a head to head battle the Epic will probably come out on top 9/10 times.

Our Final Thoughts on the Epic Driver

A strong argument can be made for the Callaway Epic driver, it features industry leading technology, it feels great and performs even better and it will make a great addition to the bag of almost every golfer.

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