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Despite entering the market later, Nike was able to capture a sizeable market share within a short amount of time. While the size of their brand is likely to have helped them achieve part of this success, their product performance has also been exemplary.

A testament to their products’ quality is the fact that renowned golf professionals like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy switched to using them. This automatically acts as a powerful endorsement for the brand. Nike decided to, unfortunately, pull out of the golf ball making business in 2016, however, their products are still available in the market to be purchased by interested buyers.

Nike golf balls were designed with two key goals in mind, stable flight and longer distance. Even so, within the Nike golf ball family there are some which clearly outperform the others. Following is a list of the best Nike golf balls to help you choose your favorite pick.

1. Nike PD Long Golf Balls

Made with a softened ionomer cover, this Nike golf ball has a 314 dimple aerodynamic design which serves to achieve the goal of travelling longer distances. The high velocity core allows the ball to travel faster while the smooth surface helps it perform well during windy weather conditions.

If you prefer your golf balls to fare well in terms of distance traveled even from the fairway, then the Nike PD9L is the right choice for you.

2. Nike Crush Golf Balls

With a 312 dimple aerodynamic design, the Nike Extreme Crush is made for longer and straighter shots. The key feature of this particular Nike golf ball is that it can cover a relatively wider range of swing speeds.

A low spin rate as a result of the softened high energy core allows the ball to travel greater distances at a higher speed maintain a straighter route.

It you want the golf ball with the ability to fly off the tee at the faster speed and travel the greatest distance possible, buy yourself a Nike Crush Extreme.

3. Nike Juice Golf Balls

Made from Surlyn with a 312 dimple aerodynamic design, Juice is the best option for the high swingers. Aside from offering the longer distances, better trajectory and speed, this Nike golf ball is also a popular choice for those who are struggling with lowering their handicap.

The one downside is the relatively lower durability compared to the other offerings from Nike. However, given the more affordable price, the durability can be overlooked for the amount of help it offers in mastering the game.

If you are looking for reduced spin, straight trajectory and higher forgiveness, this ball is the one for you.

4. Nike One RZN Golf Balls

A 3 piece ionomer construction, the Nike One RZN allows the golfer to have more control over the shot. This makes it the perfect choice for the amateur golfers who are constantly on the lookout for way to improve their game even more.

As with all the Nike golf balls, the One RZN is great for longer distances and straighter shots. It uses the Speedlock technology to optimize the force and momentum upon impact to achieve the maximum possible output for the given input.

5. Nike 20XI-S Golf Balls

Featuring 90+mph swing speeds, Nike 20XI-S is a game changer. A later innovation by Nike, the 20XI series possesses the resin core which changed the ball game (pun intended). The innovative core provides unrivalled consistency and feel.

The lower density of the core allows for more optimal weight distribution leading to better inertia. This feature results in improved speed and travel distances on field while simultaneously minimizing travelling off-line.

With better control and velocity, the Nike 20XI-S is one of the best! The only reason it is further down the list is because it is also a relatively more expensive product relative to the rest.

6. Nike Golf One Vapor Speed Ball

Designed with optimized aerodynamics to achieve better distances and consistency, the Golf One Speed Ball is another one of Nike’s products which is perfect for the amateur golf players.

This design incorporated a reformulated core to increase the velocity of the ball and maximize the impact transfer and, subsequently, distance, for the tee strikes.

If you are an amateur player with a preference for speedy and distance loving golf balls, this set is the best choice for you.

7. Nike Vapor Black Bi Ling Golf Balls

With advanced multilayer technology, the Vapor Black Bi Ling Golf Balls offer performance which accommodate amateur and skilled golf players alike.

Softer, longer and more flexible, these golf balls use their optimal design to achieve the preferred speed and distance against different swing styles. Needless to say, these are a popular choice for players.

8. Nike Hyperflight

Versatile, premium and with an extra soft compression core for hyper distance, the Nike Hyperflight is the perfect design for achieving maximum possible distance. It gained immense popularity at the time of its launch due to its soft feel and well-rounded abilities.

Its 3 piece construction makes it a good choice for scoring in a variety of different situations and further increases its demand.

The only drawback of this model was the spin on the ball but otherwise and overall, it makes for a good option to choose for your game.

Our Final Thoughts

A core feature of the best Nike golf balls is their aerodynamic design which makes them travel longer distances at higher speeds. This feature is consistent in all models. The factors that set some models apart from the others are:

  • The measure of control the balls offers
  • Performance under weather conditions
  • Versatility
  • Spin

Some models are naturally better suited to the more skilled players while others are best for the amateur players. Therefore, choosing the right one from these is more about knowing which features are better suited to your gameplay.

Now that you have this area sorted, check out our blog about the Best Golf Accessories as well for more golf information!

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