The 5 Best Top-Flite Golf Balls

Every golfer has a unique process they follow before choosing the right pieces of equipment for the game of golf. From custom clubs to the perfect shoes and high-end shafts, all players of the game want the best equipment for their style. However, there is no other piece of equipment that is as highly valued by a golfer as the golf ball they play with.

Regardless of what you are looking for – from straighter flight to faster ball speeds and higher launch – there is a golf ball by Top Flite that will meet all of your requirements. There are a number of options available in the market for golf balls, but Top Flite trumps them all with their extensive qualities and their long history of success.

Professional golf players will be able to verify what it means to have a good golf ball on your hands when playing the game. Getting your hands on a decent golf ball with accurate results and precise spin can significantly improve your style and performance in practice sessions. Golf balls by Top Flite fit this description well and are preferred by many players for this very reason.

Top Flite golf balls have always had a stellar reputation for providing exemplary output at a fair price. Despite the recent changes in company ownership, the brand has maintained its supremacy during the past few years and is known for the quality of its output. The company now comes directly under the ownership of Dick’s Sporting Goods and is back on top in the golf ball industry. The company suffered a decline a few years ago but has shot back to prominence recently.

Best Top Flite Golf Balls

In this article we take a look at some of the best Top Flite golf balls. These balls come with their own unique characteristics and will make the game of golf easier for you to play.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Top Flite Golf Balls

There are a number of different Top Flite golf balls available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a few factors before making the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:


Accuracy in results is something that all golf players endeavor to achieve. The output generated by a golf ball is measured based on how accurate it is in direction. Accuracy is also one of the most important factors that golfers consider when looking for a golf ball. The Top Flite balls we discuss in this article are all accurate and have excellent precision.

Spin and Control

Golfers prefer golf balls that display consistency on the grass without going through excessive spin after landing. Golfers have to consider a number of factors before a typical shot and inconsistent spin on the ball can disturb the precision of the maneuver. In this regard, it is best to buy a golf ball that minimizes excessive spin and promotes control.


The distance and flight elevation achieved by a golf ball also matters. The power you put into a golf ball directly determines the output you’re going to get. The cores present on the interior and exterior side of the ball influence this result.

Best Top-Flite Golf Balls

1. Top-Flite XL7000 Golf Balls

The Top-Flite XL7000 Golf Balls are made for a soft feel along with amazing distance. The dimple technology of these golf balls offers precision and control which can give you the kind of result you expect in the long run.

The lonomer coverage is durable and offers an amazing feel. The resilient cores are responsible for producing faster ball speeds on the course.

2. Top Flite Gamer Tour Golf Balls

The Top Flite Gamer Tour golf balls are professional quality golf balls made for great distance and precision. These three-piece golf balls offer a Dupont mantle layer that helps reduce excessive spin on the grass and provides a soft feel.

The cover for this golf ball is made of Urethane which enhances performance and durability. The dimple 322 design helps improve ball flight and elevation.

3. Top Flite D2+ Diva Golf Balls

The Top Flite D2+ Diva Golf Balls are specifically made for female golfers and offer amazing performance on the green. The core of these balls is designed for excellent compression and may significantly enhance the feel and speed of your golf ball.

The dimple design optimizes spin without the ballooning impact that most golf players hate. The lonomer cover promotes a soft feel and improves distance.

4. Top Flite Bomb Explosion Golf Balls

These Top Flite Bomb Explosion Golf Balls offer just the kind of performance you expect from your golf balls in the green. The core of these balls features a significant size for excellent transfer of energy from the shot.

The lonomer cover is a significant addition in this golf ball and offers great launch with low spin to improve distance. The improved distance leads to good performance on the course.

5. Top Flite D2+ Distance Golf Balls

The Top Flite D2+ golf balls offer exceptional speed and distance to all kinds of players. The balls feature a larger core with lower compression for a softer feel and faster speed.

The thin lonomer cover on these balls contributes to the speed they’re able to achieve on the course and enhances overall player performance.

Our Final Thoughts

The Top-Flite XL7000 Golf Ball is our top pick for the best Top Flite golf balls. The ball comes with excellent accuracy and offers good distance to players looking for excellence on the golf course. You can make your final decision on the best Top Flite golf balls by reading reviews online.

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