Best Golf Grips for Irons

If you’re constantly getting sore hands from swinging your golf club, then it’s time you start thinking about changing your golf grip. Since the grip connects your hands with the club, making sure that it’s comfortable to use is critical.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Not only can the wrong type of golf grip result in sore hands or a blister, but it can also affect your swing and performance on the golf course. Perhaps, a poor golf grip is the reason you’ve been losing every game to your golf buddy recently. In short, golf grips are a critical part of your clubs, and you need to start giving them more attention.

You need to pay more attention to your golf grips because the best golf grips for irons can ensure a comfortable and accurate swing, which will improve your performance and prevent your hands from getting sore.

Finding the Right Golf Grips for Your Irons

When choosing golf grips for irons, there are several factors you need to consider to make the right choice. The majority of golfers prefer soft or extremely soft rubber grips. This is because these types of grips are shock absorbent. Senior golfers have increased their use of softer grips in recent times, causing its popularity to rise.

Best golf grips for irons

In addition to choosing between hard and soft grip, you need to find a grip that can easily fit in your hand. The most common grip sizes are standard, undersize, mid-sized, and oversize grips. However, you have the option of custom grips as well.

The 6 Best Golf Grips for Irons

Other than the grip size, you will have to choose a grip design and traction. A wide range of options is available for each. Many people prefer a highly textured grip with cord or ribs, as they are ideal for wetter conditions. However, others want simple rubber grips that ensure a smooth touch. With all these considerations in mind, we have come up with the following best golf grips for irons for you to choose from.

1. Winn Dritac Golf Grips

Winn Dritac Golf Grips make our list of the best golf grips for irons because they are super comfortable and provide great traction. One of the most popular golf grips today, the Dritac golf grips are the right size for any adult hand. However, the comfort and traction provided by these golf grips make them popular.

In addition to the above, the Dritac golf grips have a stylish look, made possible by the X-marks, curved lines, and hexagons of the texture pattern present in all the right places. A WinnDry polymer material is used by the golf grip, which ensures effortless friction in wet conditions for the golfers.

The classic wrap design and excellent shock absorption of the grip are other noticeable features. On Amazon, golfers have given the Winn Dritac golf grip a high rating because the grip offers almost everything they need. The grips are available in a variety of colors, including blue, red, gray, black, and navy.

2. Black Widow Fusion II Grip

Having a bold new look, the Black Widow Fusion II Grip ensures greater swing speed by promoting a solid grip pressure and improving grip confidence. A golf grip that sticks like a web, the Black Widow golf grip is lightweight and provides great traction to ensure a solid grip and a great swing. All this is made possible by the grip’s Web Traction Technology.

3. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip

A great grip for just about any golfer, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip combines leather’s luxury and classic feel with high-tack rubber’s economy, durability, and performance. Players get to benefit from the combined benefit of rubber and leather when they grip and swing the golf club.

With the Golf Pride grip, you get a high-tack material that ensures precise control for golfers, and this is especially true in drier climates. Many golfers prefer the high-tack grip because it allows them to loosen their hands and swing without losing the club.

In addition to the above, the simple yet elegant design of the grip gives a classy look to your club and makes the club look good in your hands. Although the Golf Pride grip can be categorized as a soft grip, it is firmer than most grips available today. So, you won’t find many golfers complaining about a loose grip when they swing their irons with the Golf Pride grips. The color choices for golfers are white, black, and blue.

4. Black Widow Torque

Like the Black Widow Fusion II Grip, the Black Widow Torque also features Web Traction Technology. This technology ensures a slip-free grip in all weather conditions, making the Black Widow Torque one of the most popular golf grips available today. Like the Fusion II, this golf grip also provides great traction to ensure a solid grip and a great swing. Overall, the Black Widow Torque is a great choice of golf grip if you want to ensure straighter, longer, and more accurate golf shots.

5. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip

The fifth golf grip on our list is the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip. In addition to providing them with the grip they want, the Golf Pride MCC Grip allows golfers to make a style statement.  The grip features four additional wraps to minimize taper and ensure less pressure on the grip. Golfers can get a more fluid and powerful swing with this grip.

The hybrid material of this golf grip makes it ideal for driving. Additionally, the grip is available in a range of colors, which can ensure a distinctive look to your bag. The color choices of the Golf Pride MCC grip include gray, red, orange, and blue.

In addition to the above, a reliable tack and a comfortable handle are ensured by the grip’s soft rubber and a brushed cotton cord. Regardless of the weather conditions, the Golf Pride MCC Grip can help reduce tension, increase power, and improve downsizing in your club. Also, golfers may notice a larger grip on the bottom than the top. Although it may seem unnatural, it will ensure a lighter grip of the club, making the club ideal for drivers.

6. Lamkin Crossline Standard Golf Grips

The final golf grips on our list are the Lamkin Crossline Standard Golf Grips. Featuring a design that resembles hashtags, the Lamkin golf grip ensures excellent grip stability and lateral traction through its densely-space and distinctive surface pattern. What is the benefit of this? Golfers can swing without trouble in rainy conditions or when their hands are sweaty.

The Lamkin Crossline Standard golf grip is designed to ensure a great swing performance every time. It produces this swing using a highly durable synthetic rubber, making the grip long-lasting. Finally, the firm materials of the grip restrict torsion to provide greater consistency and control in gripping and swinging of the club. Overall, the Lamkin Crossline Standard Golf Grips are a great choice for your irons.

Our Final Thoughts

Today, golfers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a golf grip for their clubs. Making the right choice can be difficult due to the plethora of options available today. The good news is that we have now shortlisted the best golf grips for irons available, so you can purchase one easily.

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