The 4 Best Amateur Golf Balls

In the words of Tiger Woods, “The most important item in the bag is the ball.”

So, if you have recently started playing and learning golf, it is time for you to get some excellent golf balls in your bag.

For beginners, choosing the right kind of ball is likely to be a very tough decision. As you walk into a sports store and check out the aisle that has all kinds of golf balls, you will be faced with a plethora of choices. You will probably find yourself scouring the racks for the best amateur golf balls. Since you are just starting out, the first thing on your mind will be to get the best quality golf balls.

But you need not worry; for we have listed the best amateur golf balls that aspiring golfers like yourself can use to improve your game. This list will help you pick the right golf ball that best fits your playing needs.

Best Amateur Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

This is one of the most popular golf ball options for amateurs and is highly notable for delivering an amazing feel for players out on the golf course. It features a high-performance rubber that is blended with a low compression core, both of which make the Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball one of the softest feeling golf balls on the market. The ball produces maximum spin with short wedges and irons, while also creating a minimal spin off the tee at the same time.

One of its most impressive and unique features is its PhD cover design. PhD refers to ‘Panhead Dimple,’ and it is this outer cover design that helps control the speed of the ball. Since you are new to golf, you will be interested to know that in any top-quality golf ball, the speed of the ball is controlled by the outer cover. You may be wondering how that is possible. It is very simple. When you hit the ball into the air, this PhD cover design greatly reduces the amount of drag created by the ball. This allows the ball to have a greater amount of traction and control as it glides through the air effortlessly.

Another reason why Wilson Staff Zip golf balls are some of the best amateur golf balls is due to the ‘blended core’ interior that promotes low compression and significantly increases the durability of the golf balls. Additionally, these golf balls contain Wilson’s patented zero compression core that results in increased flight.


  • High durability and endurance levels
  • An excellent ball for beginners
  • Shallow dimple allows low drag
  • Great value for money
  • Top-quality design – both internally and externally


  • Putting with these balls can get difficult sometimes
  • Some beginners might struggle with keeping the balls on the green

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

With a low compression core and a super soft cover, the Pinnacle Soft golf ball is yet another great option for golf beginners. As far as the best amateur golf balls are concerned, these golf balls hold their title mainly because of their 332 icosahedral dimple design. This design provides a softer feel to players and also helps produce less spin for longer shots. The design produces optimal ball flight that is consistent at all times.

As a beginner, you must know that the ‘core’ of any golf ball is like its engine. It gives the ball its due properties, such as speed, distance control, etc. The Pinnacle Soft golf balls consist of a high energy, low compression core that makes the ball’s ‘engine’ a really powerful one. The core provides maximum distance coupled with a low spin, which is ideal for beginners.

The soft, durable cover of these balls also allows players to have a greater amount of control over them and enjoy the soft feel of these golf balls.


  • Impressive consistency at each and every step
  • Great ball flight at all times
  • The features are worth the price tag
  • Delivers excellent shot landings


  • The color is not too appealing
  • The ball might be tough to spot in the rough due to the color


Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway is one of the top specialist brands in golf that has an excellent reputation for its top-quality golf balls. One of its best amateur golf balls is the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls that are ideal for beginners and neophytes.

One of the most distinctive features of these golf balls is the Dual Soft Fast Core that allows fast ball speed off the driver. It is mainly engineered for beginners who need spin reduction in order to achieve the optimal launch conditions. The low compression core also lets the player compress the ball for longer and straighter flights. Additionally, it also creates an incredibly soft feel, especially around the greens.

These golf balls consist of a 4-piece construction that provides greater control and enhanced spin. This construction is coupled with a mantle layer and tour urethane cover that result in an even greater type of control throughout the bag.

When you hit a Chrome Soft golf ball with your driver, make sure to note the distance that it travels. You will absolutely love how far these balls can go.

This model also features lines on the ball that are perfect for improving amateur golfers. They allow you to line up your ball with better accuracy off the tee and on the green.


  • They are a good value for money
  • The striking pink and white design makes it easier to spot the balls
  • Low compression offers great precision
  • The soft cover results in long and straight flights


  • Some beginners might find it way too soft
  • Limited color and design options

Srixon Q-Star Tour

If you are on a lookout for a decent golf ball that has a bit of everything to offer, Srixon Q-Star golf balls might just be what you are looking for. They are ideal for all those who want the kind of golf ball that delivers consistent performance and helps them improve their game.

This ball has been primarily designed to fly straight and achieve a good distance. It features an excellent combination of low spin and high launch, where the latter really helps beginners get the ball high enough off the tee. Despite having a high launch, you are not likely to lose too much distance because the ball doesn’t balloon up when you hit it at higher swing speeds.

These golf balls are manufactured with a third-generation skin coating that helps deliver greater consistency and spin around the greens. Additionally, it employs the New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern that significantly improves the stability of the ball in the wind and maximizes its distance by reducing the drag.


  • Impressive greenside control
  • Great quality at a fairly low price
  • Minimizes spin on longer shots


  • Not suitable for beginners who hit the ball too high
  • The compression may not be low enough for some beginners

Features to Consider When Shopping for Amateur Golf Balls

When buying a golf ball, there are certain factors and features that you need to consider in order to make the right decision.

As a beginner, you should look for golf balls that are:

1. Low Cost  

In the initial stages, you are better off spending more money on things like club fittings and golf lessons. You are also likely to lose a lot of golf balls at the start, so it is best to invest golf balls that are reasonably priced

2. Low Spin

Spin is one factor that can cause your golf ball to slice into the woods, so as a newbie, you ought to look for a ball with low spin so that you are better able to control it.

3. Low Compression

Compression determines how soft or hard the ball is, and as an amateur, it is suggested that you should opt for golf balls with low compression. However, it also depends on your swing speeds.

Our Final Thoughts

There may be a wide variety of beginner golf balls out there, but the best amateur golf balls are the ones that consist of the above-mentioned features. Although all these are excellent choices, for us, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are the best quality. If you want the best bang for your buck, it’s going to be the Srixon Q-Star’s.

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