Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Golf Club Set Review

The Wilson Profile SGI Women’s complete golf set is the answer for women searching for prominent forgiveness and a specified fitting. The complete set consists of a 10.5-degree driver: 5 fairway wood: 5 hybrids; 6, 7, 8, 9- irons; Pitching wedge: sand wedge: putter, a bag, and three headcovers. All this golfing equipment is available at an excellent price from a brand promoting golf for decades now.

It would be true if one said that the Wilson profile SGI Women’s complete golf set is the only customized device in a bag. All the things in the set have been specially designed for female beginner golfers with the extraordinary Super Game improvement technology for overall better performance and to help make it convenient for women to play the sport.

Our Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Review

Let us now open the Wilson profile SGI Women’s complete golf set and dissect its contents and get our Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Review started!

Wilson Profile SGI Women's Golf Club Set


The loft and energy weighting technology of the 460CC forged titanium composite driver helps get the ball airborne easily and cover a longer distance. This is possible because of the 460CC head measurement, which has made the driver positively forgiving, along with the graphite shaft, which aids in reducing weight. It will take some time to get used to the massive head, but once you have done that, it will amaze you to see how far you can pound the driver.

Fairway wood

The fairway wood, set at 15 degrees as an all-weather grip, plus the low weight and strong lift design bags both rough and fairway playability.


The hybrid club has a shallow face with an easy-to-hit, high launch technology. The resultant longer and straighter shots are due to the advanced head design, which lead to a better trajectory. The hybrid has a 25-degree in the loft and a shorter size, and you won’t be disappointed with its performance.


The irons have a low center of gravity, and the strong stainless steel helps towards the easy launch of the ball. Implementing the ‘large unsupported face’ technology promotes increased speed and enhances greater distance. The utmost perimeter weighting creates sweet spots for better accuracy, even on off-center hits. The steel irons are deep, waited for 431 with firm grip and control, and are incredibly forgiving.


The wedges have wide soles, an incredibly low weighting that gives better and improved control, and the game improvement design enables a good launch of the ball from the bunker. The 56-degree sand wedge enables easy pitching and chipping around the greens and the hitting of bunker shots.


The putter comes with an overall improved seal and accuracy, a stable head, and aligned technology of the heel/toe weighted putter has made it popular on the course. A bladed format and a polymer insert provide the player with a smooth experience.

Golf Bag

The bag is light in weight with four big spacious pockets. The shoulder strap is well padded for extra comfort and the handles are easy to lift. The top is padded in seven ways which protect the content from damage.


Headcovers have a premium design, and the soft flannel lining that has been installed protects and preserves the wood and the hybrids from getting paint damaged.

The Wilson profile SGI women’s complete set is about quality and performance. The price at which it is being sold makes it affordable and provides first-rate value. The SGI Women’s complete golf set is a great choice for women just starting to play the game. The decently priced set improves the game of the player with the club that the set offers, featuring 13 different options, which are of various lengths, lofts, bags, flexes, and grips, which perfectly fit the amateur golfers and their physical characteristics. It has been rightly described as a ‘custom fit in a box.’

The Wilson profile Women’s complete golf set has the following three offers available in the market.

The first one is the women’s tall club set. It is for the tallest of the tall women between 5.9′ to 6.1′. The measurement from the women’s fingertips to the ground for these clubs is 28.5 to 30 inches or 72 to 76 centimeters.

The Women Standard Golf Club set caters to women who are 5.3′ to 5.9′ in height, and their measurement from fingertip to the ground is 26 inches to 28.5 inches, which is 66 to 72 centimeters.

The third Golf Club set is the women’s petite. As the name suggests, this Golf Club set is for women shorter in height. This complete SGI golf set will be more suitable for women between 4.11′ to 5.3′ tall. Their fingertip to ground measurement will be between 24 to 26 inches, corresponding to 61 to 66 centimeters.

Our Final Thoughts

The bag and the clubs are stylish and comfortable for the female golf player. The features that have been mentioned earlier all inspire confidence in the user. The Wilson profile SGI women’s complete golf set is durable and will give you years of play without any problems. The intelligent engineering, and the extremely well-constructed equipment will not only provide enjoyment but also promote improvement in the game. Every female golfer will benefit from using the SGI women’s set and find great satisfaction at the end of it all.

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