Taylormade M5 Driver Review

Taylormade declares the M5 to be the speediest driver within the speed limit. It comes with the rare combination of very high ball speed and forgiveness. It is being advertised as the most customizable driver in the market. But, is it really?

Our TaylorMade M5 Driver Review

taylormade m5 driver review

How did the company manage to make such extensive adjustments possible?In this article, we will answer these questions as we provide an in-depth review of the product.

Things We Liked

  • Sleek and aerodynamic design
  • Exceptionally Customizable
  • More forgiveness
  • Both high and low spin facility
  • Provides more distance and less spin

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Ball speed is high, but not superior to the previous models
  • Makes a crunchy sound

Key Features of the TaylorMade M5 Driver

Speed Injected Twist Face

​The M5 driver has one of the thinnest titanium faces with revamped inverted cone technology. Along with the twisted face, it ensures consistency in spin. Its clubhead is so fast that resin has been injected to keep the speed within legal boundary.

It contains a support foam with different amount of resin and a proprietary algorithm that keep track of tuning in each head. This enables the user to precisely control the face flex. So you can consistently hit the topmost speed that is legally possible.

Furthermore, an extraordinary face curvature with 1-1.5⁰ face angle is provided to minimize side spin and deliver accurate shots.

Hammerhead 2.0 Slot

​You will find the flexible hammerhead 2.0 slot on the sole. Together with the twisted face technology, it enlarges the sweet spot.

The result is profound as it boosts the ball speed especially on off-center COR. Moreover, the ball will now travel a longer distance.

Inverted T-Track Weight Adjustability System

​The weight adjustment is so flexible that you will hardly find so much freedom in other drivers. Two 10 grams of weight can be adjusted in an ‘inverted-T’ shape.

Players can adjust it according to their needs to obtain the desired trajectory and spin. They can concentrate all weight near the sole to enjoy more forgiveness.

It solves the problem of shot shaping bias by giving the opportunity to manipulate almost 25 yards of side movement.

Practical and Sleek Design (5/5)

The manufacturer has tried their best to decorate the driver with a graceful, sleek design. Titanium has been used to make the face ultra-slim. The aerodynamic shape of the clubhead allows the tool to function more productively.

We now have a tweaked but straighter top edge that increases the accuracy. Carbon fiber was used in the crown head that makes it nearly 10% lighter than its predecessors.

It has a beautiful color scheme of blood-orange with matt finishing at the top. Additionally, a silver lining overflows the face near the border and makes it more attractive.

Accuracy (4/5)

The sweet spot in the current model is 60% larger compared to the famous M3. So, players will now find more moment of inertia and forgiveness.

Titanium is a strong and durable yet surprisingly thin material. So when it is used in the clubface, it makes the face more lightweight. In fact, the face becomes 20% thinner in this model.Over and above that, you will get a twisted top edge with a maximum of 1.5⁰ face angle that has improved the accuracy manifold.

To achieve consistent spinning performance, the maker has developed the twist face technology. It provides more loft in the high toe and less amount of loft in the low heel. This feature will help you to sustain accuracy even in the misplaced shot.

In addition, you can take both 10 grams of weight near to the rear edge and enjoy more forgiveness in both low and high spin situations.

Adjustability (5/5)

If your driver is more flexible than others, it will definitely give you an upper hand in the game. Every manufacturer is investing a lot of time and money in the research wing to make their drivers more adjustable than other competitors.

This is one of the features where the driver in our review exceeds the expectation as it outperforms all its rivals with elegant engineering. It has twelve adjustable positions to adjust the loft. The 2⁰ loft angle assists in finding the perfect angle.

Besides, it has a flexible neck that gives you the option to take the loft upward or downward as you want. The inverted T-Track Adjustability Function provides with 1770 unique arrangements to alter the weight and the center of gravity.

There are twenty grams of weight that can be split in two. You can put them close to the face for a low spin or place them in the rear for high spin and higher launch.

Improved Performance (4/5)

The researchers have made the driver so fast in the beginning that it crossed the legal boundary. The brand had to develop a way to slow it down to be able to release it in the market.

Two red-colored ports are installed in the driver that almost looks like screws. You will never see such thing in other drivers. The ports are barely noticeable since they are positioned at the lowest portion of the toe and heel region.

Furthermore, the developers have included a tiny amount of resin to keep the speed of the face just within the legal boundary. It is claimed by the maker that no drivers could previously get as close to the legal limit like the M5.

Our Final Thoughts

It is no wonder that this driver offers faster ball speed, but the speed is not significantly faster than the former models developed by Taylor. However, the price is way higher than the rest. So, the company should revise the pricing.

On the other hand, the unit inevitably hits the ball longer and provides it with a high trajectory. So, we think The Taylormade M5 driver is one of the smartest and fastest golf driver that is currently available.

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