Best Odyssey Center Shafted Putters

Center shafted putters make for some of the best putters simply because of the amount of balance, alignment and forgiveness they offer. For many people, especially ones who are relatively new to the game, a center shafted putter is the ideal choice because of how much it improves the gameplay.

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Out of all the brands which make putters, Callaway’s Odyssey definitely has an edge. Their designs, technology and overall engineering behind the making of their products puts many of them in the list for the best in their categories.

The 5 Best Odyssey Center Shafted Putters

This is also true for their center shafted putters. Odyssey has a complete range of extraordinary center shafted putters which players can select from. For those of you looking to buy, following is a list of the best Odyssey center shafted putters:

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

A result of product innovation, this particular putter uses the advanced Stroke Lab Shaft design which allows for optimal weight distribution. This optimization improves the overall performance of the putter and gives the player more control over the outcome.

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The design also makes the head of the putter heavier to make it more balanced. This feature allows the swings to be more consistent and steady and lead to smoother hits.

Lastly, the Stroke Lab Versa Putter borrows a design feature of the White Hot series which gives it a performance leverage. The putter includes micro hinges across the face that enable the player to achieve top spin which leads to stable ball movement.

2. Odyssey Chrome Black Putter

One of the most efficient putters for alignment, the Odyssey Black and Chrome O-Works Putter has made its name in the golf world due to its exceptional performance.

With micro hinges in the synthetic insert, the putter gives the player room to achieve top spin to get a smoother and unmatched roll from the ball. The roll of the ball is fast and with lower risks of bumps which can negatively impact the gameplay.

It has an innovative mallet which helps with optimal weight distribution across the tool and results in improved gameplay. Overall, this putter is an incredible part of the Odyssey family.

3. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

One of the most prominent putters of all time, the White Hot Pro 2.0 is in a league of its own. Not only is it a top performer, it of one of the best putters for high handicappers and helps them drastically reduce their handicap score.

Famous for its innovative white insert, the Whit Hot Pro’s inserts are relatively more reliable and can take a player through several training sessions before needing changing.

It is versatile and sleek with a design which offers significant degree of forgiveness for the player. This feature also makes it an optimal choice for high handicappers looking to improve their game.

Its balanced feel gives the player control over their swing and its weight distribution absorbs minor errors with swing speed and angle. This makes it an amazing putter and one of the best center shafted offerings by Odyssey.

4. Odyssey Marxman Triple Track Putter

Another offering by Odyssey with the Stroke Lab Shaft innovation, the Marxman Triple Track’s hyper acuity alignment brings it to this list of the best center shafted putters. The micro hinges in the insert allow it to give a fast and stable roll to the ball which is important at that stage of the game.

It belongs to the Triple Track line by Odyssey which was made keeping accuracy in mind. Based on the extraordinary design, this putter is easy to use and gives a fair amount of control to the player.

As mentioned, the Stroke Lab Shaft innovation gives it optimal weight distribution due to the use of a combination of materials in the making of the shaft. This makes it a consistent performer and a popular choice to be used on Tours.

5. Odyssey Toulon Seattle Putter

This putter should be the go to for anyone looking for more premium options in their choices. With the Stroke Lab Shaft design creating a balanced weight distribution and optimizing usage, this putter is consistent. It gives a high moment of inertia, which allows for a steady roll for the ball.

It has toe-hang mallet and Deep Diamond Mill cross-hatch grooves on the face instead of an insert. The grooves gives a different feel to the putter upon impact as compared to the other insert based options. This pattern is the optimal choice in the design because of the consistency it gives the ball upon impact.

There are a couple of different weight options for this model based on the preference of the players in the feel they want to opt for. Overall, the putter has a very sleek design which gives it an elegant and look and makes it an attractive and high performing addition to the gear.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, Odyssey has some of the best putter options available for players to choose from. They have been innovative with their designs and taken into account the minutest details of the gameplay to offer the best options to the golfers.

For the best Odyssey center shafted putters, we selected the most recent designs because they have had the most innovation and shown the best performance. The main contributors of this performance are the Stroke Lab Shaft innovation and the micro hinges. The former gives the player a more consistent and balanced feel of the putter while the latter gives the ball a stable and fast roll.

Their main differences come down to the feel and prices which becomes more of a player preference aspect and therefore, when going for an Odyssey center shafted putter, make sure to try out a couple of options before deciding which suits you best.

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