Most Forgiving Women’s Golf Clubs: Top 5 Reviewed

If you’re uncomfortable and don’t tend to enjoy your game, it might be because your golf club isn’t forgiving enough. There are specially designed forgiving women’s golf clubs that can help you improve your performance.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Before you make the final purchase, go through our list of the most forgiving women’s golf clubs that’ll help you find the one for you.

The 5 Most Forgiving Women’s Golf Clubs

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the most forgiving golf clubs for women.

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (11-Piece)

This golf set is ideal for beginners and casual golfers who play for fun once in a while. Regardless of your handicap level, these clubs are designed to cater to you.

Women Playing Golf

This set offers high quality and performance to the players. The 460cc driver has an extremely large sweet spot and provides high forgiveness.

Extremely lightweight stainless steel is used to make the shaft, making it easy to swing the club at faster speeds.

Although the fairway wood isn’t as forgiving compared to the driver, it has a lightweight shaft making shooting high flying, long shots easier.

The hybrid serves as a good alternative to the difficult to hit long iron. It’ll make you more confident at your game as it’s made to offer high forgiveness and versatility.

The irons and wedges are able to give better control on each shot. They’re perimeter weighted and use progressive width sole technology.

The putter has a t-style mallet design that helps you to get improved accuracy on each hit.

The stand bag is lightweight and durable, and has five convenient pockets for storage space. It has an added cooler pocket, a rain hood, and a back pack system making it easy to carry around.

There’s also a headcover to the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.


  • Easy to play with clubs which makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Driver comes with a large, forgiving sweet spot.
  • Hybrids design allows them to be forgiving and versatile.
  • Putter gives high accuracy as it has a t-style alignment.
  • Durable and lightweight stand bag.
  • Provides more control as irons and wedges feature sole width technology and are perimeter weighted.


  • Taller women who are 5 foot 5 above should consider some other set.

Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece)

If you’re struggling at the game, this golf set is the solution to your problem.

The 460cc driver helps to cover more distance off the tee as it offers a forgiving sweet spot with a graphite shaft.

Fairway woods in this club set are prepared using stainless steel along with a graphite composite shaft. This allows women to achieve long shots and faster swing speeds.

The long irons have been replaced with the versatile Hybrid 5H. They provide extra forgiveness with every shot.

The irons and wedges featuring perimeter weighting and employing progressive sole width technology ensure incredible control when you swing the club.

The mallet putter with t-style alignment design helps hitting shots with more accuracy.

The golf club bag is durable, spacious, and lightweight. It comes with four full length dividers assisting in easy organization. It also has five convenient pockets, a rain hood, an additional cooler, and a backpack strap system allowing ease of carrying.

It also provides a headcover for the driver, fairway wood and hybrid.


  • Driver provides a huge sweet spot.
  • Club set has an attractive look.
  • One of the most affordable golf club set for women.
  • Easy to swing as the clubs are lightweight.
  • Headcovers for hybrid, driver, and fairway wood.
  • The golf club bag has high durability despite being lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Stand bag has plenty of additional storage pockets.
  • Provides more control when you swing as the irons and wedges employ progressive sole width technology and are perimeter weighted.
  • Gives more accuracy on each shot as the putter comes with t-style alignment.


  • Not a suitable pick for experienced players.
  • Doesn’t have 3 wood.

Callaway Women’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set (16 Piece Set)

This clubs set was designed to assist women get lower scores, offer increased ball speed and more distance, improve mishit performance and ensure you get clean contact with the ball.

The 460cc lightweight driver head is wide and offers forgiveness. It helps to give additional power on impact to the ball is struck beyond off the tee. It allows you to launch the ball farther and higher, despite having slow swing speed.

The fairway wood comes with a massive forgiving club head. It helps to launch the ball off turf easily with its low center of gravity and gliding, smooth sole. Even a mishit would be able to cover a decent distance.

Instead of the difficult long irons, they give two hybrids that are easy to hit. Featuring a low-back CG location and advanced perimeter weighting, it allows ease of launch and distance gains.

Irons and wedges have large heads with fast, thin faces. They offer high forgiveness as they’ve got plenty of loft. The iron can help you launch accurate and high shots.

The mallet style head of the putter will help to improve the distance and accuracy of your shots as it’s easy to aim with exceptional forgiveness.

The cart bag is light, protective, and durable with an abundance of storage space. It also comes with a cooler pocket, a rain hood and a comfortable dual strap system.


  • The lightweight 460cc forged driver has a wide sweet spot.
  • Fairway wood has an aerodynamic shaped head allowing to strike high flight, long hits.
  • The difficult long irons are substituted with two easy to hit hybrids.
  • The putter makes putting easy,allowing more putts as it comes in a mallet head shape with alignment.


  • Few golfers complain regarding the feel of the clubs.

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece)

This set of clubs utilizes modern technology and each of them is lightweight.

The set features a full titanium 44 inches long driver. It gives a large sweet spot with a 10.5 degree loft making it easy to hit shots long off the tee.

The fairway woods are ideal for long, high flight strikes as it features an aerodynamic head shape.

The hybrids, irons and wedges use high flight technology giving higher control on each hit.

The precise face milling design putter helps to get more accuracy and control distance, resulting in more putts.

The stylish lightweight golf bag has many convenient pockets. It also includes a tee holder and a back strap that helps to carry it easily.


  • It has a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.
  • Driver completely made with titanium provides a large sweet spot.
  • Ideal for high, long flying strikes as the 3 wood has an aerodynamic club head.
  • Provides distance gains, high forgiveness and better control with the high flight technology of the iron and wedge.
  • Gives improved accuracy with the help of an accurate face milling design of the putter.
  • Stylish, lightweight and extremely spacious stand bag.


  • Women taller than 5 foot 4 should avoid this club set.

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

This golf set will help you improve you game overall.

You can get maximum forgiveness and additional distance with the 460cc driver. In case of a mishit, the ball will still end up where you intended it too.

Low profile ‘Fly High’ 3 wood allows ease in launching shots off the tee and the fairway.

The traditional difficult long irons are substituted with two hybrids. They work with the 6 stainless steel irons allowing the ball to launch out of the rough.

The putter has a mallet style making putting easy.

The designer stand bag has a 14 way divider top allowing easy organization, 7 Zippered Pockets, an Umbrella Sleeve, a rain hood, a Glove Holder, a Towel Ring and an easy grip lifting handle as well.

It also gives 4 matching designer headcover.


  • The 460cc driver allows maximum forgiveness and covers more distance.
  • The low profile 3 wood provides ease of launching strikes off the tee and fairway.
  • Allows easy launching of the ball out the rough with its wide sole stainless steel irons.
  • Easy to arrange clubs as the designer cart bag comes with 14 way divider top.
  • Clubs are designed with light weight ladies flex graphite shafts.


  • Paint on the club can easily chip off.

Features That Make Clubs More Forgiving

Large Heads

The large sweet spot of the club heads offer more forgiveness and give confidence to the players.

Perimeter Weighting

Distributing the weight around the border of the club head helps to increase the sweet spot making it more forgiving.

Lower Center of Gravity

It helps players with slower swing speeds helps to generate lift to launch the ball on a higher trajectory.

Our Final Thoughts

These are the most forgiving women’s golf clubs. Get hold of one of these sets and watch yourself improve your game.

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