What Is the Difference between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs appear more or less the same to beginners. Despite the similarities in their appearance, the golf clubs used by men and women are not always the same. Like most sports, golf, too, was considered a men-only sport in the past. As a result, golf manufacturers never paid attention to making golf clubs exclusively for women.

Understandably, not many women played golf at that time, so golf equipment manufacturers hesitated in launching a product that didn’t have a significant market. To cater to the demand of a few female golfers, several golf manufacturers of the time painted golf balls in pink and shortened the shaft a little. However, nowadays, as more and more women are taking up golf, there is a significant demand for golf clubs designed exclusively for women.

These golf clubs have great quality and sleek design that complement a golfer’s playing style. In this article, we discuss the key differences between golf clubs for men vs. women.

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The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Although golf equipment manufacturers use the same technologies for making both women’s and men’s golf clubs, ladies’ clubs are usually lighter, shorter, and more flexible. The reason behind this is the height differences between men and women. Also, women golfers tend to have a slower swing speed than men.

These exclusive golf clubs allow women to get the most out of their clubs. Needless to say, the color of the golf club has no effect on a golfer’s ability to score. However, some golfers prefer golf clubs that match their preferences and style. Therefore, many golf equipment manufacturers still paint gold clubs for women in different colors and designs.

The following can also be the distinguishing factors between golf clubs made for women and men:


Women’s golf clubs are usually designed keeping in mind the amount needed for propelling a ball the farthest. For this reason, many golf clubs made for women have a minimum driver loft of 12-degrees. The driver loft is slightly more than what drivers in male golf clubs have, which may range from 9 to 11 degrees.

A higher loft allows women golfers to get the ball off the tee more easily. Not only do these golf clubs have a higher loft, but they are also lighter in weight. Therefore, women golfers get better speed, distance along with a higher trajectory off the tee.


Like drivers, the wood in golf clubs for women has a higher degree of loft, along with a lighter weight than men’s wood. Moreover, women’s golf clubs have a larger range of wood that extends up to a 13-wood. This makes them a great replacement for long irons because it is far easier to hit with.


If you have a liking for irons, then women’s irons will be beneficial for you. Despite the club head being slightly heavier, these irons have a softer flex. Regardless, the whole club is lighter overall. These unique attributes make these golf clubs ideal for women golfers who have slower swing speeds.


Golf club shafts are usually different in clubs made exclusively for women. Women’s clubs may have shafts made from graphite. These shafts are lighter and easier to use than steel.

With that said, male golfers still have the option to use lightweight graphite golf clubs or heavy steel-made shafts. Regardless of gender, the softer flex in graphite shafts helps golfers with slow swing speeds to generate greater power behind their hits.


The grips on women’s golf clubs are shorter in length and smaller in diameter as compared to men’s clubs. This is because women, in general, have smaller hands. Grips with smaller diameters are easier to grip and provide greater control over the golf club.

Club Length

Most golf clubs for women are from 1.5 inches to 2 inches shorter than a club made for men. However, if a female golfer has a height greater than 5 feet 9 inches, there is no reason to use a club of a lesser length.


The average standard length of a putter used by a female golfer is 33 inches long, which is shorter than a typical putter used by a male golfer. However, if a woman is shorter than 5 feet 6 inches, then a putter of this length might be too short for her. Furthermore, putters made for women typically have larger mallet-style heads, which are added to increase the sweet spot.

What Is the Best Golf Club Set for an Amateur Female Golfer?

The Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set is ideal for female golfers who have just started golfing. With that said, many experienced female golfers also find the set extremely helpful.

The golf club set contains clubs that feature graphite shafts. Since the graphite clubs are much lighter than steel shafts, you will have an easier time maintaining a consistent swing. These clubs also help female golfers hit the ball to a greater distance while also maintaining accuracy in their hits.

Nevertheless, the club set isn’t short on features and presents maximum forgiveness to female golfers. The irons in the set are perimeter-weighted and, therefore, have a larger sweet spot. Similarly, the putter included in the set has a mullet-styled shape, which allows female golfers to benefit from a greater sweet spot.

Lastly, the 14-piece Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set offers excellent value for money and contains 12 exclusive clubs. While six of these clubs are irons, other clubs include a 5-hybrid, a 5-wood, a mullet-styled putter, a pitching wedge, and sand wedge. Last but not least, the golf set offers a handy carry bag to let you carry all the accessories.


  • Almost all clubs have high forgiveness
  • Impressive sweet spot
  • Aesthetically pleasing golf clubs
  • The bag has various pockets and also includes a useful stand and padded strap to enable easy carrying
  • Clubs are lightweight
  • Helps female golfers with a slow swing speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Graphite shaft on the driver can help you achieve greater distance
  • Includes rain hood to protect you from rain
  • Includes headcovers for the Wood, Driver, and Hybrid


  • Does not include the 3-Wood
  • Ideal for beginners but skilled golfers might not get the control they want
  • Bag not available for left-handed orientation

Should Female Golfers Always Use Women’s Clubs?

After discussing how different men’s and women’s golf clubs are from each other, it’s important to clarify whether or not women should always buy custom golf clubs. The simple answer to this is that it depends on the golfer.

Ideally, you should only buy golf clubs that fit your needs the best. Therefore, when you go to buy a golf club for yourself, it’s important to take your physique into account. Everything from your height to the size of your hands can be a crucial factor before buying a golf club. There is no use of buying a heavy and powerful golf club when you can’t play with it properly.

Besides your physique, your skill level can also be a vital factor in your choice of golf clubs. Some golf clubs are made for people new to the sport, and these clubs are inclusive of both genders.

You can buy your golf club according to your swing speed and your type of swing. It’s possible that your swing speed is low, and your swing type is shaky or jerky. In such a case, a female golf club is best suited for you.

Alternatively, it’s also possible that your game is well above your peers, and you are proficient at finding the hole regularly. A woman can also be tall and, therefore, would need a gold club with a longer shaft and a bulker grip for better control.

Our Final Thoughts

In these cases, golf clubs that are typically marketed to men may be more appropriate for you. There is no distinction of gender here, and the same goes for men. Men who have a shorter height, less firm swing, or slow swing speed should opt for a golf club that suits their needs and makes golfing enjoyable.

Just remember that you have the option to go through a club fitting and find the best club that can improve your performance on the golf course.

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