Walmart Golf Balls Review

Whether you’re in the market looking for the perfect golf balls for beginners or need a tour-level golf ball, you have to pick the right ones to up your game on the golf course. The best way to learn your options is through investing in at least a couple of Walmart golf balls and see which one matches your preferences suitably. However, it’s also worth mentioning that choosing a golf ball can be quite an intimidating process. Considering that there are numerous styles and models to choose from, it might sometimes feel like you need to be qualified to succeed in this daunting task.

Each style and model of golf ball serves different purposes, effectively making a significant performance difference on the turf. In this article, we’ve highlighted the ideal pieces you can find on Walmart to play each shot as perfectly as possible. However, before starting, let’s learn what factors need to be considered to pick out the right golf ball for your game!

How to Select the Right Golf Ball?

Several people make the mistake of assuming that a golf ball is just normal golfing equipment, so it doesn’t make any sense to experiment with different models before choosing a winner. However, the truth can’t be further from this statement. In reality, you have to take in the following two considerations to make the best out of your time on the golf course:

Walmart Golf Balls

1. Determine Your Preferable Performance Category

First of all, it’s essential to clear your mind regarding what you want from your golf ball. This can be accomplished by learning about the four general performance categories:

  • Distance Value:If you want a firmer option to cover long distances throughout the bag, this should be your go-to preference for golf balls.
  • Soft Spin Value:The soft spin golf ball is designed for moderate speed golfers who like to insist on the greenside spin and soft feel rather than distance.
  • Premium (Tour-Level):The premium tour-level balls are geared to deliver enhanced greenside spin, directional control, and improved distance off the tee in one package.
  • Premium Value:While the simple premium golf balls offer some of the same technologies as the tour-level balls, like mantle layer and urethane cover, they come at a comparatively lower price.

2. Affordability

When money isn’t a concern, and you want the best of all worlds, there’s no better option than purchasing the tour-level premium golf balls. However, the simple premium value should be a preferable choice when you want the best performance on the field yet also don’t want to break your bank while doing so.

On the contrary, if you aren’t too keen on the speed and distance off the tee, you can choose to score lower with better short games by opting for the soft spin pellets. Lastly, a distance value golf ball might be the best option when giving yourself better rolling distance is your only concern at the moment.

The 5 Best Walmart Golf Balls

Now that you know how to select the best Walmart golf balls, let’s review the top options available to perfect your shots on the golf course:

1. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls 2018

Volvik Vivid is a premium value, three-piece ultra-performance golf ball with essentially the same construction as the brand’s other high-priced and best-selling improved versions of the crystal ball. However, instead of a crystalline translucent cover, Volvik has practiced its excellence in integrating a matte finish to this golf ball without sacrificing distance or durability. This characteristic makes Vivid an even more attractive product to golfers seeking something practical yet unique.

2. Titleist 2019 TruFeel Golf Balls

You can experience the instant feel of distance and control with Titleist’s TruFeel golf balls. Redesigned to perfection with a new core and a better cover, these pellets deliver a longer distance on all your shots. Furthermore, the product remains the brand’s softest feeling golf ball to provide superior rolling distance through low spin on long shots while increasing short game spin. Plus, the TruFit aerodynamics technology ensures piercing ball flight for maximum distance.

3. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird is specifically designed for distance. These golf balls also ensure maximum flight from a high-energy core due to their unique two-piece construction design. The renowned HEX aerodynamics used in this pellet further reduces drag and promotes high launch with elevated speed, distance, and hang-time. Lastly, the extra-large, high-energy core is designed to be highly compressible for unlocking more potential distance at any swing speed.

4. Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

As the name indicates, the Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance golf balls offer optimal distance from your swing. These balls provide effectively enhanced lift and flight stability with an ultra-reactive titanium core and a fluent aerodynamic design. In short, this two-piece tournament construction design is one of the best Walmart golf balls you can find at a minimal budget with superior characteristics.

5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Lastly, Srixon Soft Feel is an excellent golf ball for slower swing speeds. According to several reviewers, these balls offer greater durability with soft touch and control around the greens. Soft Feel combines a low compression core and a dual blended soft ionomer cover to increase the ball’s speed and trajectory performance that’s currently unmatched in the game improvement category.

Our Final Thoughts

The Walmart golf balls mentioned in this article are your best bets to practice smooth strokes when out on the golf course.

However, while experimenting with different models is vital to select your preferred golf ball model, it’s best to stick with the one that your shots agree with rather than continuing with your constant experiments afterward. It should only be when it’s time to change the golf ball due to the damages encountered for milking it for far too long that you should think about trying something new.

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