The 9 Best Wilson Golf Balls

Different players need different kinds of balls to play golf well. There’s a wide variety of golf balls available in the market. Finding the one that is exactly right for you, depending on your skill in the game, is more important than you might have realized.

Casual golf players, learners, serious players, and professionals all need to find a ball that best suits their level of skill and experience. Wilson, the sports equipment company, has been around since 1914.

The Best Wilson Golf Balls

With over a century’s worth of experience in the golfing industry, our list of the best Wilson golf ballshas a golf ball for all kinds of golf players.

Best Wilson Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Model R Ball

The unpainted urethane cover of the Model R is set to produce a strong flight on full shorts, has more friction, and spins on the shorter shorts. Wilson’s tour ball offers a combination of a four-piece construction and Wilson’s V-COR core. It gives players complete control over the game and a feeling of satisfaction that the golfers need on full shots with their scoring clubs. The Staff Model R ball’s performance in all areas is quite good, and the iron shots produce a little less than average spin, which helps in getting a little more distance, particularly when hitting the ball into the wind.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

This golf ball has been designed to provide the best tee-to-green performance, allowing the golfer to execute complete control. The weight distribution of the ball increases instability and improves the accuracy of shots. The three-piece construction and the shift of the weight from the core to the outer layers give the ball speed and more spin, enabling it to cover larger distances. The ball’s flight is consistent, and off the face of the putter, the ball has a really soft feel. The Wilson Triad Golf Ball is the best mid-priced urethane-covered ball on the market today.

Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball

This golf ball is the softest among the best Wilson golf balls, with a low compression rating of 35. It has a two-piece construction, and the Surlyn cover makes it less responsive and less expensive than the urethane-covered balls. However, the Duo soft+ affords Greenside control, which is better than what one would expect from a two-piece constructed ball.

The Duo Soft+ Golf Ball gives a decent enough control around your greens and on chips and pitches. It is a low spinning golf ball and reaches its distance when launched high up in the air. Golfers whose driver swing is below 90 mph can take advantage of using the Wilsons Duo Soft+ golf ball.

Wilson Duo Optix Golf Ball

The matte yellow, matte orange, and matte red colors of the balls hold up very well. The Duo Optix is a two-piece Surlyn covered ball with a compression rating of 40, and it feels extremely soft on all the longshots and short shorts in and around the greens. This ball’s VelocitiCOR Technology comes with creates maximum energy transfer at contact and increases the speed of the ball.

Wilson Fifty Elite Golf Balls

There is a choice of four colors in this Fifty Elite golf ball range – white, yellow, pink, and orange. The ball’s name brings to attention its compression rating of 50 and is exceptionally soft on the greens. Its advanced rubber core helps to add spin in the short game, and the 302PHD dimpled proprietary pattern enhances the stability of full shots during windy days of play.

Wilson Zip Golf Ball

The ZIP golf ball also comes with a pattern of dimples that are flat-bottomed and shallow. It allows for a stable flight of the ball both off the tee and on the approach shots into the green. The zero-compression core makes the zip golf ball respond better even with its two-piece design. The Zip Golf ball is popular and feels soft with any club you’d want to use from your golf bag. It only comes in white, and the cover is constructed from Surlyn.

Wilson Staff Duo Professional

The Duo Professional has been designed for golfers of mid-high levels who need increased spin and control over their approach shots. The ball is a three-piece construction and has a urethane cover with a 60-compression rating. The ball feels soft off the putter, and it is the best choice for senior golf players who have a slow and medium swing. It is also good value for the price that it comes with.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball is one of the best premium golf balls available in the market today. It’s used by professional golfers on the golf courses. It features a four-piece construction together with a soft urethane cover and a compression rating of 100. This ball gives an all-around impressive performance. The 362-dimple pattern, the VCOR construction, plus the proprietary paint procedure has ensured that each finished ball outperforms on the golf course. The Wilson staff model is a durable ball Durable with excellent spin control for players who seek an overall performance from tee to green.

Wilson Tour Velocity Women’s Golf Balls

A golf ball that has been specifically designed for women by taking into consideration the women’s swing speed. The 400 dimples featured pattern reduces air drag. The two-piece design, the Surlyn cover, and a 75 compression rating aids in an increased rollout. The distance delivered is impressive as well and provides advanced greenside control.

Our Final Thoughts

The Wilson Company is a manufacturer of a wide range of products for several sports. These sports include American football, badminton, basketball, tennis, and squash. For the sport of golf, the company has been producing golf clubs, bags, apparel, and balls under the Wilson Staff Division of its sporting goods. Some of the world’s top golfers have used equipment from Wilson on their golf tours. These include names like Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer, and Ben Crenshaw.

All the equipment provided by Wilson staff is of the highest quality, and players have the utmost confidence in their products. Wilson has a loyal following of last players who know and are sure that their golf ball requirements will be exceptionally met when they decide to use any of the golf balls manufactured by Wilson.

Players can enjoy the game without spending excessively and without compromising the quality of the balls. Wilson is constantly working upon improvements on the golf ball to cater to the needs of amateur and professional golfers around the world. They can be compared to any of the best golf balls on the market, and you won’t find them falling short of anything. If you purchase a golf ball from our list of the Best Wilson Golf Balls, you will not be disappointed.

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