Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review

Titleist has been the go-to brand for golf balls for many years now because of Titleist’s ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls. These golf balls have been a favorite for many professional golfers, amateurs, and beginners alike. However, the game of golf is growing and evolving continuously, and the player base continues to expand.

With this shift, the needs of golfers continue to change too. Titleist has evolved with the game of golf, too, and developed the Tour Speed Golf Ball – A golf ball designed for speed and distance.

The Titleist Tour Speed is Titleist’s only golf ball featuring a Thermo-plastic Urethane cover, which has allowed Titleist to make these balls affordable for the average golfer. Everything about this new, revised golf ball is designed for fast speeds, and of course, more speed means more distance.

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review

So, what’s the Tour Speed golf ball all about? Let’s get into the details in our Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review. Before we go in-depth, we’ll look at what the new Tour Speed golf balls feature in their design in our Tour Speed overview.

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review– Overview

The 2022 Tour Speed golf ball is a 3-piece constructed ball with a reformulated High-Speed core designed to deliver incredible speeds and optimum control in the short game.

The core is encased in a reformulated Ionomer layer, and the cover is made from Titleist’s new Titleist Performance Urethane. The Titleist Performance Urethane is another name for Thermo-Plastic Urethane, and this cover is designed to deliver greenside spin and control.

The Titleist Tour Speed golf ball also features a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that allows for great drag resistance and a penetrating flight trajectory. The core, casing, cover, and the 346-dimple design combine for a golf ball that flies off fast off the clubface, has a high penetrating flight, and carries for long distances while also providing amazing spin and control in and around the greens. The Tour Speed provides overall performance all the way from the tee to the putt and in everything in between.

Now that we know what the new 2022 Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball features, we can get in-depth and see how it performs on the course.

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review


The Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball is a very soft feeling – much softer when compared to the Pro V1. The softness comes due to the Thermo-Plastic Urethane or Titleist Performance Urethane used in the cover. The softness does feel good, and it does feel firmer the faster your swing is. The sound is soft but crisp, which gives good feedback on all shots, off the tee, and in and around the greens.

Short Game

According to Titleist, the new and proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane cover is designed to generate greenside spin and control. And Titleist is right; the Tour Speed does provide great control and spin in the short game. The core also provides great stopping power, which is great when playing into the greens.

Pitch shots and chips don’t generate insane spins but do fair very well on both high and low trajectory shots. Also, the feel of the ball isn’t ‘rubbery,’ unlike most other distance balls. Of course, if you compare the Tour Speed to a premium golf ball like the ProV1x or the TaylorMade TP5x, the greenside control and spin cannot be compared. Still, the Tour Speed’s generated spin is very good for its price.

Long Game

The Tour Speed provides low spin and high speeds in the long game. The low spin paired with the high launch speeds allows this ball to fly for long distances. The long game and the distance are where this Titleist golf ball shines.

If you compare the Tour Speed with the Pro V1, the Tour Speed flies just as far as the Pro V1. The only difference is that the Pro V1 has a lower compression rating than the Tour Speed, which means that if you have a golf swing faster than 100 mph, you are probably better off playing with the Pro V1, at least for maximizing your distance. The spin of the Tour Speed is a little lower, too, compared to the Pro V1, but the difference is almost negligible. In terms of distance, the Tour Speed golf ball is one of the best in the market, especially for those who have swing speeds lower than 100 mph.

Our Final Thoughts

That wraps up our Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review. In our opinion, the Tour Speed golf ball is ideal for golfers looking to improve on their distance while still having greenside control and spin. The 3-piece golf ball is durable with its thermo-plastic Urethane cover and comes in at a mid-price point in the Titleist golf ball line-up.

If you are a golf player with a medium to high swing speed, you can benefit from playing with the Tour Speed golf ball. It will allow you to increase and maximize your distance while also displaying amazing stopping power when approaching the greens. And once you are in the greens, the cover and core provide amazing spin and spin control.

The Titleist Tour Speed is great for those looking to improve their game in every department without worrying too much about price. The balls will provide a straight flight and consistency around the greens. The balls are affordable for a Titleist golf ball, cheaper than the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x.

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