The 6 Best Callaway Putters

The putter is arguably the most important and specialized golf club. Putting is perhaps the most challenging part for a golfer and is ultimately what helps a player win. Therefore, choosing the right putter will help you elevate your game. You need a putter to help you easily tap the ball towards the hole once you’re at the green. There are several types of putters in the market, produced by a number of brands. This makes the decision all the harder. In this guide, we will focus on the best Callaway puttersthat you should invest in.

Callaway is a renowned brand that has been around for decades. It is one of the best golf brands since its inception in 1982. This high-performing company owns Odyssey, which produces some of the best golf putters. If you plan to buy an Odyssey putter, you’re investing in one of the best brands in the world. You should know that every 4 in 10 putters sold belong to this brand.

As the no. 1 putter brand, you know that it’s the right choice for you. But Odyssey produces many putters, so how do you choose the right one? Don’t worry. We have done all the work for you and shortlisted the top 6 Callaway putters.

Best Callaway Putters

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Callaway Putters

The putter is just 1 club out of the 14 in your bag. But it has a considerable impact on the scorecard. Understanding how to match the putter to your putting stroke will help you make an informed decision and increase the chances of a win.

1.Head Type

The putter head is used to hit the ball, so you need to choose the appropriate type. The shape of the putter and the material both come into play here. There are two main categories for you to consider:

  • Blade
  • Mallet

We’ll analyze each of these in detail so you can make an informed decision.

Blade Head

The Blade putter features a traditional, simple design. It is wildly popular among golf purists. The first blade putters were completely flat, but you can use newer designs from either side. However, it still has more weight in the center, because of which it has lower forgiveness than the mallet. Blade head putters tend to be more toe-weighted. Now let’s come to the important part.

If you play an arc-type putting stroke, you will benefit from using the blade putter head. The advantages of using a blade putter head include greater precision for performers. Blade head putters also offer a consistent impact and greater control. They are ideal for use on fast greens. But there are a few cons. Blade head putters are slightly more difficult to line up and aren’t as forgiving as the mallet head putter.

Mallet Head

The Mallet putter is significantly bigger than its counterpart, the blade head putter. The first mallet head putters were semi-circled, and newer designs follow the circular shape. Their larger head allows more balanced weight distribution, unlike the blade putter. This stability provides the player more forgiveness compared to the blade. Fortunately, the larger size doesn’t necessarily mean the mallet putter is heavier than the blade.

The mallet putter works best for golfers with a straight-through swing. This is because the mallet keeps the ball on the straight path without you having to maneuver the huge club head that much. If you have problems with the alignment of the ball, then this is the ideal putter head type for you. The mallet putter is much more forgiving and offers better alignment. However, it may not be the best club head on a speedy green.

2.Shaft Length

The best Callaway putterscome in different lengths, so choosing the right size is vital. After all, the putter length will directly impact your putting stroke. You must choose between the three main sizes, standard, mid-size, and long. One way to determine the ideal shaft length is by hanging your arm in front of you and then having someone measure the distance from the top part of your hands to the ground. This is the perfect shaft length, neither too long nor too short.


The standard putter measures between 33 inches and 35 inches. They are easily available and are usually what beginners start with. When choosing a standard shaft length, consider your height and putting style.


The mid-size putters come in a size range between 38 inches and 44 inches. In this size, you will find three kinds of putters. Counterbalanced putters are typically 38 inches long and provide players with more MOI (moment of inertia). Armlock putters are much like belly putters, but the former rests against the left arm. Belly putters range between 40 and 43 inches. Per the rules, you can use it if you don’t anchor the putter in your belly.


Long putters are between the sizes 48 inches and 52 inches. Once again, rules demand that you can use the putter if you don’t anchor it in your chest.

3.Hosel Style

The style of hosel you choose will also depend on your putting stroke, much like everything else. There are four main hosel styles to consider, including:

  • Double-blend hosel style is idea for players with a straight putting stroke
  • Short neck is best for an arc style putting stroke
  • Plumber’s neck is well-suited to a combination of back and through and arc stroke
  • Center shaft is made for people with a back and through stroke


You have to choose between a thinner grip and a thicker grip. The thin grip is well-suited to those with smaller hands and restricted wrist movement. Players with large hands and excess wrist movement will enjoy a thicker grip, which will also reduce the incidence of a yip.

6 Best Callaway Putters

Now you can choose between the following Callaway Putters that ensure you play to the best of your abilities.

1.White Hot OG Putter

This Callaway putter is the best all-rounder for high-performing golfers. It has a 33-inch shaft style, which means it has a standard style. This made it to our list because it provides a remarkable MOI and enhanced alignment. It has a mallet putter head, which makes it resistant to twists. Its two-part urethane insert paves the way for the most favorable topspin, which allows distance control. The white Hot OG putter is well-suited to players with an arc stroke. This putter is forgiving and boasts a soft feel.

The White Hot OG putter features a PVD finish with milling to provide a legendary performance. Due to its head construction and short hosel style, this putter is not suitable for players with a straight stroke. It is also slightly expensive, but the performance it delivers is well worth the price. The designs are available in a rubber grip, which provides that classic feel. You will notice a significantly improved roll with this characteristic Odyssey putter.

2.Odyssey EXO 7S Putter

The EXO 7S is the most high-tech putter you will find by any brand, making it to our list of best Callaway putters.The features are far from traditional, but they work. The innovative EXO construction offers a greater level of MOI. Moreover, the putter features a lightweight aluminum EXO cage with milling. Its enhanced stability makes it one of the most forgiving putters of all time. This putter also has a white hot micro hinge insert that allows for a smoother roll with accuracy and distance control.

This putter boasts stroke lab weighting that paves the way for precision strokes. The best part is that you can use a toe-hang design with a face-balanced one, too, thanks to the slant hosel. While the face-balanced setup is ideal for straight strokes, the toe-hang addition makes it suitable for players with an arc stroke as well. While this putter has optimal topspin and stability, it is slightly expensive, and some may complain of marginally reduced alignment. All in all, the EXO 7S is a winner.

3.Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Callaway has launched its triple track technology based on vernier hyperacuity. This will help you improve alignment and land more putts. It makes it to our list of the best Callaway puttersfor it amalgamates performance, consistency, and alignment. The triple track lines ensure accuracy while putting. On top of that, this technology is also easy to use. The multi-material shaft allows for a more balanced weight distribution. This brings an improvement in the player’s tempo and uniformity.

The putter has sturdy construction with minimal head rotation. This is ideal for those who are used to toe-balanced putters. Featuring a mallet putter head, the design is similar to the White Hot OG putter but with enhanced alignment thanks to the prominent three lines. The putter head has more MOI to aim at the target, even if you fail to hit the ball. The white-hot insert face technology provides a softer feel, better acoustics, an optimal roll, and topspin. Lastly, the double-bed hosel makes it most suited to golfers who play a straight putting stroke. Please note that it might not be the best investment for people with an arc stroke.

4.Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Putter

Callaway has combined new, high-tech materials to enhance putting shots. One of their best is the Tri-Ho 5K putter, which falls under the blade putter heads category. This putter is available in the following materials, including aluminum, tungsten, and steel. You can match the head weight to your preference to improve performance. This putter is known for its accuracy and forgiveness, which makes it ideal for golf players with a high handicap.

The Tri-Hot 5K putter features the traditional blade technology but provides the confidence you get while paying a mallet putter head. It has over 5000 IZZ inertia levels, making it the most forgiving putter in the blade head category. It employs the wildly popular white hot insert technology and the multi-material stroke lab shaft, but with even better performance. This putter has a shorter steel section, reduced weight, and greater stiffness to allow higher consistency, even during off-center putting shots.

5.Odyssey DFX Putter

The Odyssey DFX Putter features the DFX insert, which is 20% softer than the white-hot insert. Due to this, it provides golf players with a smoother roll. The all-black head not only improves the overall aesthetic but also reduces the glare when you’re playing in the address position. It features a double-bend hosel style, which makes this a well-balanced putter. You will enjoy Callaway’s new line of DFX putters if you play a straight back and straight through putting stroke.

It offers both pistol and oversized grips so that it will suit every golfer’s individual preference. This putter features the high-performance mallet head, which is often the preferred choice for improved accuracy and consistency. We particularly like this putter for it delivers excellent alignment and forgiveness without costing you a fortune. It has a reasonable price compared to most other putters and works just as well. The only criticism we would make is that it has a slightly heavier head, but it doesn’t interfere with the player’s performance.

6.Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter

If you like the Callaway ten model, you’ll definitely love this one. The Eleven putter offers players even better alignment and forgiveness. With its enhanced technology, you can frame the ball in a better manner in the address position and also enjoy greater MOI. It features the popular multi-material Stroke Lab shaft with a shorter steel section for greater stability and consistency.

It has a double-bend hosel style along with an oversized grip for greater variation and options. The mallet head putter is made using a multi-material design for increased inertia. This putter packs a punch-you get higher speed control, better performance, and an optimal spin. Get a better feel with the super light TPU sole insert.

Our Final Thoughts

As the best club head, every player needs a putter in their bag to lead the scorecard in every game. You must choose a putter that matches your stroke, grip, and shaft length to produce optimum results. This guide has handpicked 6 of the best Callaway puttersthat will help you improve accuracy, distance control, topspin, and consistency. Go through each, and pick one that increases putting shots and proves to be a worthwhile investment.

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