Mizuno ST180 Driver Review

A valuable Golf driver can change the outcome of an important match. On the other hand, failing to choose the perfect club can hamper your performance. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a precise hit will always provide an extra advantage over your opponent.

Our Mizuno ST180 Driver Review

Talking about the advantages, our new St180 driver ensures perhaps the most precise and perfect distance. It is introduced by Mizuno and covers very high distance as compared to other clubs. The improved ball speed and an enlarged sweet spot feature make it more appealing and accessible.

Mizuno outperforms its rival with the design and consistency of this model. It inherits some of the top facility which has made it one of the most popular drivers currently.

Mizuno ST180 Driver

You don’t need to buy my words. Because we are going to unveil the ins and outs of this excellent tool in front of you so that you can choose for yourself.

Things We Liked

  • The club offers multiple shaft options
  • Top notch design with the classic blue finish
  • Loft adjustments and well-balanced for easy operation
  • Low center of gravity along with the ability to cover optimal distance

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It makes a loud sound when it hits the ball

Key Features of the Mizuno ST180 Driver

Build Quality

​The new forged sp700 titanium face provides multi-thickness for high ball speed. Its internal design helps to achieve a low spin. The company claims that this titanium alloy is 10 percent harder than most of the drivers.Resultantly, the sweet spot is enlarged by 30 percent than previous Mizuno releases.

Sole Wave

​On the sole of the club, it holds the new shock wave system which extends and contracts on every hit to give the ball maximum speed.

Additionally, by placing the wave on the sole, the face is allowed to flex at every impact. This flex helps to transfer superior power from the driver to the ball. It generates speed and helps the ball to go a few more yards.

Loft Sleeves

​The ST180 driver is decorated with huge loft sleeves ranging from 7.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees. So when you drive a ball, it will help you to get a massive range of movements.

Appealing and Practical Design (5/5)

Our Mizuno driver has a unique design and functionality. The stylish design not only beautified the club but also enhances the durability and work rate. The super fine grain Titanium face materials are known as Sp700. It provides higher responsive force for increased distance and ball speed.

Furthermore, this fantastic tool has a beautiful appearance with a striking blue head. Its Internal Waffle Crown offers a weight-saving design that permits more grams to be moved up and down to allow effective low-spin performance.

The manufacturer of this driver has set a quick switch option which allows you to choose your desired degree for the shot.

Outstanding Performance (5/5)

The performance of this simple but powerful driver is beyond description. Most of the experts around the world are stunned by its capability. Thanks to Mizuno for bringing such an excellent club.

You can get up to 163 ball speed with the coverage of around 305 yards with this extraordinary tool. Surprisingly, it provides a low spin while having the carry distance of 278 to 284 yards. The large sweet spot helps to generate a healthy range for poorly hit shots for the beginners.

So, this elegant driver will surely enlighten your golf career with its top-notch performance.

User-friendly (5/5)

This club is very lightweight and easy to handle. Specifically, shifting the low center of gravity not only makes the driver more forgiving for inconsistent players, but it also generates a slightly lower launch and spin rate than some of Mizuno’s recent products.

Without any doubt, you will enjoy every game with the ST180 Driver at your grip! It gives the straightest and of course, the most accurate hit you want, every time. After all, this driver was engineered by Mizuno; a renowned company that produces high-quality golf equipment.

Flexibility (4/5)

The Quick Switch adjustable Adapter is a facility that Mizuno brought on its previous models. It can be found on this model as well.

It assists you to alter the loft of your club easily and quickly. This privilege enables the golfer to switch among five standard lie lofts ranging from 7.5 to 11.5 degrees. This also allows golfers to choose between 3 upright lofts from 8.5 to 10.5 degrees.

Mizuno loves to provide golfers an array of options. And who doesn’t love alternative possibilities? When it’s about stock shafts, one can switch between the Tensei Blue, White and Orange, and the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi Dual Cor.

It also offers the facility to smoothly swap out the shaft with the simple turn of a key. Nonetheless, you will not easily find on the market an adjustable driver like this one.

Accurate Straighter Shots (5/5)

This driver is a master in precisely driving the ball. The sp700 titanium face is the key to attain a satisfying drive. It helps retain high ball speed, minimum spin, and excellent aerodynamic performance.

If you are expecting straighter performance, you’ll love it. The big loft sleeve area ensures long distance while lowering the spin rate. Overall, the driver is designed in such a manner that leads the ball higher and further with extreme accuracy.

Our Final Thoughts

Mizuno has built a champion driver for the winners. For the golf player who wants forgiveness, low spin and a little assist with a slice can undoubtedly depend on this wizard. It will never let them down.

We think ST 180 is a handsome gift to the world of golf. With this version, Mizuno targeted a big portion of golfers, those who are struggling with consistency. They successfully invented a club that would help them hit mind-blowing drives effortlessly.

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