Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review

The number of viewers of golf is relatively less, but numerous people enjoy their downtime and vacation playing it with their friends.

Now, to do so, they need the right equipment, aka the golf club.

That is why, here you will get an in-depth review of the Mizuno CLK Hybrid, which is one of the finest options on the market.

Mizuno CLK Hybrid

We are going to give you all the details you might need about this product before you make your purchase. We will also be answering a few of the question people frequently ask about it.

Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review

In the last few years, Mizuno has been in the rave among the golfers after they first launched their JPX900 clubs. People haven’t been able to stop talking about them. Year after year they have come out with outstanding products which have satisfied their customers greatly.

The brand has gained a lot of name for their good quality products. For some time now hybrids have become the new ‘must-have’ products. Mizuno has come out with its design and style of these hybrid golf clubs. They have become a very popular choice among many of the golfers.

Moreover, the sound the club makes upon impact with the ball is what many people find very satisfying.

And this golf club seems to be a dream for people who cherish that sound. The sound is not the only good thing that comes with playing with the CLK hybrid; the flight the golf balls take after the swing is also remarkable.

This brand, Mizuno, had intended for a long iron replacement, and they were able to do it very well with this particular club.

It comes with a 16-degree option, which is a great option for the many golfers who live to swing their golf club and hit the ball out into the woods. Balls can easily be launched into the air effortlessly when they hit with this particular type of club.

Among many other things, this bat has another great feature, that is its adjustability. This makes it easier for players to get a tight grip and gives them much better control over how they swing and at what force they hit the ball with. All of these are very important when it comes to a match of golf.

Key Features of the Mizuno CLK Hybrid

This product has many key features, which makes it a great buy for people. Let’s get to know them.

The Materials

Mizuno is known for the good quality material they use to make all their products with. The CLK hybrid is also made with premium quality material, which makes it a good option for people.

The club is made with durable steel, which is one of the reasons why the ball has a much higher speed. It is the impact after the swing that results in such an outcome. Also, as it is a hybrid, it means that the club can be as thin as you like it to be, but it will not compromise on its performance.

Moreover, the Amplified Wave Technology was first introduced in their golf clubs before, but with time and some trial and error, this has been improved.

This means that the CLK hybrid has a better version of it. So, using the club, you will get a lower spin and a higher launch, both of which will work in your favor.

Much like the previous models and versions of the hybrid, this too has an adjustable hosel sleeve; this allows you to make some adjustments in your club according to your preference and your liking. It helps to improve your game.

Control and the Performance of the Club

Very important aspects of any club are the kind of control they give to the golfers and the way they are able to perform using the club. If both of these are aligned with what the golfer wants, then we have a winner, and if not, the scenario is just the opposite.

The CLK hybrid is actually an iron replacement club, so you have to also keep in mind that it is not a wood replacement. When you are using this in a game, the low spin is something you are going for as well as a high launch as mentioned before.

When you play with this, you will see a kind of consistency which is not present in all golf clubs. It is also good and forgiving on the minor mistakes and flaws present in your swing. So, you will see promising shots every time you play.

You will see the ball go up in the air depending on the force you put behind the swing, but there will still be a kind of softness behind the shot. All in all, you will see that the club will give you a lot of control and with it a lot of confidence.

The Design

Color is a matter of preference, but most have agreed that the grey colored crown of the CLK hybrid is preferred over the blue one in the JPX900 hybrid. This makes the product more aesthetically pleasing compared to the other clubs. It is also an overall better-looking set with the iron.

An increase in the clubhead can be seen when the loft gets lower; this is actually unlike most other hybrid clubs available.

This club has a 16-degree model which can be of great use for the players, and it also has added a bit of a difference to the appearance of the club. The clubhead isn’t as big or exaggerated, and this impacts the performance and the design of the club.


The CLK hybrid is not cheap; the price tag on this clearly indicates that. However, the kind of service and features you get from this club actually justifies the price tag.


  • With the grey club head, it looks more sophisticated
  • Your ball will go up and out at high speed
  • This allows users the scope to make adjustments
  • It is more compact


  • The sound that comes on impact might not be pleasant for some
  • The price of this club is higher compared to many others

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are few of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Mizuno CLK Hybrid:

Can the hybrid be ordered with steel shafts?

Unfortunately, this cannot be ordered with the steel shafts.

The Mizuno CLK Hybrid is adjustable for both loft and lie, but can you only adjust one or the other?

Actually, there is a + 2U setting of the club which will enable you to adjust both of them at the same time.

What is the length of the CLK 5 25* Hybrid?

The length of the CLK 5 Hybrid is 39.5 inches.

Our Final Thoughts

You have most of the details you need regarding the CLK Hybrid, which will help you determine whether this is something you want to invest your money on or not.

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