Best Pinnacle Golf Balls

Pinnacle has been creating the best golf balls which other people indulge in ever since its inception. The company prides itself in making the best pinnacle golf balls that you can play with at your ease. It has a sleek and simple line with some of the best golf balls you will ever play with. These special golf balls help you decide what kind of swing you want to encounter on any given day.

You may not think that a golf ball changes the way you would golf. However, all the greats know that golf balls are instrumental in their swing and precision. It goes without saying, that a good golfer needs his proper kit to get ahead in their game.

However, if you have never actually committed to a brand then you may be finding the entire concept of buying only specific kinds of Gold balls a little daunting. Don’t worry because, in the article below, we’re going to list some of our favourite golf balls and what sets them apart from the rest. We’ll review the best pinnacle gold balls for you, so if you do decide to choose pinnacle, you can get the best that the brand has to offer.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

7 Best Pinnacle Golf Balls

1. Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls (1 Dozen)


You’ll realize as you learn more about the brand that pinnacle divides its gold f balls into two main categories. One is the rush golf balls and the other is soft. We consider the rush ones to be the best if you’re looking for something that foes the distance. Rush gold balls have a greater range, which helps when you compete with someone else. These pinnacle rush golf balls are somehow available in packs of 12, which means that if you lose one, there are plenty to go around. They’re economical as they come in a pack of 12 too.

With this gold ball, pinnacle wanted to create a fastball. Hence the term ‘rush.’ If you want a good partner with your distance shots then rushes golf balls are the perfect ball to pair your swing with. Pinnacle used its proprietary high core technology, which to make something that would aid your golf journey.

The ball also has an innovative icosahedral dimple design which has 332 dimples. This design helps with the flight and journey of your pinnacle rush golf balls. It is created to go the distance and has a well-designated cover that also allows it to soar.

2. Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

[ASIN #: B01BF51ZWU]

Pinnacle has two major types of golf balls, as we mentioned before. One of these golf balls is ‘rush’ and one of these is a soft golf ball. Soft golf balls allow for a smoother feel than other golf balls do. They’re also better for people who want to take their golfing as a calming exercise. Not everyone likes golf as a competitive sport. Rather, most elder people who golf do it as a way to have routine and better perfect their swing. The pinnacle soft gold balls are perfect for people like this, who want to get ahead in their game.

The best pinnacle golf balls are dialed up for peak performance. The brand values itself for having some of the best products out there. The softball which pinnacle has introduced isn’t less by any means. Instead, you’ll find that the core is the engine and it drives the golf ball. It has proprietary high energy and a fundamentally softcore. It creates the softest feel and the smoothest flight for the longest distance. You will find everything to be relatively adjustable in terms of the spin which these golf balls have. The outside is fitted with 332 dimples in an icosahedral design. The dimples in the golf balls help with the air resistance and thus, their flight.

3. Bling

[ASIN # B00I09VG06]

Golf may seem like a deadly serious sport, but it isn’t. The Bling series from pinnacle bring in fun for golf balls just how it’s necessary. You may not think that these golf balls are what you need. But who cares about needs when these golf balls are the cutest things that you’ve ever seen. If you want to stand out and make sure that you’re aware of the golf balls which belong to you, then you must invest in the Bling series by Pinnacle. These golf balls are present in 4 different colors namely, pastel pink, blue, yellow, and orange. These color choices will make you want to play golf. So if ever, it seems like you’re not in the mood for golf, you may want to break out one of these bad boys.

If you’re a professional, then please understand that these golf balls were not made for you. They are, however, the perfect golf balls for you if you’re only looking to have some fun and stand out in the crowd. That being said, they still have an excellent distance design so they’re not toys for you to play with. We would also go as far as recommending them to golfers who want to enhance their gameplay.

4. Gold Bright

[ASIN #: B00GO7HEY8]

Pinnacle seems like it’s too good to be true. However, it does come out with a fair few options for you. The gold bright is one of these golf balls which you can consider buying when you want to switch up your gameplay. It’s available in two main colors, and it also has the same amazing quality that much of the pinnacle golf balls do. However, before you make the switch, there are some aspects of the golf balls that you’ll need to consider so that you can decide if you want to invest in them.

The technology design behind these pinnacle golf balls is to introduce the best pinnacle golf balls you have played with to date. They use a design that can offer better consistency, distance, and control. The core of the ball is also extremely durable which means that it can handle itself in the middle of the flight. If you’re an amateur at golf, then you’ll find that this serves as one of the biggest values. If you want to have better consistency and tempo as you golf, this golf ball is one of the best out there.

The design is also the reason why this is a great golf ball for amateurs. It has a softer external context and cover, which means it can return better energy to the golfer.

It’s important to note that these designs of golf balls are sold by very specific sellers. Thus, the price will vary as those very sellers do. They are also considered a cheaper version of golf balls which you can practice easily with.

5. Gold Distance

[ASIN #: B007FD97BS]

Amongst all the best pinnacle golf balls, are the gold distance balls. The design of these balls takes into account performance and value. The golf balls also come in a pack of 24 so you’re going to get a bang for your buck. These golf balls are also likely to last you for a very long time. You don’t have to switch them out over and over again. If you lose them, you can take another one out of the pack and resume your game. They are made for distance which means if you’re planning to prepare your swings, then this version of golf balls is one of the best ways to do so. The cover and compression are also harder for them.

Since they come in a 24 pack, if you enjoy the experience, you can be sure of the sustained quality that the pack will bring. If you want to practice golf to your heart’s content then buying one of these packs could be a shove in the right direction for you. Since the 24-pack of golf balls doesn’t cause as much harm on the picket, it’s also a great option for younger golfers to go for. You don’t want to lose too many golf balls as a result of trying to hit some hard swings. Thus, the Gold Distance comes through here.

When on the green, golfers also want to feel better about themselves. The Gold distance gold balls enable you to feel like you’re in control. They come with a great distance and a great performance, which could increase your interest in the sport. You can also enhance their swing, tempo, and better quality performance. It’s also important to understand that these balls aren’t the best for seasoned players of the sport. Instead, they can be of use to people who are getting an interest in the game and trying to improve their level of play.

6. Exception

[ASIN #: B07488NX4Q]

These golf balls have a cool name, and it has much to do with the way they are on the green. The pinnacle exception puts you in charge of your gameplay. You will find that pinnacle has put a lot of effort into the design and performance of this golf ball. These balls are also made to last and thus, are super durable and affordable. If you’re looking to try out some new swings that you hadn’t before then these golf balls are the perfect vehicles for you. They are smooth and offer you a great degree of quality in each ball.

If you want a golf ball that can offer you a greater amount of distance, then the Pinnacle exceptions are the ones for you. They have the perfect compression rating which helps them to swing to a longer distance than all of the other golf balls that you may choose. The rating also helps with the durability of the golf balls. This factor means that if you like the way that the golf balls enable you to play, you can keep them around for a long time. These golf balls are also a great idea for amateurs who want to make their swing as best as they possibly can.

The best things about these balls are that they’re USGA approved, which means they’re well worth the money that you pay for them. They are of very high quality and come with a whole range of benefits. The benefits mean that they can also stand the test of time so you don’t have to purchase golf balls over and over again. These balls are designed for amateurs, but they’re USGA-approved, so they can be a little expensive. Regardless, the price is well worth what they represent.

7. Soft Pink

[ASIN #: B07Q83XG5D]

This golf ball is specially designed for women who want their golf balls to have a softer feel while not compromising on distance and consistency. Women who want an optimum performance in the golf balls may want to opt for this ball. The color is also pretty in pink, which means it will help you stand out.

These balls are also softer than the regular golf balls you’re used to. The pinnacle soft pink golf balls are also supposed to be accompanied by women’s clubs or people who want to play soft games in gold. They cover a better distance and allow for a fun, valuable experience overall. If you’re an amateur who wants a softer curve and better energy return then these golf balls are perfect for you.

Just because these golf balls are softer than others doesn’t mean they’re not built for distance. The golf balls are durable; they have quality and have a great short game performance. You can practice your best game forward with these golf balls.

Final Thoughts

There are many golf balls and players all over the world. Pinnacle is a brand that has some of the largest variety when it comes to golf balls. You can choose from some of the most affordable golf balls to ones that can provide you with the best swing and distance. These golf balls are also easily accessible, which means you don’t have to travel to a lot of stores to get the best pinnacle gold balls.

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