Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set Review

Most new golfers have never heard of the golf brand Lazrus – but if you are an amateur or beginner golfer looking for high-quality golf equipment at unbeatable prices, Lazrus is the golf brand for you! Lazrus is a relatively new golf company, and they were founded to accomplish one primary task – to provide the best value to golfers at reasonable prices.

Lazrus golf clubs are high-quality, and according to Lazrus, each of their clubs is manufactured in the same factories as most other top names in golf. Lazrus keeps its prices reasonable by selling straight to its customers and cutting out the middle man. Their equipment still undergoes all the same quality assurance checks as name brands like Titleist or TaylorMade – but as there is no middle man, any beginner or weekend golfer can easily afford their equipment.

For those looking for a well-made, high-quality golf wedge, our Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set reviewis for you! In this article, we will look at what these golf wedges feature, and then we’ll see how they perform on the course! Remember, Lazrus Premium Forged Wedges are designed to be affordable and high-quality – but if you are a professional looking for tour-level performance, you might want to look elsewhere. For those beginners or amateurs looking to up their golf performance, let’s get into our Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set review!

Features – Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set Review

Orientation Left and Right Handed

Available Colors Silver, Black, Rainbow

Head Forged & milled face

Length 35 1/4

Degrees 52 Gap Wedge, 56 Sand Wedge, 60 Lob Wedge

Wedge Bounces 8, 12, 10

Shaft Stepped steel

Forged Head

The forged head on these wedges is what distinguishes these golf clubs from other affordable golf wedges. For the price these wedges are offered at, a forged head is incredibly rare. A forged head is smaller in size and allows the face to be thinner. Both the small size and thin face combine for an incredibly flexible and versatile golf wedge – it adds bounce and allows golfers to hit flop shots and low spin pitches while making them usable from bunkers. A narrower and thinner wedge allows for much better shots than a chunky wedge.

Micro-Milled Face

The next feature we love about the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set is the Micro-Milled face. A milled face is usually only found in pricey, tour-level clubs but is found on the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set too. A micro-milled face is incredibly helpful in generating a lot of spin, which is what you want from a golf wedge. These golf wedges provide a lot of spin and control of the ball; whether you are chipping or on the approach, they will provide all the control a golfer can need. Also, the micro-milled face is great to look at!

Loft And Bounce

The bounce featured on the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedges makes them incredible in the bunkers and around the greens. Bounce is incredibly important, especially on the sand wedges – the bounce on the bottom side of the club is what helps you avoid the turf or grass and hit the ball first, helping with accuracy, spin, and power.

The Loft and bounce featured on this wedge set are mentioned in the features list above. The lower the bounce angle is, the easier your wedges will glide through the grass, sand, or turf.

Performance – Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set Review

First off, the feel of the wedges is great. Even though they are much more affordable than other tour-grade golf clubs, they feel like high-quality wedges. The sound they produce on shots is also very pleasing. These wedges also don’t lack in the appearance department. The black and silver versions give a sleek, premium look, and the rainbow version also provides a unique but great look.

The control these wedges provide and the spin they generate are amazing. The micro-milled face and the forged head provide a noticeable increase in how much spin these wedges generate. The micro-milled face is incredibly helpful to high-handicappers and allows golfers to play with more confidence – which is always great for improving your golf game. The smaller head also allows for great accuracy when approaching the greens, and the spin you can generate provides great stopping power.

A few things we don’t like about the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set is that they don’t come with headcovers to protect them. This isn’t a very big deal as you can purchase them separately, but a headcover being provided would have been great! Also, a few people do complain about the paint scratching away from mishits.

Our Final Thoughts

You have reached the end of our Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set Review! To conclude, these golf wedges aren’t something you’ll be seeing on TV or in the hands of a professional at the next PGA tour, but for average and beginner golfers like you and I, these are some of the best wedges a golfer can get!

Mid to high handicappers looking to improve their game and lower their scores will be happy with the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set – you’ll be able to generate a lot of spin while keeping complete control of the ball without having to empty your bank account. You can get the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set at the same price or even cheaper than single wedges from other tour-level golf companies.

If you are someone who struggles to generate spin and needs to improve on your pitch and chip shots, the Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set is for you! We hope our review helps you understand who these golf wedges are designed for and if they suit your game or not. You will not regret purchasing these golf wedges as, first off, they are affordable, and, secondly, they will help you improve your game significantly!

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