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I guess, as golf aficionados, we can all agree that the game is fun to partake in. However, you know what’s not fun? Skin cancer! Golfers who play the game day in and out would be no strangers to just how tiring it can be to have your entire face and neck burn in the scorching heat of the sun. The burnt ears definitely make you shriek in pain as you rest your head on your pillow after nightfall.

But, it is the love of the game that pulls us out every morning and takes us back onto the course and subjects us to the eternal nemesis – the sun. With the increased risk of skin cancer in growing adults, precautions need to be followed. So many older golf players have had lesions of their skin cut out and operations performed on them to mitigate the impacts of overexposure to the sun while playing golf.

For you and your family, it is highly necessary that you have some sort of protection on your head. Besides just the health factor of it, golf hats also add a lot of oomph and bravado to your style, so you also get to benefit from the fashion aspect of it.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Hats

In this article, we take you through some of the best golf hats recommended by both, professional and novice players. These hats add to your fashion statement and protect you from the sun in the process. What you ultimately get through them is a multi-purpose gear addition.

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Go through our list and select the one you like best.

What to Consider Before Buying a Golf Hat

Before we move forward and highlight the best golf hats to buy for golfers, let us first mention the things you should consider in the process. Keep these factors in mind and evaluate individual hats based on them.


The first thing you should consider when buying a hat for your golf endeavors is the size of coverage it provides. The larger the size of your bucket or traditional golf hat, the more effective it will be at covering your ears, head, face and eyes.

If you’ve never worn a hat before, the process will take some getting used to. However, the process can be shortened through the appropriate size.


Do not forget to consider and check out the materials your chosen hat is made out of. Some hats are made out of cotton, while others are made of polyester. You would ideally want a hat that is easy to wear on the course and does not weigh much. Lightweight material will not hurt and can really amp up your style. Also check for vents at the top for better air circulation.


The last thing you should consider is the price of the hat. Golf hats come in different price ranges. Obviously, you would get better bang for your buck if you buy the branded ones which would survive for longer and also service you in the best manner possible.

1. Nike L91 Golf Hat

This Nike Legacy 91 cap is made to impress and is designed with the use of heathered fabric for a more unique and inspirational look. The cap features an absorbent sweatband, a terry soft coverage, a back strap with metal closure and embroidered eyelets. The adjustable fit makes the size appropriate for all.

The cap comes with sweat wicking features and has a Dri-Fit fabric. The fabric keeps your head dry even during hot and humid weather conditions. The woven fabric has a unique look and definitely enhances your course style.

2. Callaway Heritage Twill Golf Hat

The Callaway Heritage Twill Black Fits All Golf Hat is the perfect adjustable hat for golf players today. The hat is made of performance cotton twill and is both, lightweight and breathable.

The hat comes with a moisture wicking sweatband that clears all sweat away to keep your forehead and scalp dry. The cap also has a custom fit with a metal buckle at the back.

3. Nike AeroBill Classic Golf Hat

The Nike AeroBill Classic 99 Perf Bright Grape S/M Golf Hat is the ideal fit for most golf players today. The cap is built for comfort and breathability and features AeroBill technology. This new technology combines both, sweat wicking and ventilation, for amazing comfort.

The sweat wicking band inside the hat keeps your head dry and ensures a cool experience, without the worries of sweat stains on your hat. It also features laser perforations around the side panels to stop sweat from leaving marks on the side. The 4-way stretch is admirable and gives you a comfortable experience all day long.

4. Callaway Tour Authentic High Profile Visor

This Callaway Tour Authentic High Profile White1 Hat Visor is made of moisture wicking fabric and features UV protection of the highest order. The visor comes without head coverage and is extremely lightweight.

Wear this on the golf course for an adjustable closure mechanism and to get protection from the sun without the worries of full coverage.

5. Callaway Tour Authentic Performance Pro Hat

This Callaway Tour Authentic Performance Pro Red1 Hat is the ideal semi-structured design with a premium exterior. The exterior is lightweight, is high on performance and popular with players on Tour.

The hat also comes with a cooling sweatband and a cool Velcro closure at the back for size adjustability.

Our Final Thoughts

The Nike Legacy 91 hat is our recommended pick. The hat features an absorbent sweatband, terry soft coverage, a back strap with metal closure and embroidered eyelets. The adjustable fit makes the size appropriate for all. You can search for reviews online as well to buy the best golf hat for your needs.

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