The 2 Best Ping Fairway Woods

When compared to drivers, fairway woods have smaller and shorter heads. In contrast to irons, they maintain the general appearance of woods. Their head is round-shaped and is mainly used for making the first stroke on short par 4s.

Fairway wood offers a sweet spot that’s closer to the ground. This is why golfers place the tee closer to the ground when using fairway wood. If the tee is not placed closer to the ground, there will be a risk of sending the ball skying upward.

Fairway woods are ideal for use when hitting the ball without a tee. When playing in the rough or on the fairways, fairway woods allow golfers to hit the ball at greater distances. Many brands have top-notch fairway woods that can help you improve your game. You’ll find the best Ping fairway woods in their recent G425 range. But we’ll get to that later; first, let’s talk about fairway woods in general.

If you’ve never played with a fairway wood ever before but are considering adding it to your club set, you must learn a few essential things about it before purchasing. Fortunately, we have all the information you need to know.

Best Ping Fairway Woods

Best Ping Fairway Woods

Now that you know the features of the best fairway woods and how to find the right one based on your needs, it is now time to look at the list of the best Ping fairway woods.

Ping offers a wide range of clubs that both professionals and amateurs can use. To help you make an informed decision when purchasing fairway woods, we have compiled a list of thebest Ping fairway woods for you. Let’s take a look at our top picks:

1. Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood

Unlike the previous models, the Ping G425 fairway wood does not have a steel face insert. Instead, it has a one-piece face that gives the ball’s speed a much-needed boost. The speed of the Ping G425 has increased by 1.5 mph approximately.

You can even gain a reasonable amount of distance because of its forgiving design. The max head does not have any turbulators on the crown anymore, making it look even more aesthetically pleasing. The matte finish gives the club a cleaner look.

With the help of the adjustable hosel, you can get more precision in your shots. It allows you to tweak the loft and lie angles without any hassle. You’ll find the max head equipped with eight settings and woods ranging from 3 to 9.

For tour players, the 7-wood is the best option. It allows players to easily reach the greens of par 5s because of their spin consistency. This golf club has been designed for right-handed orientation. The composite fairway wood is made using two materials, including graphite and stainless steel.

2. Ping G425 Fairway Wood

Now you can play at your fastest using Ping G425 fairway wood designed for the right hand. It offers increased flexing for boosting the ball’s speed. If you’re aiming to cover more considerable distances, this fairway wood by Ping will help. Its Spinsistency technology improves the spin and ball speed, allowing players to reach par 5s in just two strokes, a feat that not many have achieved.

The Ping G425 has a 3-dot alignment feature that gives golfers a visual cue when the ball needs to be addressed.

The tungsten sole weight in the latest model has increased the moment of inertia (MOI) so that there is more resistance to twisting when playing off the tee. The lightweight club is made using graphite and stainless steel composite, offering golfers premium features such as adjustable hosels.

You can readjust the loft to ±1.5 degrees loft and make the lie angle up to 3 degrees flatter. It is the perfect tool for getting more control and precision. Ideal for amateurs and professionals alike.

The matte black finish gives the fairway wood an improved appearance as well. It is designed to be wielded by right-handed players.

The G425 LST and SFT fairways are other options you can consider if you want to explore more fairway woods by Ping. But as far as performance is concerned, the max head remains at the top.

Features of the Best Fairway Woods

It is better to understand the features of fairway woods before you pick one for yourself. Understanding how fairway woods works will help you in choosing the best one.

Here is a list of all the things you’ll find in the best Ping fairway woods:


The loftis a significant club component that controls the trajectory and distance. Simply put, it is the angle of your clubface. When compared to drivers, fairway woods have a higher loft. Generally, 3 wood clubs have a loft of 15-18 degrees, but it increases as the golf club number increases. For instance, a 5-wood club would have a loft ranging between 20-22 degrees.

The latest fairway woods offer adjustable hosels for versatile usage. You’ll find this feature in some of the best Ping fairway woods.


The length of fairway wood varies depending on the manufacturer, but you will find that as the club number increases, the length decreases. A 3-wood club will have the most extended club shaft lengths, approximately 42 to 43 inches.


You’ll find fairway woods available in two types of shaft materials, in general. Mostly, the shaft is made of graphite. Graphite shafts are lightweight and giveplayers more swing and speed. You can opt for a steel shaft if you’re at a more advanced level and aren’t worried about the distance.

But if you look at the overall performance, a graphite shaft is a safer and better choice, especially for beginners.

Moving forward to the flex of the clubs, it’s best to go for a regular flex. But the faster your speed is, the higher the flex should be. You can experiment with different flex till you find the one that best fits your needs.


Fairway woods are made using three types of materials. These are stainless steel, titanium, and composites.

Stainless steel is the least expensive and the most common type of fairway wood that you’ll find in the market. They are pretty solid and handy. But if you want to hit the ball from the tee, a titanium fairway wood may be a better option for you. Titanium fairway woods are more extensive and more lightweight. Manufacturers can push the center of gravity into the clubhead because of the light weight, allowing players to make airborne shots easily at more considerable distances.

In the case of composites, the fairway wood will be made using a combination of carbon with titanium or steel. This helps create ultra-light clubs. Because of the extreme light weight, it is possible to put the weight on the inside perimeter of the clubs during manufacturing. This prevents the club from twisting when making off-center hits. But the only drawback of these clubs is that they are heavy on the pocket.

How to Find the Best Ping Fairway Wood for Yourself?

Now that you understand the basics of fairway woods, you probably want to move on to finding the best one for yourself. Ping, in particular, offers excellent fairway wood options to choose from, but before you decide to buy the best fairway wood from Ping or any other brand, here are some things you should consider:

Off the Tee Hits

Since fairway woods have a higher loft, they make better shots when hitting the ball off the tee. You will get a cleaner hit compared to drivers, but the ball might not travel too far. But when you hit the ball well, it may be able to travel a distance of approximately 220 yards. If you’re looking for a driver substitute, you should opt for a 2, 3 or 4-wood club.

Long Iron Substitutes

It’s easier to hit the ball with high-lofted woods than with long irons. You can achieve more distance by using a fairway wood with a more oversized clubhead without overswinging. In the case of long irons, getting more distance in with the same swing is not an easy feat.

If you want to replace your long iron club with a fairway wood, you should choose a 5-wood to replace your 2-iron club. For replacing 3 or 4 iron, a 7-wood would be ideal. Similarly, a 9-wood would be the perfect substitute for a 5-iron.

Reach Par 5’s in Two

Reaching the greens of par 5 in two strokes is an achievement that only a few golfers have unlocked. If you’re striving for the same, you will need a driver and a fairway wood. Using a 3 or 4-wood club would be ideal in this situation.

Choosing a fairway wood with a shallower is better, so it is easier to hit the ball from the fairway. It gives players more room to hit better from tighter lies. Of course, a shallow club will still let you make shots off the tee so that it will be a win-win situation for you.

Adjustable or Tour

These days you will find fairway woods with adjustable face, loft, and lie angle. This feature makes fairway wood more convenient for golfers as it provides more control. You don’t need to take help from your local golf fitter every time you need to change the angles. Of course, if you don’t need the control adjustable fairway woods to offer, you can choose one that’s non-adjustable.

There is a different type of fairway available in the market. This is called the tour fairway. Tour fairways are designed for golf players that can strike the ball exceptionally well. But for average golfers, it is better to choose regular fairways that are more forgiving and easier to use.


Budget is often a deciding factor when purchasing golf equipment because we all know how expensive the clubs can get. But just because a fairway wood is pricey doesn’t mean it is the best one. You should choose one that feels right when you use it. Of course, the premium ones do feel good, but you can find one that best suits your game even under a budget.

Our Final Thoughts

That’s the end of the two best Ping fairway woods. The next time you go shopping for fairway woods, you’ll know exactly what to look for, so you get the best deal for yourself.

Make sure you always check the loft, length of the shaft, and its material. The club’s material is also vital in how the fairway wood functions for you. Always remember that you should not start with the extravagant options you see. No matter how appealing a fairway wood might seem, don’t choose a touring club unless you know how to hit well.

If you’re still in the learning phase, experiment with other gear till you reach your personal level of perfection. Golf is a sport you learn at your own pace, so it’s better to take things slow.

When choosing the best Ping fairway woods, ask yourself your primary requirement: whether you want to make shots from the fairway or hit the ball off the tees. Choose a suitable fairway number if you’re looking for a substitute for long irons. But most of all, consider your budget. Unless you’re playing professionally, don’t push your budget too much. You can still find a bunch of affordable yet quality options even if you’re on a tight budget.

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