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Best mallet putters for a straight back player

Best Mallet Putters

If you are more of a mallet-type putter, then you are in luck. The alignment and high levels of forgiveness have convinced many golfers to switch to mallet putters. Although blade putters offer a great feel, they cannot meet the alignment levels of a mallet putter.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

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With the new weight distribution technology and face inserts, mallet putters are slowly gaining popularity among straight back players. Many mallet putters are now being designed with milling processes to add extra friction and grip with your stroke. So, if you are looking for a mix of balance, alignment, and forgiveness in a golf club, you should try using a mallet putter next time.


With the increasing competition in mallet putter designs, it’s hard to pinpoint the best mallet putters for a straight back player. That is why we have created a list of the best mallet putters according to your posture and play. So, keep reading to find your next best mallet putter.


The 5 Best Mallet Putters

Sometimes, it’s hard for golfers to understand a mallet putter’s design. This is because of its unique shape and builds material.


The best mallet putters are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to add more forgiveness. The most common mallet putter clubhead shapes are semi-circle, square, or half-moon. These unique designs help control air friction when you swing your club and add more speed to shots.


1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter

Kicking off this list is Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter with its unique half-moon shape and a “V” design on its back. Odyssey is known for innovative golf clubs, and they have never failed to amaze their customers. The new and exceptional Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter has outstanding weight distribution on its back, and the “V” design traps air in its cavities. This trapped air releases when the club impacts the ball and provides an extra bit of topspin and speed.


This stroke lab putter is the first of its kind with lab shaft technology. The company has poured its heart and soul into this golfing masterpieces by pairing a perfect shaft with a fantastic club head.


Key Features

  • Alignment lines are clearly visible even in bright sunlight
  • The best-performing face insert
  • High forgiveness on off-center hits


2. TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

The spider X is a newer model of the newly released TaylorMade spider putter. When we think about stability and alignment in a putter, Spider X comes to mind. Thanks to its equal weight distribution on the forehead and aerodynamic shape, this putter leaves all other mallet putters behind.


What makes spider X the best putter in the market is its true path alignment system. This allows players to visualize their shots and make putting easy for players of all levels. The head of the spider was redesigned with an added 30% weight for more stability. The advantage of a heavier clubface area reduced the twisting effect, which frustrates many golfers. All in all, this is a magnificent putter rankling second on our list of best mallet putters of 2020.


Key Features

  • Exceptional feel
  • Interchangeable weight
  • Heavier club head
  • Premium weighting


3. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT

If you are looking for the best mallet putter with a milled face, then look no further. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach is the answer to all your golfing problems. Although this mallet putter might seem like an ordinary golf club, it has a few tricks up its shaft. For starters, its milled face design helps grip the ball at the time of impact and reduced mishits. Secondly, its stainless steel design adds to its premium feel and strong grip.


Swinging this club won’t be a problem, thanks to its lightweight design. So the next time to play gold with your friends, pull out your Cleveland Huntington beach.


Key Features

  • Distinct alignment lines
  • Small club head
  • Milled face


4. Evnroll Golf ER10 Tour Mallet Putter

The Evnroll Golf – ER10 is a high-end premium putter. This brand is like Scotty Cameron when it comes to quality and stability. The ER10 is a putter for professional golfers and something new golfer should stay away from. It comes in multiple lengths, and each different ER8 is well balanced according to its length.


The ER10 is CNC milled in California and has a premium look and feel. The grip is on this putter is stronger than most mallet putters making it the best mallet putter for a strong grip. The putter has one straightforward alignment line and two dots on the clubhead to help you align with the ball. Your strokes will never be the same once you master the Evnroll ER10 mallet putter.


Key Features

  • A simple,classic look for pro golfers
  • CNC milled in California


5. Cleveland Golf Frontline Cero Putter

The Cleveland golf frontline cero putter is a new entrant in the market, and it’s gaining popularity. Thanks to its solid black color and unconventional mallet putter designs, golfers can’t wait to try it. This club offers tremendous forgiveness for players of all levels, and its aerodynamic shape cuts the wind like a bullet.


This putter has tungsten forward weight, and its center of gravity is closer to the face than in other Cleveland models. The Cleveland frontline cero putter is truly an innovative masterpiece with its high stability, speed optimized face, and torque control.


Key Features

  • High stability
  • Torque control
  • Forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Tungsten weights


Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our top picks for the best mallet putters, you can make an informed purchase. Any of these putters will help improve your game and steady your putting stroke. Even though it’s a little more expensive than our number one choice, we like the Taylormade Spider the best if you can afford it.

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