The 3 Best Irons for Slow Swing Speeds

A fast and stable golf swing is the mark of a skilled player. However, not everyone has the strength or skill to execute the perfect swing. Many golfers, especially seniors, are not able to improve their game because of their slow swing speed. Therefore, it becomes an obstacle for them and prevents them from enjoying the game they love.

Fortunately, a number of companies offer custom golf irons for players who have slower swing speeds. These irons have specific construction and design elements that reduce the effects of a bad swing and poor contact with the ball. In other words, these irons offer maximum forgiveness to these players and make up for the lack of power behind their strikes.

Best Irons for Slow Swing Speeds

In this article, we will discuss some of the best golf irons for slow swing speeds. After reading through the reviews of the top 3, you’ll have a good idea of what irons will work well for you and your slower swing speed.

Best Irons for Slow Swing Speeds

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Callaway Apex Pro is a golf iron set designed to suit the preferences of its user. The tungsten weights used in the soles of the long irons in the set make these irons incredibly easy to use. You can use the long irons to achieve similar launch conditions used in Tour.

Like all flexible iron sets, Callaway Apex Pro also has multi construction in its iron set. You have multiple options for each situation. If you’re looking for extremely forgiving irons, you can utilize 3-4 irons of the set. At the same time, the set also has high-performance grooves that give skilled players additional spin for pinpoint control.


  • Greater distance
  • Forgiving
  • Multi-functional irons
  • Higher launch angle


  • Irons require effort when you need to hit at a lower trajectory
  • Irons are slightly bulkier compared to usual irons

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons

Callaway Apex CF 16 is a top-of-the-line golf iron that has a 360-degree cup face. The wide face of the golf iron increases the ball speed and helps golfers in bending the ball, according to their preferences. As a result, the ball will cover greater distances, and you will be able to hit the greens more often.

These golf irons also have a progressive offset, wider sole, deeper center of gravity, and notch weighting. Therefore, players can achieve the perfect balance of playability, forgiveness, ball flight, and control on each of their irons.

Since the entire set is a multi-piece construction of golf irons, players have different options for each situation. Thus, they will be able to achieve greater distance, feel, and control, regardless of the scenario. If that wasn’t enough, these irons have been made with the help of precision milling, quadruple net forging, and specialized 1025 mild carbon steel to give players an incredibly soft feel in their irons.


  • Accuracy
  • Forgiveness
  • Versatility
  • Playability
  • Greater distance
  • Soft feel


  • The size of the head is relatively small
  • Long irons are difficult to use for beginners

Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 comes with four unique head styles. The irons used in the set have an engineered aluminum cap, which is used as an alternative to steel for dual cavity hollow irons. Therefore, these irons have 5g less discretionary weight, which aids in creating a lower center of gravity and directly improves the launch conditions and ball flight.

Moreover, the entire set is designed with the help of multiple construction technology. Each club in the set is made for a different purpose and optimizes your performance in varying scenarios. You have irons that respond to basic commands and are stable and effective even when you use them on the rough.

At the same time, if you find it difficult to control the ball spin , the Cobra King F6 golf iron set has the answer to that as well. These irons are equipped with V-Grooves on 4-6 irons that are designed to reduce spin effectively. As a result, you will be able to hit greens often, and deposit drives closer to the pin.

Nevertheless, the 7-PW irons in the set optimize spin with the help of U-Grooves, whereas the Wedge spaced grooves in GW-SW irons produce extra spin for hits around the green.

The iron set also contains an engineered channel that’s positioned on the sole. This upgrade is created near the leading edge of the club, just around the area of the upper back cavity to enhance the flex on impact. This helps slow swing golfers achieve faster ball speeds and hit the ball to greater distances.

Lastly, these irons have a premium chrome plating, coupled with gunmetal PVD design that gives each of these irons greater durability and a pleasing aesthetic look.


  • Available in four designs
  • Aesthetically-attractive
  • Durable
  • Multi-construction
  • Flexible
  • Versatile, wide range of combinations, along with four weight options
  • Greater distance
  • Forgiveness


  • Too many adjustable weights can be confusing for a beginner

What to Look for in Irons for a Slow Swinging Golfer?

For players who have a slow swing speed, a golf iron that supplements the force of the golf swing can help them improve their game. Here are some of the most important characteristics you should seek in a golf iron for slow speed golfers.

Shaft Flex Iron

You need the ideal shaft flex to achieve your targeted distance. If the iron has a lower kick-point, it will be easier to launch the ball in the air with a slower swing speed.

Shaft Weight Iron

A lightweight shaft in a golf iron will help you to increase the swing and achieve greater distance. Golfers who want to increase their swing speed can benefit from a graphite shaft that is less than 75.

Loft Iron

Loft irons are meant to remain constant. Nevertheless, players that have slow swing speed can benefit from an iron lofted up to 12-15 degrees.

Clubhead Type Iron

If your set of clubs has a low gravitational center, then it will be easier to achieve your target distance. Irons made of titanium or aluminum are lighter than steel and thus have a lower center of gravity. This is why they are recommended for golfers with slow swings.

How to Find the Perfect Irons for Golfers with Slow Swing Speed

Your golf swing influences the outcome of every swing. Therefore, you should buy an iron set that suits your swinging ability. First, you need to confirm what your average swing speed is. Players with fast swings can average from 90 to 100 mph or more; whereas, slow swinging golfers average up to the speed of 80 mph or less.

After that, you need to find the shaft flex of irons that suits your recorded swing speed. Choosing the right shaft flex is essential for your game. We recommend golfers with slow swings to use either a regular or stiff flex.

Thirdly, you need to see which material is used for the shaft irons. Fast swing players tend to use steel; however, if you are a slow swing player, a graphite shaft will help you maximize the distance of your ball.

Our Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s important to seek advice from an expert who has knowledge about your game. They can tell what kind of iron will help improve your game and become a better player. Although choosing the perfect iron isn’t easy, you can experiment with different models and choose the one that fits your swing speed the best.

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