Best 5 Woods for Fairway Shots

Whether the golfer is skilled or a beginner, they’re both aware of the significance of the fairway wood. 5 woods are an important part of a golfer’s arsenal because they are not only great for covering distance, their adjustable lofts allow the golfer to maneuver when hitting the ball. Due to this combination, they work better than drivers on the rougher patches of grass.

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Their general design is also rather suitable for beginners and high handicappers who are still trying to get a good sense of the gameplay and are struggling in some areas like the swing.

What’s a 5 Wood Best Used For?

A typical fairway wood will either be a 3 Wood or a 5 Wood. The main difference between the two is the loft. The loft determines the trajectory of the ball. A higher loft will allow the ball to be hit at a higher angle but will also reduce the amount of distance the ball travels.

In contrast, a lower loft will allow the golfer to achieve a greater distance but they wouldn’t be able to hit the ball at a higher angle.

Best 5 Fairway Woods to Buy

A 3 wood typically has a loft between 13-17 degrees while a 5 wood typically has a loft between 18-22 degrees. The higher loft of the 5 wood makes it an easier club to master since it makes it easier to lift the ball in the air.

The 4 Best 5 Woods

Since we have established that fairway woods are a good addition to any golfer’s gear, let’s check out the best 5 woods to help you decide which one to buy:

1. Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods

With A.I. optimized Flash Face and a loft of 18 degrees, this 5 wood has been designed to achieve maximum speed. The club is ideal for all kinds of players due to the forgiveness it offers as a result of its technologically advanced design.

The Mavrik Fairway Family have 3 different models:

  1. The Mavrik Standard – the fastest clubhead speed
  2. The Mavrik Max – the most forgiving
  3. The Mavrik Sub Zero– advanced design for better-skilled players

Since we wanted to keep more towards the players getting a hang of the game, our recommendation has been for the Callaway Maverik Max. Do check it out!

2. Cobra King SpeedZone

The Cobra is one of the most stable fairway wood and its design allows for maximum possible precision. Its unique rails are a key feature. The hollow in the front allows for better flex and allows the golfer to achieve better speed. Simultaneously, the heavier and more solid part at the back makes it more stable and increases forgiveness.

This combination of features makes it one of the best 5 woods on the market.

3. TaylorMade SIM Max

The uniqueness of TaylorMade SIM Max is in its core construction. A combination of steel and carbon, this wood has been made with the optimal weight distribution. The right weight in the head design allows for powerful launch and longer distance to be achieved.

Its angles increase forgiveness which makes it a good choice for beginners and high handicappers because it allows them to perfect the main game without worrying about the minor corrections which come with practice.

When buying, the player can choose between multiple loft options as per their preference. Overall this 5 wood is best for the players who are looking to achieve higher speed with some degree of forgiveness.

4. Ping G410 LST Fairway 5 Wood

Another fairway wood that is excellent for achieving higher speeds and optimized forgiveness is the Ping G410 LST fairway wood. It comes with an adjustable hosel which the players can use for better loft manipulation.

With the weight concentrated to make the face the center of gravity, this wood has been optimized to achieve high-powered launches and speed.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a 5 Wood

Now that the best 5 Woods for 2021 have been covered, we wanted to give you a buying guide for woods so you know the ins and outs of choosing your fairway wood.

1. Loft

The loft angle determines how high the ball can be lifted off the ground. The higher angles of the 5 wood are recommended for the players starting out due to the high degree of forgiveness their angles offer.

3 wood is a relatively more difficult fairway to master but if a skilled player wants to challenge themselves, a 3 wood is a good choice.

With the feature of adjustable hosels, the angles can also be adjusted (±1.5 degrees) to allow better loft manipulation.

2. Materials and Weight

Fairways are made from different materials like steel or titanium. As we saw in the case of TaylorMade SIM Max, they can also be made from a combination of 2 materials to optimize performance. The goal is to use the material which allows the best weight distribution.

Therefore, when choosing your fairway, choose the material and weight you feel will be perfect for you.

3. Shaft Length

Shafts can be either long or short. The shorter shafts give the player more control over the wood and, subsequently, the swing. The longer shafts, in contrast, reduce the control but compensate for it by providing better speed and greater distances.

Fairways are made with longer shafts because part of their purpose is to achieve distance. When choosing a fairway, keep your game play in mind. If you prefer more control over the swing, opt for the one with the shorter wood.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, 5 woods work well with both skilled and learning players because of the range of their benefits. The most important part in selecting the best 5 wood is looking at the adaptability, the loft, the weight and the shaft length of the wood.

The best 5 woods are those which have been designed to allow optimal performance, loft manipulation, higher speed and more forgiveness. Your own choice should be based on the goal you want your 5 wood to serve.

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