Best Golf Cart Battery Cables

Golf cart battery cables are a necessary addition to your golf equipment if you are a regular player of the game and own a golf cart of your own. Frequent golf players who have memberships in renowned clubs often buy their own golf cars to make traveling across the greens easier and less time consuming.

Since these golf carts aren’t used that frequently, there are chances that the battery might be dead the next time you walk to the golf course. A good quality golf cart battery cable can be more than just a blessing in such cases as it helps keep charge running without disruption. Golf cart batteries usually come in three variations of 36 volts, 48 volts and 72 volts. The cable you buy should hence have the required resistance to tolerate the load of your battery.

In this article we take a look at some of the best golf cart battery cables for frequent golf users. The battery cables we mention can be used by golfers with carts from Yamaha, EZ-GO or Club Car. These cables will also be ideal for golf carts with batteries that have a mentioned voltage of 36 or 48 volts.

Best Golf Cart Battery Cables

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Cart Battery Cables

Before we move forward and highlight the best golf cart battery cables to buy for frequent golf players, let us first mention the things you should consider in the process. Keep these factors in mind and evaluate individual cables based on them.


The very first thing you should consider in the buying process is whether your battery cable is compatible with your golf cart. Most golf cart batteries tend to come in variations of 36 or 48 volts. You might even find 72 volt batteries, but they are a rarity. You should ensure that the cable you buy is completely compatible with your golf cart, and does not compromise on the quality of the output. The probability of short circuit will significantly increase if a cable built for 36 volt batteries is used on a 48 volt battery.

Size of Cable and Resistance

The very next thing you should consider is the size of the cable you buy. The size is distributed in two attributes, the length of the wire and the density of the cable. The density of battery cables is measured on the basis of three different variations. These variations include: 2 AUG, 4 AUG, and 6 AUG. The lower the number, the denser your cable is going to be.

Resistance should also be considered. While you should preferably buy a cable with no resistance, it is hard to find such low resistance in cables. Hence, the lower it is, the better.


The final factor you should consider is the cost of your battery cable. Obviously, you would need a cable that comes within your budget and doesn’t disrupt it. There are multiple batteries available at different cost points and you should be able to find a battery that meets your requirements quite easily.

1. AC/DC WIRE AND Golf Cart Battery Cable Set

This AC/DC Wire and Golf Cart Battery Cable Set is also our top pick on the list. The cable is perfect for 36-volt batteries and can be used if you own an EZ-GO golf cart. The battery cable set comes with a 4 AUG welding cable.

This is a large and broad cable that can withstand 600v of load. All the battery cables in this set come with simple ends that are sealed and crimped through a 3:1 dual wall heat shrink.

2. 10L0L Battery Cables Set

This 10L0L Battery Cables Set is the perfect offering from 10LOL. When it comes to battery cables, there is no competition with this manufacturer. This option is suitable for both, 36 and 48 volt batteries, and is a decent addition to your golf equipment.

The cables are made out of 100 percent fine pure copper cable with high amperage. The high power seal formed on the cable should satisfy you and give you the kind of output you require. The tin coating also protects against all forms of corrosion.

3. WindyNation 2 Gauge Golf Cart Battery Cables

This cable set from WindyNation is compatible with all EZ-GO golf carts. The cable works well with 36 volt batteries and can bear that load easily. This is a two-gauge cable with good resistance and durability.

The complete set comes with one 36 inch cable, one 28 inch cable, one 12 inch cable and four 9 inch cables. The cable lugs are coated with tin and will provide excellent protection from corrosion.

4. Club Car DS 95+ (48 Volt) Golf Cart cable set

Finally a golf cart cable set compatible with club car models. This cable set is compatible with all models by Club Car that carry a battery load capacity of 48 volts. This four gauge cable comes with a length of 14 inches.

The complete set includes five different cables. The exterior is coated with the double-wall shrink feature, which provides excellent protection from corrosion.

5. Yamaha G2, G8, G9 Golf Cart – Battery Cable Set

This battery cable set by Golf Cart King is manufactured specifically for Yamaha G2, G8 and G9. These are all 36 volt models, so we can tell the volt standard of the batteries.

The set includes 5 wires of 12 inches each with excellent cable resistance. The durability is enhanced through 5/16 copper lugs that are placed with excellent gauge welding.

Our Final Thoughts

The AC/DC Wire and Golf Cart Battery Cable Set is our recommended pick on this list. This battery set comes in an excellent size and works well with 36-volt batteries. You can search for reviews online as well to buy the best golf cart battery cables.

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