The 4 Best Under Armour Golf Bags

Under Armour is a popular name in the sports industry. A while ago, Sun Mountain Sports – a company known for innovation in the golf accessory industry – collaborated with Under Armour. If you’re looking for a reliable golf bag, opt for Under Armour.

Best Under Armour Golf Bags

But which is the best golf bag from this brand? We will explain everything in this guide to help you make the right buying choice. Here are some of the best ones.

Under Armour Golf Storm Speedround Sunbrella Stand Bag

The Under Armour Golf Storm Speedround Sunbrella is known for being ultra-lightweight. With a weight lower than 4.8 pounds, it has a length of 36 inches. It comes with four full-length dividers and a 9-inch top opening. You can store your personal items and golf gear in the added pockets.

Best Under Armour Golf Bags

To shield your golf bag against weather elements, you can utilize the UA Storm technology. The golf bag boasts a high water-resistant finish and a fade-resistant material too. This level of protection means only one thing: you can use this bag for a long time and protect it from extensive damage.

What Is So Good About It?

The weather and fading resistance allow you to play on the golf course on any day, particularly during the summer season. Two moisture-resistant pockets make sure that your personal items remain dry.

Where Does It Fall Behind?

Some golfers may not like the fact that it is merely assembled in the US – not made here. Regardless, Armour has a good reputation in the industry, so expect it to provide high-quality and durable golf bags.

Under Armour Storm Speedround Stand Golf Bag

The Under Armour Storm Speedround is the lightest of all, weighing only 4.6 pounds. You can get it in dark blue and light color options, along with a sturdy stand. It comes with a couple of water-resistant pockets to dry your personal essentials and golf supplies all the time. However, do note that these are the only water-resistant pockets in the bag – exercise caution with the other ones.

This golf bag is built for convenient storage and, for that, it has paddings and a dual-strap system. At first sight, it exudes a minimalistic look.

What Is So Good About It?

Other than being ultra-lightweight, it has a well-ventilated back and dual straps that make it carrying stuff all too easy during the golf sessions. The bag has a durable feel to it, from the materials and stitching to the stand, straps, and water-resistant protection.

Where Does It Fall Behind?

The bag lacks an insulated cooler to keep the beverages cool. In addition, water resistance is limited to specific pockets.

Under Armour Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag

For times when you would like to use a golf cart to travel across the golf course, you will need a durable golf bag, such as the Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag. You can attach the bag to the cart safely with its Smart Strap System.

Remove the noise that a typical disorderly bag produces by using the separate dividers for your clubs. The golf bag is built to ensure you can reach out to your key clubs easily. Besides, it has a well-padded single shoulder strap for making unloading and loading smooth. Maneuverability is better too via integrated club handles.

This bag also comes with a large amount of storage room, along with water-resistant pockets.

What Is So Good About It?

You can access your clubs easily due to their 14-way top, whereas a separate snug space is provided for each club. There are many nifty pockets of varying sizes to store accessories, as well as a full-length pocket to store jackets and a top magnetic pocket.

Where Does It Fall Behind?

Although there are multiple mid-sized and small pockets, this bag has a solitary large pocket. In addition, the beverage cooler component is smaller than others.

Under Armour Storm Match Play Stand Golf Bag

If you are looking for a stand golf bag, then look no further than the Under Armour Storm. It is as light as a feather – weighing only 5.4 pounds. It is perfect for those looking to walk on the golf course. Adequate ventilation, custom-fit strap system, and a built-in lumbar cushion for support – these features help bring extra comfort to the table.

The steel stand is well-built and durable. The complete design is minimal and boasts several deep pockets for golf accessories and balls. Keep your stuff dry is made easy with water-resistant pockets.

What Is So Good About It?

One of the most crucial considerations while buying a golf bag is to look into how it will organize your golf essentials. Thankfully, the Under Armour Storm Match Play comprises full-length club dividers and several deep pockets to prevent

Where Does It Fall Behind?

Even though it comes with a water bottle holder, it lacks the insulation required to keep your drinks cool.

Our Final Thoughts

The Under Armour golf bags offer a broad array of models that caters to golfers belonging to all categories. Pick any of the ones mentioned above and you will be more than satisfied with the value it adds to your golf sessions.

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