The 4 Best Adams Putters

Putting is vital to the sport of Golf golf. It’s what gets your ball into the hole once you’ve let it reach green. You may think that Golfgolf is just getting hole-in-one back to back. However, Golfgolf is also a sport of persistence and constant perusal. Regarding this pursuit, knowing how to put has much to do with the golfer’s chance at winning.

Many golfers don’t think much about putting. Their primary focus is to land better swings so the ball can find its home in a hole. However, 40% of the balls golfers hit end up in the green. It’snecessary to know how to handle these balls so a golfer can claim their victory. There are many ways to become a better putter. However, it requires a dedication to coming out better on top.

To become better at putting, it’s necessary to have some of the best putters. Manybrands of puttersare constantly trying to build better putters. However, one brand seems to stand above all the rest. Adams has been consistent with the kind of golf products it introduces, and it manages to stand out.

In the article below, we’ll talkabout the Best Adams Putters and some of the features that golfers may look into when buyinga putter.

Best Adams Putters

Best Adams Putters

Adams is one of the best manufacturers for all things related to Golfgolf. Adams manufactures all kinds of golf equipment, from wedges to putters and all that you would want. Before investing inthe best Adams putters in 2021, you would want to further explore what you want in a putter. You don’t just want to stumble into a purchase when you don’t quite know what you want to buy. Instead, you can focus on the attributes you want in a putter.

Once you know your skills and shortcomings as a golfer, you have a better idea of what you want in a putter. Without further ado, here are some of the Best Adams Putter for the year.

Adams Golf A7 Select Series 64 Blade Putter

The series 64 has some of the best features and carving of the year. This Adams putter uses a stainless steel head in addition to micro-milled faces and precision CUT design, so you get the best swing and accuracy when taking your shots. You will also get a better overall feel and good weight distribution. The blade head is better if you want quicker shots. Generally, golfers who are more experienced tend to go for this particular putter.

Adams Golf ASO7 Putter

This putter is relatively better in terms of precision. You can make an indefinite strike, and the putter is still willing to offer you some forgiveness. You will not have to worry about the length and weight of the putter as these come calibrated by the company. If you want something that can give you more prowess in the green, then this putter is the one for you. With better alignment and stroking, you can handle any ball that comes your way.

Adams Golf Tight Lies Mallet Putter

It is one of the best putters in the game. Once people start buying this putter, they don’t go back to any other putter. Most people find the putter exceptionally easy to use, which means that you’re likely to score all the points in the game.

Many people believe that it’s best to practice using this particular putter as the practice is likely to put you at greater ease in the game. It’s a mallet putter, which means you can be easy-going with the precision and angles of shots. Having one of these putters in your arsenal will improve your game immensely.

Adams Golf Ovation XL

Though an older model, the Ovation allows you to hit the ball with the accuracy and precision you’re constantly after. You can pay much focus on your swing and getting the ball through. The stainless steel shaft means that you can get in the proper position and focus all your energy on getting the points. It’s available in many lengths and types, so you have your options open to you.

What to Look For in a Putter?

While it’s essential to know the art of putting, it’s also necessary to get the best putter out there. However, to understand whether the putter is the best putter for you, there are certain aspects and attributes you will have to look into. Before lookingfor certain aspects in a putter, you have to understand your own gameclearly. If you’re someone who can’t aim properly, then what you’ll be looking for in a putter is a way to reduce that.

You want to buy equipment that aids your game instead of equipment that will eventually make the game more challenging for you. You also have to know how to control your speed and distance when golfing. Another critical aspect of golfing you have to look into is reading greens. You don’t want to spend too much time putting in if you don’t know how to read greens. Thus, before buying a specific putter, you need to know what attributes to look for.

If you’ve just started on your game and don’t know what to look for, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of factors that you could look into.


The length of your putter may be the most crucial factor to consider when buying a new one. To choose the right length, you first want to get into the correct position. The position requires you to tilt your hips so that your eyes are above the ball, your hands must be under your shoulders, your elbows must be bent but touching your rib cage, and your hips must be over your heels.

Your putter must meet this standard requirement. Using this, you can understand whether the putter is the correct length for you. If you handle a standard length putter and find that you’re gripping it down the shaft, you have to buy something shorter. If you’re gripping near the end and can still go further away, you need a longer putter to be comfortable. If you have the right length of putter, then you’ll find that the length is in line with your forearms, so you don’t have to worry too much.


Alignment can be one of the most significant factors you have to look into when opting for putters. When choosing a putter, you want one that makes you feel the most confidence. You don’t want to opt for one that feels bulky in your hands and makes you feel like you need to perform to hit it in a certain way.

Select a putter model that you feel lines up with your target and don’t take up too much of your effort. You mustconsider this factor before you purchase the putter, as an incorrect alignment can cost you all of your points and can have you making the wrong type of strokes. If you want to get your targets, you must have the correct type of alignment.


If you’re looking at the length and find that you need a shorter putter, then just a shorter putter won’t be enough. The way that most manufacturers design their putters is that the length corresponds to the swing weight.

If you cut down the length, the weight will become lighter, which may not feel good in your hands. If you have a 35″ putter, then the weight in the head will be close to 330 grams. If you need a shorter putter, the head weight will increase accordingly. You’ll need a more significant weight for a shorter putter.

Putter Head

You also have to decide what kind of head you would want at the edge of your putter. The type of head you opt for has much to do with the kind of green you will find yourself on. The two options most people generally have available to them are the mallet or the blade. The blade is a lot more light in weight, which means that you can use it on faster greens.

The mallet head has a lot more weight, givingyou the right kind of swing and precision. Many folks prefer the mallet head as the weight allows them to swing perfectly, and the swing is more like a pendulum than anything else. The blade leaves a lot of weight up to air resistance which makes hitting the golf ball correctly all the more critical.

Balance Point

For further categorization in putter heads, there can be two types. The face-balanced and the toe balanced. If you hold the shaft so that it’s parallel to the ground and the face is turned towards the sky, you have a face-balanced putter. If you have one that’s balanced around the toe towards the ground, then the putter is toe-balanced.

If you want to have a square to square stroke,you must have a face-balanced putter head as it will make it much easier for you. If you want to have an arc stroke that looks better with a curve, you want to go for a toe-balanced putter.

Shafts or Hosels

Your putter style will determine the kind of shaft or hosel which you can then have. If you’re the kind of golfer who’s used to rotating their hosel, then you would need something more focused on the heel. So a heel-centered shaft or hosel will seem ideal for those swingers. A centeredshaft is the best thing for people who want a flatter stroke. You can get the right amount of swing and put so you can make the hole.

Belly Putters or Long Putters?

If you have tremors, as can sometimes happen when you’re a frequent golf player, then a belly or a long putter is something that you can benefit from. These types of putter heads have made quite the way in PGA too. This kind of putter can solve problems with tremors because the putter rests on your chest or your belly.

It helps stabilize your putting, so you don’t extend or shorten your put. In all putters, you need to have the correct type of weight and length. The way to go about finding a better one is to go about it the same way that you would find the correct length of a putter and then add the lengthso your belly or chest stabilizes it.

The type of stroke you would use for a belly putter would be an arc, as the putter would travel around your body. The long putter would be closer to a square-to-square putting path as the shaft is more upright.

When looking at this kind of putters, you must address and ask for help from a PGA professional. They will respond to your queries and issues a lot more easily. PGA professionals know how to instruct you in a way that makes you feel like you have the right weapon in your hands. You can only really know if you have the right putter by playing with it.

The right putter makes you feel like you can score better and helps you make better puts in the long run. If you feel like you’re not performing as well as you should be, chances are you have to change up your putter and opt for one; that’s easier.

Our Final Thoughts

If you know what you’re looking for, then shopping for a putter is a piece of cake. However, even if you’re just starting out, we hope that reading this article will help you have a better idea of what you would want to purchase. Adams Golf is one of the best brands for all your golfing equipment needs. Using thebest Adams putters will make you realize they are a necessity for improving yourgame.

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