The 2 Best Accufli Golf Balls

Accufli produces some of the best golf balls for beginners and amateurs alike. If you are looking for a golf ball that provides great value for the money you spend, look no further than the best Accufli golf balls.

Accufli golf balls provide ultimate performance at an affordable price – you won’t be too worried about losing a ball or two the next time you are on the golf course!

Best Accufli Golf Balls

This is our ranking of the best Accufli golf balls available to purchase today!

Best Accufli Golf Balls

ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

A golf ball that will go the maximum distance while being incredibly soft is the Accufli Max Soft Golf Ball. The Accufli Max Soft is a 2-piece constructed ball designed to provide softness and distance. The thin DuPont Ionomer cover helps these features.

The compression rating of the Accufli Max Soft Golf Balls is 50, which is very low. This ultra-low compression and the energy core help with the initial velocity off the tee, and they also help improve shot accuracy by reducing spin. The golf balls also feature an aerodynamic dimple design which helps with the overall distance by reducing the drag on the balls.

The Accufli Max Soft Golf Balls are an overall great golf ball for all kinds of beginner and amateur golfers. The 2-piece ball is very durable and is available in multiple colors for great visibility in all conditions, including glossy white, matte blue, matte purple, and matte green. These Accufli balls are also completely legal and USGA and R&A approved.

ACCUFLI Max Distance Golf Balls

Second on our list of the best Accufli golf ballsis the Accufli Max Distance Golf Balls. These Accufli golf balls are also designed to provide maximum distance but lack a softer feel when compared to the Accufli Max Soft golf balls.

The Accufli Max Distance golf balls are again a 2-piece constructed ball. The Dupont Ionomer cover combined with the soft-feel Urethane cover provides golfers with maximum distance and a soft feel on impact.

The compression rating of the Accufli Max Distance golf balls sits at a medium 85, which is great for average golf players with average swing speeds. This 85-compression rating paired with the fast response super energy core allows this ball to travel great distances while also spinning on the greens properly. The soft-feel Urethane cover features a low-drag aerodynamic dimple design that improves distance by lowering drag.

The Accufli Max Distance golf balls are again great golf balls for amateurs and beginners who want great distances and accuracy on the greens. The premium 2-piece ball is very durable and great to play with. The Max Distance golf balls are only available in the standard white color. The Accufli Max Distance golf balls also conform to all USGA and R&A rules and regulations.

That concludes our list of the best Accufli golf balls you can buy. For the best results and improvement to your golf game, make sure you purchase a golf ball that best suits your needs.

Buy a Golf Ball that Suits your Needs

The most skilled golfers prefer and benefit from purchasing and using the most high-end premium golf balls available on the market – but as amateurs and beginners, just buying the most expensive golf ball available to you doesn’t always mean you’ll improve your game.

For amateurs and casual players, finding a golf ball that suits both their strengths and weaknesses is crucial for amateurs and casual players. You might think buying a high-end ball will help – but usually, a premium tour ball will only make your weaknesses more prominent as they will not forgive at all.

But thankfully, golf ball manufacturers produce various kinds of golf balls for golfers of all skill levels. Let’s look at a few factors you should consider to find a golf ball that suits your needs.


The first thing to look out for is the ball’s compression rating. Compression is basically how much a ball compresses on impact with your club – the more it compresses, the more energy is transferred and the higher the distance the ball travels.

Most beginners have a slow to medium swing speed and benefit from ‘softer’ or low-compression golf balls the most. If you are an amateur and have a high swing speed, you might benefit most from a medium to high compression rating. High compression balls require higher swing speeds but tend to be more accurate across distances.

Quality of Construction

The next thing to look out for is the construction of the ball. The cheapest options are the one-piece constructed balls, usually seen at driving ranges or mini-golf places. The two-piece constructed golf balls are the most commonly used golf balls for beginners and amateurs. These golf balls allow for greater distances as they spin much lower than one-piece constructed balls. These two-piece balls are also more forgiving than the multi-layered golf balls we’ll discuss next.

Three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece constructed, multi-layered golf balls are designed for those already very skilled at the game. They might help improve an amateur or beginner golfer’s game, but usually, as they do not forgive, they only make the game that much harder. A lot goes into the design of these balls; some are designed for max distances with a high-energy core, and some have different mantle layers that help with the spin. Some could benefit from using these high-end pricey golf balls, but there might not be a significant enough gain to be worth the money.

Our Final Thoughts

Beginners and those with a slow to medium swing speed should go with a low compression ball, like the Accufli Max Soft golf ball we ranked earlier. This ball will help you improve your distance while not disturbing your short game. Those with a higher swing speed should go for the Accufli Max Distance golf ball, which ranked second on our list of the best Accufli golf balls.

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