The 5 Best Volvik Golf Balls

The type of ball you play with can significantly impact your score. Most amateur golfers buy what they have seen the pros play with on the telly, and some go for the cheapest alternative available to save money. These perspectives are unlikely to give the best performance on the golf course. The amount of practice and work required to enhance your skills cannot be replaced by expensive gear.

You’ll need a golf ball that fits your style of play and game, whether you’re searching for a golf ball that gives you a soft feel, distance, or Tour-level performance. Volvik’s collection of golf balls is the best place to start if you’re looking for your perfect gamer ball.

Best Volvik Golf Balls

A Volvik ball would undoubtedly entice you with its vibrant colors—however, many exciting and practical features await your discovery. We leveraged our knowledge and expertise to review them below to help you see how Volvik golf balls are created and how well they perform in real life.

Best Volvik Golf Balls

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Volvik’s most prominent golf ball line is Vivid. The Volvik 2020 Vivid golf balls are a terrific choice if you want a cool buddy that encompasses all of this brand’s fantastic technology.

Unlike some of the other balls on the market, the Volvik Vivid’s color options, including the standard white and yellow, are matte. The unique covering makes the ball clearer to see and target on bright and sunny days.

The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball is designed for golfers who want extra distance and have a 70-90 MPH driver clubhead speed. The Vivid has a Strong And resilient Power Core that boosts distance and maintains a comfortable feel. The cover of this ball has an SF Matte Coating, which improves aerodynamics and increases trajectory. For improved performance, the Vivid is designed with a high greenside spin. The Volvik Vivids ball will suit slower swingers perfectly.

Volvik Power Soft

Volvik is well-known for its multi-layer balls. However, this does not rule out the possibility of finding a basic one at a reduced price from this brand. If money is tight, we recommend you buy the Volvik Power Soft, the best value golf ball.

The smooth ionomer cover and two-piece construction of the Volvik Power Soft provide a superior feel. The core is larger and more compressible.

Both of these structural traits have a significant impact on the ball’s performance. You can have the distance and the feel you choose. Furthermore, the color possibilities are many and striking. They’re all glossy and fantastic for locating and tracking during play.

The compression rate is relatively low (70). It suggests that these balls are best for players with a slow swinging speed. This feature blends vibrant colors with long-lasting materials, making the Power Soft even more suitable for amateurs and women.

Volvik S3

Volvik designed its tour-level golf balls to meet all tournament specifications. If you’re looking for a high-visibility golf ball that will help you improve your game on the course, we recommend the Volvik S3 golf balls.

The S3 is commonly referred to as the Pro V1. The three-piece structure is comparable to that of the Titleist golf ball. However, there are minor material and compression variations.

The Volvik S3 coat is constructed of a special urethane. The patented VU-X version is the more resilient. It protects the ball from scuffing and allows it to endure long after multiple holes.

The S3 core is composed of BISMUTH, a unique substance. It is much larger and compressible. It can better absorb force and convert it to speed. It also helps golfers get more precision and spin rate.

Aside from the characteristics listed above, the S3 has additional fun features on its cover. These balls sport attractive insignia. These are entertaining to see, and they also contribute to the speedier tracking of your balls on golf courses.

Volvik Crystal

The majority of us have a slow or medium swing speed. We’re looking for a golf ball with mild compression, a comfortable feel, and bright color. According to our Volvik golf ball assessments, the Crystal can meet these requirements and provide a better result.

These golf balls are bright and glossy, much like their Crystal name suggests. The softcover is designed to help reflect light. This design is beneficial to golfers who need to strengthen their vision.

The Volvik Crystal’s three-piece design allows it to go longer and faster. A huge power softcore with a BISMUTH layer is the major engine here. These two features, paired with a thin cover, aid the ball in approaching the hole and gaining great distance.

Volvik Vimax Soft

Mid-handicappers can hit many balls, yet only a few of them can combine distance and feel. If you’re this golfer, the Volvik Vimax Soft golf balls might be worth a shot.

The structure of these balls is standard, with both a thin cover and a huge center. The coat has a matte appearance and is constructed of an ionomer. These innovative paints allow players to focus on the clubhead speed in order to improve scores and minimize ball loss.

The Vimax Soft golf ball contains 322 icosahedron-shaped dimples. These revolutionary aerodynamics can help the ball travel far and straight by reducing drag. These golf balls have a high-energy core, which is an excellent feature. It enhances ball speed and provides a comfortable feel.

Our Final Thoughts

Although Volvik is commemorating its 40th anniversary, its ascent to popularity has been relatively recent. Volvik discreetly emerged as a manufacturer of eccentric, colorful balls in the last decade. They are now far more widespread and of greater quality.

Volvik used to be recognized solely for its brilliant, matte-finished balls. Today, golfers of all skills who enjoy Volvik now have many reasons to play with one.

If you haven’t played with a Volvik ball yet, it’s certainly worth trying.

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