Titleist TS3 Driver Review

Every golf player wants the best outcome in the game. Of course, your skills will enlighten your golfing career. But, without the right tool, you cannot perform as expected.

Speaking about the expectation, the new Titleist TS3 driver ensures perhaps the most accurate and perfect distance. It is made by Titleist. They are master at producing golf club that has ultimate ball speed combined with an easy-to-deliver trajectory.

Fortunately, Engineers of Titleist have put a huge emphasis on including modern technologies in this driver. It will assist all types of players to gain more results off the tee.

Our Review of the Titleist TS3 Driver

As soon as you hold it in your grip, you know it is going to be a powerhouse. The new black head not only looks great, but it also performs fast. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of this awesome TS3 driver.

Things We Liked

  • Low center of gravity ensures superior performance
  • The club has a high moment of inertia
  • SureFit moveable weight makes the driver more adjustable
  • Four shaft options available
  • Suitable for all kinds of player
  • Low spin rate helps to guide the ball further

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A louder sound in comparison to other TS drivers
  • Less forgiving than the TS2 driver

Key Features Titleist TS3 Driver

Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology

The massive 460cc TS3 club has the newest VFT technology. VFT stands for Variable face Thickness. This privilege allows you to send the ball further. Moreover, the thin face helps to increase ball velocity across the whole surface of the face, even on miss hits.

SureFit CG Moveable Weight Port Technology

CG means Centre of gravity. Titleist has introduced an excellent way to adjust the weight of the club. By doing so, they allow you to adjust the CG according to your need.

This SureFit CG moveable weight is used to fine-tune drive shapes and achieve more club speed to place a shot perfectly.

Super-thin Titanium Crown

The crown is made of thin titanium material. This technology helps to attain an ideal launch. Featherweight crown shifts the weight deeper and lower.

Moreover, the thin titanium crown provides a streamlined shape that helps to reduce drag by 20 percent. Hence, it will provide more aerodynamic performance.

Shaft Options

Four premium shafts have been provided as standard shaft options on the TS3. These shafts offer efficient performance for various kinds of shots.

Titleist Provides KURO KAGE black dual-core (50g), TENSEI AV Series blue (55g), HZRDUS Smoke black (60g) and EVEN FLOW T1100 white (65g) shaft options. These super-efficient sticks are created using feedbacks from customer testing.

Improved Functional Design (5/5)

Titleist provides an ultra-thin Titanium Crown to the head of the club. This thin architecture not only enhances the beauty of the club but also improves the overall performance.

Additionally, its streamlined shape and modern structure reduce the drag around 20%. As a result, you can achieve maximum distance on every drive.

SureFit CG moveable weight port helps to maintain the weight of the club for better performance. Surprisingly, TS3 driver has the lowest center of gravity in the history of Titleist. This low center of gravity ensures higher launch and lower spin.

Furthermore, the variable face thickness technology gives an excellent aerodynamic performance. Designers of Titleist have made this face thinner which saved about 6 grams of weight. So, this saved weight has been redistributed to other areas of the driver’s head for better performance.

Forgiveness (4/5)

A low CG can be achieved by distributing the weight properly. As you know, lower CG plays a vital role in getting more forgiveness from the driver.

Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer introduced the SureFit CG moveable system to adjust the weight of the club. The 460cc clubhead also adds extra forgiveness to the driver.

However, some golfers have claimed that TS3 drivers are not as forgiving as TS2.

Awesome Adjustability (5/5)

Titleist has engineered the TS3 Clubs adjustable in two ways. One of them is the SureFit hosel, which is very popular among golfer for several years. The other is the SureFit CG moveable weight.

The manufacturer first brought this in the hybrid 818 drivers, but they’ve managed a smart change with the TS woods. 

Rather than providing players to have two weights – one draw/fade biased and one neutral; the manufacturers have crafted one system which can be neutral or biased. However, at the same time, this moveable weight is kept into a port in the clubhead that adjusts incognito.

On the other hand, the TS3 is available in 4 lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5°.

Superior Performance (5/5)

TS3 shows outstanding performance in case of speed, distance, and spin. There are two reasons for which golfers love the new TS clubs at all levels.They are thelower spin rate and higher ball speed.

While the TS3 is the less forgiving of the Titleist recent drivers,a thinner facesurface andhigher Momentum of inertiahelps toincrease ball speed.

More importantly, the designers have reduced the spin on this new type of driver.

You can get up to 161 miles per hour ball speed with a total distance of 313 yards with this power hitter. Usually, we don’t see such range of distance from other Titleist clubs. However, it also generates a very low spin of 1950 rpm. At the same time, the carry distance reaches to 290 yards.

So, from the given information, you can easily assume the superiority of this high-performing driver.

Our Final Thoughts

Titleist TS3 Driver looks absolutely phenomenal. This fascinating driver has high ball speed with a low spin rate. You will surely enjoy every drive you made with this club.

After all, the make has developed it to provide higher launch, increased Moment of Inertia, lower spin and, above all else, super-fast ball speed. That’s all about the TS3 driver.

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