Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag Review

All avid golfers are familiar with Taylormade, a company known for its golfing products. For years, the company has been designing and manufacturing quality golf bags. But the question is: are their cart bags worth investing in?

The Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag offers adequate storage, ergonomic features, and impressive design. The lightweight bag is easy to carry around the golf course, allowing a golfer to be at complete ease during play. If you are searching for a golf bag, put this cart bag on your list of potential bags to buy.

Next step, do your research to find out what customers are saying about it and the different features the golf bag has. Actually, we know just what you need — an in-depth Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag Review. We decided to make your job easier and save you time by reviewing the golf bag.

Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag

From this review, you will get all the answers you need to decide if this is the bag you want to be seen carrying around when you are playing golf with your buddies. So, let’s jump right in!

Features of the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag

What does a person look for in a golf bag? A golfer needs a lightweight and spacious cart bag that can last them for several years. Since they will be carrying the golf bag around the golf course, comfort is key. Knowing the different features of a cart bag is important for a golfer to make their mind about buying it or not. Let’s look at the standout features of the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag:

1. A Lot of Storage Space

You want a spacious golf bag with several pockets to keep all your things. You also want to keep your accessories in an organized manner and for that, you need ample space and several pockets. This golf bag features four full-length dividers and a lot of space inside.

The oversized integrated putter and integrated grab handle on the top of the cart bag will keep your golf clubs secure. The cart bag has several pockets that can help you manage the tees and golf balls and will be within your reach.

If you want even more space, the cart bag does not disappoint. It offers many large insulated pockets to increase storage space. You can store water, drinks, and food in those pockets. For golfers who require plenty of space and storage options, the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag meets their requirement.

2. Premium Quality Material and Excellent Design

Made of crush-resistant material, the golf bag can withstand different types of impact. Its eye-catching and attractive design is another reason it appeals to golfers. You will find yourself using this cart bag for several years.

The cart bag features heavy-duty 10-coil extra strength zippers to help you stay organized with a metal hook on each side to increase your convenience and usability. The outside of the bag is water-resistant. If you want a bag that is designed to be noticed, get this golf bag. It is available in four great colors, black, red, navy, and gray and yellow.

3. Umbrella Slot to Protect Accessories

You will not find many cart bags with an umbrella slot, but lucky for you, Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag features an umbrella slot. An umbrella slot protects accessories in rainy and stormy weather. The company has made a water-resistant umbrella slot. Because of the umbrella slot, the demand for this golf bag has considerably increased among golfers. It has added to its popularity.

4. Lightweight Golf Bag for Easy Transport

The last thing you want to do is haul a heavy golf bag around the golf course. Not only will your arm get tired, but you will find yourself looking for a new golf bag. Do not waste your money buying a cart bag that is weighty and bulky.

The 36.5” x 10” x 13.5” cart bag weighs 6.84 pounds, which is considerably less than the bags offering almost all the same features as this golf bag. When you fill the cart bag with accessories and other items, it will still not feel as if you are carrying a weight on your shoulder.

For added comfort, the company has created an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it for an extended duration without putting any strain on your shoulder. This feature is a welcome surprise to many who need a lightweight bag, which allows them to carry several accessories without making the bag heavier.

5. Anti-split Stand System to Move the Cart Bag Around

An anti-split stand system will enable you to move the cart bag around easily. You can place your golf bag down on the ground or make it stand through the anti-split stand system without worrying about it breaking down or slipping. Its non-slipping feature comes from its non-slip system, which ensures the cart bag once placed down remains in that position.

6. Offers Smooth Functionality with Additional Durability

Most companies will promise you smooth functionality with additional durability, but very few live up to that promise. However, the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag not only promises smooth functionality with extra durability, but also delivers it.

7. Ten Pockets for Your Personal Belongings

How much space do you need? If you said a lot, you will be over the moon to learn that this golf bag features ten micro-suede pockets. The pockets have a zipper, an insulated color pocket, a ball pocket, an internal insulated color pocket, and tees pocket.

8. Comes with a Rain Cover and Tower Ring

Even though the golf bag is made from a water-resistant material, the rain cover and tower ring increases its protection. When it starts to rain, cover it with the rain cover. You can keep a towel in the tower ring to dry yourself off or your equipment.  The metal towel ring is located at the side of the cart bag.

9. Integrated Grab Handles

Apart from carrying the golf bag from its strap, you can carry it in your hand using its integrated grab handles with TPR. The grab handles will also prevent your golf clubs from moving and they will be within reach.

10. Dividers

The company has added four full-length dividers with 15 way top dividers. The dividers’ openings extend to the bottom of the cart bag. If you like to stay organized and keep everything in its place, you should buy this cart bag.

Overview of the Pros and Cons of the TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag


The pros of the golf bag include:

  • Attractive and sporty design
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight
  • Ample storage space to store several accessories


The cons of the golf bag include:

  • Even though the golf bag is spacious for golf accessories and other small items, it is not spacious enough for more golf clubs
  • Slightly expensive than most cart bags

Our Final Thoughts

Through the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag review, we hope you get a clearer idea if this is the bag you have been looking for all your life. Although this golf bag is expensive, it has a lot of features that other golf bags may not have, such as the umbrella slot. If you do not mind carrying a few golf clubs, consider buying this cart bag. In the end, this bag will last your several years due to the sturdy, durable, water-resistant, and crush-resistant material it is made of.

Our verdict is that you should consider buying the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag.

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