Ping G400 Max Driver Review

A high-performing Golf driver can change the flow of a match. Ping, a worldwide brand primarily known for their fantastic golf tool, recently launched one such driver. They named it Ping G400 Max Driver.

Our Ping G400 Max Driver Review

This fascinating driver comes out with a huge 460cc head size that ensures supreme forgiveness.

ping g400 max driver review

Speaking about forgiveness, the manufacturer of the club is claiming that this Max driver offers the best possible outcome in case of any miss hits. They managed to do that by introducing very long and large club head. So, the head covers a massive surface area from front to back.

Things We Liked

  • Large head Size to provide forgiveness
  • Multiple shaft options
  • Super launch with perfect shaft
  • Top notch design with a classic finish
  • Low center of gravity with the ability to cover long distance

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The head doesn’t have that traditional look

Key Features of the Ping G400 Max Driver

Forged Face Technology

​Apart from the size of the head, Ping has also introduced the forged face which achieves the fastest ball speed for off-centered shots. This thin forged T9S+ face provides more flex which helps to earn super ball speed consistently.

Additionally, the face is designed to enhance friction. It also minimizes the spin.

Dragonfly Technology

​Guess what?The popular dragonfly Technology is back.Now, it comes with a thinner crown. So, it will reduce the weight. Dragonfly allows for a low spin with an extreme moment of inertia. So, players will be happy to find more forgiveness.

Turbulators Technology

​The turbulators placed in the back of the clubhead helps to decrease drag. It also generates improved aerodynamics that increases head speed and ball velocity. So, the new G400 driver can ensure more distance with stability.

Aesthetic Functional Design (5/5)

The G400 Max is big and beautiful. Most of the clubs with a large head size look bulky and odd. Despite having a 460cc club head, the look of the driver is very appealing. The domed crown and fine edge combination is a perfect blend of beauty.

Moreover, the attractive black finish will not blind you on hot sunny days. In order to maintain premium quality, Ping has spent a lot of effort, time and energy in research. They have also used extensive computer simulation.Surprisingly, the music theory was applied to achieve both smoothness in performance and charming look. The experts patented a ribbed design, using fine-tuned frequencies to produce a muted and more soothing sound.

Additionally, the engineers have added up more tungsten weight to the back of the head. It increases the launch angle which gives more forgiveness during off-centered shots. Because of this weight, the club will not twist much upon performing a drive.

Improved Performance (5/5)

Sometimes, a precise shot may not travel a long distance. Keeping that in mind, Ping used forged faced technology to ensure optimum performance. This fantastic facility has made the driver a very dependable option for amateurs.

You can get up to 158 mph ball speed with the coverage of around 300 yards with this Max driver. Surprisingly, it provides a low spin of about 2100 to 2200 rpm. Additionally, the carry distance is almost 284 yards.Overall, the huge clubhead helps to generate a healthy range for poorly hit shots.

More Forgiveness (5/5)

The dragonfly crown and forged face technology enhance forgiveness by lowering the center of gravity. Its big 460cc head helps to get accuracy and distance in case of any mis-hit.

Furthermore, the brand focused on increasing the forgiveness of the club while keeping the distance gains.

Distance (4/5)

A golf game is all about precisely hitting the ball towards long distances. No doubt, This G400 Max club is one of the most forgiving drivers in the market. But, the Ping engineers should have given more emphasis on increasing head speed in order to get more distance.

Accuracy (5/5)

The large dynamic shape coupled with the tungsten weight structure helps to maintain precision during a match.Though the club head size is large, it weighs little. So the driver inherits a huge sweet spot that is more forgiving in nature. It provides a high moment of inertia and low center of gravity. You will have less ball spin too.

Higher inertia ensures that the club can sustain a powerful impact without twisting, so there are minimal possibilities of error. With 16⁰ launch angle, you can expect consistent performance with this gigantic driver.

Simple Adjustability (5/5)

​Ping Max Driver allows a very standard adjustability system. It holds some tungsten weight on the head of it.The adjustable switch and shaft options are available. However, the manufacturer did not provide any moveable weight on the club to adjust your drive. Loft adjustability is -1 to +1 degrees.

User-friendly (5/5)

​A forgiving driver is like a good friend to a golfer. To make it a convenient product, Ping introduced various technologies with high-quality design. Moreover, you will hear a pleasant sound every time you hit the ball.

Generally, players with low swing speeds require more-lofted clubs & more-flexible shafts to attain the proper launch conditions. On the other hand, golfers with high swing speeds generally need lower-lofted drivers.This driver has a long shaft with adjustable loft system that will surely help you go a long way.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ping G400 Max Driver has left no stone unturned as it continues elevating the sport and making it more fun and enjoyable for all.

By placing the weight in the back, shifting the CG to the right point and increasing the MOI to surprising levels, Ping continues to impress everyone. It is effortless to launch drive into the sky. We will say, it will be a healthy bargain to purchase this product.

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