Ping G10 Irons Review

There is no denying the fact that PING has produced some of the most incredible and user-friendly irons over the years. Most of these irons have eventually made their way into a majority of golfers’ bags. The best part about this golf equipment manufacturer is that their price tags are truly worth the product.

Keeping PING’s high-held reputation in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of its oldest products, the Ping G10 Irons, is still so popular. They are quite a few years old now, and they aren’t one of those ‘latest and greatest’ iron sets that are currently being made, yet you will find them in a lot of people’s golf bags. The main reason for this is probably how they don’t burn a hole in your pocket, and also that they still offer some great game-improvement technology to all the golfers out there.

Overview of the Ping G10 Irons

The Ping G10 Irons have primarily been designed to take the entire concept of ‘game-improvement’ to a whole new level. They are the prime example of ‘extreme-weight perimeter,’ a concept that has significantly revolutionized overtime. It basically involves transferring some of the weight of the club heads into the perimeter of the irons in order to achieve the optimal MOI (moment of inertia). This design innovation has really helped golfers make massive improvements to their game.

Ping G10 Irons

The Ping G10 Irons have been hailed as ‘true winners,’ given how they are so forgiving, have such solid construction, and are so easy to hit.

These irons employ upgraded versions of the highly-forgiving technology from the previous models that make them quite a distance-enhancing and an incredibly straight set of irons. This suggests that the Ping G10 Irons are perfect for high handicap players who are looking to have some fun out on the golf course and wish to save a whole lot of strokes.  If your handicap is 10 or higher, you are probably going to love using these irons while you’re out on the course.

Ping G10 Iron Pros

The Ping G10 Irons have a plethora of benefits to offer to all golfers. It is due to this very reason that these irons are so popular even after so many years. These irons have quite prominent and wide soles that give them immense power and efficiency on the course. The size of the sole allows the irons to work really hard to help golfers get their launch as high as they possibly can. They have a deepened and a highly enlarged head cavity that greatly reduces the chances of missed shots.

Take a look at some of the key benefits that make these irons such a favorite among most golfers.

  • Very classy and good-looking design
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy on the pockets
  • Super forgiving on the golf course
  • A very solid and pure feel
  • They are super easy to launch

Ping G10 Iron Cons

As with any other golf club set, the Ping G10 Irons also have a few disadvantages. The fact that it has been so many years since their launch suggests that they don’t contain all the features and specifications that you would typically find in a more recent and advanced golf set.

The workability of these irons has generated a big question mark, primarily because they offer very little control to the player. We can assume from this that these irons are not likely to appeal to purists who are looking to exercise great control over their shots.

  • They are not as competent as the newer club irons
  • They offer little control to their users

Stainless Steel Construction

The Ping G10 Irons consists of a large stainless steel head that further holds a heavy toe weight. This particular construction has been designed to reach the optimum moment of inertia in order to make the club stable and balanced throughout the whole playing session.

Custom Tuning Port Insert

These irons come with a CTP (Custom Tuning Port) that helps maintain the stability of the thinner face of these clubs. The port insert delivers a great feel on impact to the club for an efficient cast head. It also reinforces the clubface by making the hitting area super hot in order to give the player increased distance.

Ascending Weight Technology

This is one of PING’s popular technologies. It makes use of longer standard steel shafts. These long shafts are lighter than the shorter iron shafts. This helps the Ping G10 Irons provide players with consistent weight progression from the lightest shaft in a golf bag, the driver, through to the heaviest shafts, which are the wedges. This, coupled with their wide sole, greatly enhances turf interaction. All these features together give these clubs excellent consistency, which, in turn, provides a greater amount of control to the golfer.

Custom Fitting Service

One of the major reasons why the Ping G10 Irons have gained so much popularity over the years is that these clubs come with custom fitting services. The underlying notion here is that no two golfers have the same swing so there is no reason why they should have the same clubs.

PING is one of the revolutionists of the golf club industry since it basically introduced the whole concept of each golfer having custom-fit clubs that are made according to their swing type. Following that idea, the Ping G10 Irons use the PING nFlight Technology that analyzes golfers’ swings and then determines all the specifications their clubs should contain, such as spin rates, shot shape, trajectory, etc. The main objective of this feature is to enhance the player’s consistency, iron distance, and control levels.

Attention to Offsets

Another notable feature of the Ping G10 Irons is that they pay very close attention to their offsets. These irons have varying offsets according to their sizes. The long irons consist of an optimized amount of offset in order to make them more forgiving for the player. On the other hand, the short irons have a reduced amount of offset in order to enhance the clubs’ playability. This helps increase the workability of these irons and allows the golfer to have a greater amount of control over them.

Solid and Pure Feel

When it comes to iron clubs, one of their must-have features includes a good and solid feel. The Ping G10 Irons are ideal in that regard because when you strike the ball with these irons, the feel is very powerful. Since these clubs are exceptionally forgiving, off-center hits don’t end up penalizing you. While you might lose some distance when you throw a mis-hit ball, it is likely to fly straight down toward your target line.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ping G10 Irons are truly an excellent option for any mid-high handicap golfer. They contain some of the most impressive features, despite being so many years old. Although these irons aren’t anything special in terms of appearance and looks, their standard of hitting shots is extraordinary. This is primarily due to the high levels of ‘forgiveness’ offered by these clubs that makes them very easy to hit and also because you can get a good distance with them even on off-center hits.

On top of that, these clubs are so reasonable and inexpensive that you ought to try them out if you haven’t already. The cherry on top of the cake is that these clubs are a Golf Digest Hot List gold medal winner, so you can imagine how great they are!

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