Mizuno S18 Wedge Review

What’s a fun weekend without a few hours of playing golf with your friends? It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting sport ever invented.

Now, all of you golfers might already know the importance of having a good quality wedge. For a small distance shot, you would need this item to increase your accuracy and help you complete a hole.

Here, we will be breaking down all the key features, pros and cons of a wedge called the Mizuno S18. The golfing item is quite popular among golfers.

Let’s see whether this product is worth the hype or not.

Mizuno S18 Wedge

Mizuno S18 Wedge Review

The line-up of this wedge is pretty impressive and comes with about 29 variety of options. Every particular bounce combo for this wedge is manufactured in such a way that it comes on par with the club’s essential condition while playing.

All the items such as the profiles, top lines, depth of the groove, sole grind are altered with every different wedge from top to bottom.

The purpose of this whole idea is to aid Mizuno to handle and direct the center of gravity. This way, you’ll be able to have an excellent spinning rate and ball flight for every particular wedge. Therefore, you’ll be able to take your short game up by a few notches.


Coming to how it looks, you would be able to see that this product’s profile is more rounded than the usual, and this can be considered to be one of the middle-sized ones. More or less, the shape is retained in most of the line-ups by the S18, but if you look closely, you’d be able to detect the minor changes.

For example, as the size of the loft expands the weight is shifted to the upper region of the blade by Mizuno. This makes the top line to become a little broader.

We get how a small number of golfers wouldn’t approve of this, but we can guarantee you this would only help you to be more precise with your shots.

There are two colors available for the S18; one has black shiny metal finish while the other one has a white satin finish. These two look quite sharp and modern.

While the wedges might look good in the photos, but upfront it looks even better.

The Feel

This category varies from the other 29 variations of the S18 wedges. It is quite essential to understand the feel of every particular club. While testing out the 54 degrees one, we couldn’t help but notice how clean and perfect the shots were.

The full swings and the short shots were very accurate, and it felt like the ball and wedge had the most amazing contact with one another. Likewise, all the other variations had the same response and the same soft feeling.

The Sound

Mizuno, hands down, might just be the company to make the most amazing sounding clubs in the sport. Usually, the perfect “click” determines the precision of the wedge, but in this case, it is kind of different.

The S18 does not create a loud “click” sound because it is thicker than your usual slim wedge, which at the end subsides the noise. You will, although, be able to hear a very soft and gentle click right after the contact.

You would be able to notice that the different options of wedges would have dissimilar sounds during the contact of the turf. A thump noise comes out while using the 60-degree wedge, and a sharper noise comes out when the 54-degree wedge is put to use.


You should probably know by now that not all 29 variants would come of help for you. The performance of a low ranged wedge is more helpful for beginner golfers than the higher graded ones. You’ll be able to hit longs, shorts, highs, and lows with it.

If you are playing with a low loft, it’s better to use a deep and narrow groove to do the perfect full-swing hit. A high loft would need a wider and shallow groove. This would ensure you to have a good shot while doing short plays.

In the S18, you would see that more or less all the line-ups have only one bounce option. Well, the 56 and 60 degrees are the odd ones out from this. They both have two separate bounce options. This only means that the performance is consistent between these two wedges. 


  • Soft and clean shots with a soft feeling
  • Perfect and precise response
  • Comes with 29 variations
  • Great ball flight and spinning rate
  • Affordable
  • Good control


  • White satin one brings about unnecessary glare from the sun from specific angles

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the commonly asked queries regarding the Mizuno Wedge:

Which variation of the Mizuno is the best?

Honestly, this comes down with personal preferences and how you aim. If you wish to hit a ball with various types of shots, then stick to the lower degrees such as 54 and if you want to be more specific with your shots, go for 60 degrees.

How small is the S18?

It is smaller than the previous model S6.

How is the sole of the product?

The sole grind is made aggressively. This way you wouldn’t have to pick up the leading edge too high when you are opening the front of the wedge.

What problem can be faced with a soft feel?

You have to put a lot of attention to see when a shot has been missed.

Is the S18 Wedge durable?

It is very durable as boron is used to make it.

Our Final Thoughts

In our opinion, we think that Mizuno has come out with a unique and very desirable line-up for wedges to present to the golfers. With an extremely broad array of options to choose from, you would not be disappointed with the quality and the accuracy of this product. We hope you found this article useful. Have a good time playing golf.

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