Golf Scramble Rules: What You Need to Know

Ready for a game of golf but don’t want to play alone? Call in two or three of your golf buddies and you’re all set for a game of golf scramble. Never heard of it? Don’t worry. You’re at the right place as we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about the format in this post, including the basic golf scramble rules, how to play, and different variations you can try out.

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What is Golf Scramble?

A Golf scramble is team-based golf tournament format golfers participate in at large-scale events, such as charity tournaments, corporate events, or Pro-Am outings. The tournament usually involves teams of up to four players. However, you can also opt for a two or three-person scramble. The main purpose of this format is to allow golfers of all levels to participate in tournaments together and have fun due to the relaxed rules and lack of pressure to achieve individual scores.

Golf Scramble Rules

Golf scramble rules are also informal so new golfers can easily learn them. However, these rules are a part of official golf rules so organizers modify them according to their wishes. Here’s essentially how golf scramble works:

Basic Golf Scramble Rules

Here are the basic golf scramble rules you should know about before signing up for a 2, 3, or 4-person tournament. These rules generally govern play unless the organizers modify them. Let’s check them out:

  1. All members are advised to reach the course and prepare at least half an hour before the start time.
  2. The golf course must provide carts for the teams to facilitate play.
  3. All team members must start proceedings by teeing of each hole and then decide on the best one through a consensus by the team captains.
  4. Each team member will play 9 or 18 holes including the tee shot. After each shot, the captains will choose the best shot in terms of lie and this will continue until the first team putts the ball into the hole.
  5. Since the best shot is selected, the captains can only record one score per hole, and they must sign the scorecard before turning it in at the end of every round.
  6. The organizers must mark the out-of-bounds areas.
  7. Teams must putt the ball into the hole since gimmies are not allowed.
  8. Every team member must hit a tee shot once without any do-overs (mulligans)
  9. If the tournament results in a tie, the captains will draw a hole’s number at random. The team with the lowest score on that hole to determine the winner.
  10. Bogeys are allowed to speed up the game.

How to Play Golf Scramble

Now that you understand the basic rules of the format, here’s how to play golf scramble as team captain in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Instruct every team member to hit a tee shot from the starting hole. In a golf scramble, there’s no standard hole, to begin with, so the organizers can decide the opening hole on a 9 or 18-hole course.  Members can use any club to start proceedings. However, a driver is recommended for maximum distance.

Step 2

Select the best tee shot in terms of the lie by discussing it with your team. There are no specific criteria to choose the best shot so teams are free to decide anyway they please. Generally, teams pick the shots with maximum distance or the ball’s position in the fairway.

Step 3

Use a ball marker to delineate the best tee shot. Then instruct your team members to pick up their balls, place them at one club length of the best tee shot spot, and hit the next shot.

Step 4

Repeat the steps above until any member putts the ball into the hole.

Different Variations of Golf Scramble

The following are the most common variations of the basic golf scramble format:

1. Texas Golf Scramble

The Texas golf scramble format is not too different from the regular format as it involves 4-person teams and the same basic rules. However, unlike the regular format, members must hit four drives in the tournament.

2. Bramble Scramble

This variation is essentially a blend of best ball and golf scramble. The tournament starts as a regular scramble but as the game proceeds, it’s every player for themselves into the hole.

3. Ambrose Scramble

In this scramble variation, the teams carry out proceedings using net scores based on their handicap. The team captain adds each member’s handicap then divides it by the total number of team members (2, 3, or 4).

4. Florida Golf Scramble

In the Florida golf scramble format, the member who hit the best shot has to sit out the next stroke. As a result, one player on both teams has to skip each stroke. However, this rule doesn’t apply to hole drives.

5. Las Vegas Golf Scramble

The Las Vegas scramble format is more of a game of chance. It involves the roll of a dice to determine which team member’s shot will be used on the next shot.

6. Miami Scramble

Miami scramble follows all the basic golf scramble rules but includes an additional rule to distinguish itself from other formats. In this variation, the team member whose shot is select has to sit out until their team reaches the green.

7. Bloodsome Scramble

This scramble variation is not only the longest one in this list but also the rarest. This is because teams have to choose the worst tee shot instead of the best one in every round.

Our Final Thoughts

A Golf scramble involves teamwork to figure out the best way to play each hole in a game. No matter which variation you opt for, it’s a great way to socialize, relax, and have fun on a golf course. This different side of golf might pique your interest in the sport and even enable you to organize an event with your own golf scramble rules.

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