How to Measure Golf Club Length?

Are you tired of trying to find ways to measure your golf club length? We have made your search easy by creating an easy-to-follow guide. Although there are many ways to measure club length, this post contains the three easiest and most effective ones. If you are looking for a simple process, follow our first method. If you are professional, the other methods will suit your preferences better.

Custom Club Fitters

These club fitters can help you figure out the correct club length easily. Typically, the process begins with the distance from the wrist to the floor. Next, you have a chart you can rely on to identify the correct club length for a particular wrist to floor dimension. Ultimately, you have to enjoy the sport with a club offering ample flexibility so that it can be swung easily.

You can reach out to club professionals to find custom club fitters.

How to Measure Golf Club Length

What Will You Need to Measure Golf Club Length?

Here is what you need to measure your golf club length.

  • A ruler of 48 inches
  • Measuring apparatus
  • Calibration device or calibration app

Method 1: Measuring Ruler Approach

If you are looking for a user-friendly method that makes your job easy and saves time, then this is the way to go.

In this approach, you will work with a ruler having a 48-inch length. Many people utilize a measuring tape to measure the length of their club. This is a faulty technique because the tape is too flexible, disrupting the whole procedure.

A measuring ruler often works the best – it ensures you get the best readings. Once you pick up a ruler, stick to the following:

  1. Position your club in the playing position. This has to be your standard gripping position.
  2. Now, see to it that clubs’ sole has its center brushing the floor.
  3. Place your ruler behind the golf club, brushing the floor.
  4. Position the club part that brushes the floor with the back heel of your club.
  5. Get one more reading from the ruler’s end, brushing the grip cap’s edge.


You have to keep two considerations in mind.

First, make sure that the club is placed in the right position. Your readings are bound to produce poor results when the club positioning is wrong. The club length measurement is reduced when the club is placed with its toe elevated more than the heel.

Second, if you opt for the opposite way (place the heel above the ground and elevate it more than the toe), it will increase the length of your golf club.

Method 2: The USGA Approach

The USGA outlines this method. This advanced equipment generates measurements with high accuracy. Therefore, go for these devices if you have doubts over the ruler readings.

Once you get the measuring apparatus, following these steps:

  1. Use a calibration device to calibrate the measuring apparatus. This way, you make sure that the apparatus gets put in the ideal position to collect accurate readings. This step is optional, so a flat surface is good too. Conversely, calibration applications on your phone can work as well.
  2. The apparatus provides clubhead support on which the latter is resting.
  3. See to it that your soleplate has an angle of 60-degrees. Once it does, place the clubhead against it.
  4. The grip support should be used to rest the grip.
  5. Collect readings from the point of the scale that brushes the grip’s end.

This is where the ruler approach is different from the USGA approach. In this one, you hold the grip’s end and not the grip’s edge as the final reading point.

Club measuring devices can also display digital readings.

Method 3: LDA Method

Long Drivers of America (LDA) has set a limit of 50 inches for club length in certain competitions. Here is how you can measure it: position the shaft flat while it faces a wall and have the toe driver rest on the floor. The outcome is a longer length.

Some golf manufacturers utilize a soleplate that lies flat on a table or workbench to fetch a similar 48-inch rule for clubs. The core idea for measuring club length is to be consistent.

What About Putters?

You can’t apply the USGA method to measure putters. However, you can use the ruler method to measure putters.

Ignoring the heel, place the ruler beside the putter’s center, meaning you place your ruler along the shaft to the floor. The ruler should be positioned behind the club, where the final reading can be collected from the grip cap’s edge.

Why is Fitting for Golf Club Length Important?

If you play with a golf club that is too long or too short in length, it could cause you to struggle with modifying your stance or swinging it freely. Consequently, it impacts your output and leads to irregular ball striking, caused by subconscious swing compensations.

If you have clubs that are too long, it will force you to stand too erect. Conversely, if they are too short, you will have to bend over excessively from the waist in the address position. Both of these natural adjustments could reduce the effectiveness of your swing.

Only when the club length is correct and calibrated according to the golfer’s height will a player take the right stance to make the required swing action. It gives them the full opportunity to become consistent with their ball striking.

Our Final Thoughts

We have discussed the common methods of measuring golf club length in detail. For convenience, follow the first method. Meanwhile, if you are looking to compete in a sports competition, the second and third methods would be more useful. You can find other ways as well, but for now, these will do the job excellently.

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