Golf Pride Tour Velvet Review

The golf grip you use for your club can impact your game significantly, which is why you must find a solid and reliable golf grip. One of the best in the market is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, which provides you with excellent traction and is reliable. The best part is that the grip can withstand all weather conditions and allow you to power through your shots. When you have the correct grip on your club, you get more value for your shots on the golf course.

Every golf player dreams of hitting impossible shots on the golf course, and when you have the correct grip for your golf club, that is what helps elevate your game. Golf Pride is a famous brand and has numerous grips for golfers, but their Tour Velvet grip is head and shoulders above anything else that they have previously offered. If you have been looking for the ideal golf grip and want to know about Golf Pride Tour Velvet, you have come to the right place.

We will be discussing what makes the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips so special in our complete review. Hopefully, you will have enough information by the end of this article to make an informed decision regarding the best golf grip to use on the golf course.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Our Review of Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is among the most popular grips used by pro golfers on the course. That is because these grips offer everything that the player wants from a solid and reliable grip. It is not only soft to hold but gives you enough traction to complete your strokes with minimal effort. That is the specialty of the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.

Every golf player knows that grips play a vital role in the comfort, feel, and performance of the golf clubs in all weather conditions. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips deliver in every way possible and help elevate the performance of players to the next level.

Non-slip Traction

There is a reason why these grips are used by professional players, which is that these grips are exceptionally comfortable in dry and wet conditions. They are designed with non-slip traction, meaning that even on rainy and humid days, your hands won’t slip when gripping the golf club.

Softer and Lightweight

One of the best things about the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is that it is softer and lightweight, which means that you get the best results possible on the course. Your hands won’t hurt from swinging your club the entire day. The softer feeling that comes from gripping will allow you to hit your shots perfectly.

Excellent Traction

You need a little traction when gripping your golf club and attempting a draw or fade shot. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip offers you excellent traction that helps improve your game. You won’t need to worry about the weight of your club, as well as the grip manages to provide you with excellent comfort.

Comfortable and Easy on Your Hands

Most golfers are looking for a grip that is easy on their hands and makes it comfortable to hold their golf clubs no matter what shot they are playing. The great thing about Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips is that they are designed to provide maximum comfort to the golfer. They are light on your hands and ensure that you don’t lose your grip on the club at any moment.

All-Weather Control

Golf pros will play the game in any weather condition and, therefore, need golf grips to help them do that. You want excellent performance no matter what the weather conditions and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips offer you that in abundance. Their synthetic rubber is resistant to getting wet so that you have a solid grip even if it is raining.

Pros of Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips are the best in the market because they offer so many positive things to golfers. They are designed with golf professionals in mind and provide them with their performance on the golf course. Here are some of the pros you can gain from these grips:

  • Outstanding and reliable traction and comfort
  • All-weather control in any weather condition
  • Long life expectancy
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • An extremely soft grip that is light on your hands
  • Offers excellent traction for better shots on the course

Cons of Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Even though the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips are among the most popular in the market, they may not be right for some players. We want to paint an unbiased picture, which is why we are sharing some of the cons of the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. These include the following:

  • Some players may not like the softness of the grip
  • It doesn’t offer maximum feedback
  • It is more expensive than other grips
  • Can be a little stiff at first

Our Final Thoughts

Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips will always be in demand due to their impressive list of features and the comfort they provide golf pros. There is no secret that most major winners play with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. If the professionals love playing with, they must know something that you don’t. We hope that our complete review of the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip has provided you with enough information to make your decision easier. There can be no doubt that these are the best grips on the market today.

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