Golf Club Brands to Avoid at All Costs

As an avid golf fan, you may have come across several lists of the best golf clubs out there. But have you ever wondered which ones are the worst golf clubs?

Well, guess it’s your lucky day today because we’ve prepared a list of the worst golf clubs ever invented. You might be aware of a few of them from our list, all credit to those golfers who’ve played the game with their father’s hand-me-down sets. Most of these golf clubs that have made the list are from the 1990s.

Although the list is always open to changes, these are some of those which will somehow manage to retain their spot as they’re not only priced high but are ill-shaped, unhittable, and gimmicky golf clubs. The list includes the worst golf driver, wood, iron, wedge, putter or club to be ever designed. We’ve only included the ones from name brand golf clubs that are well known and marketed to the masses. The others weren’t brought into consideration, and so are excluded from our list of worst golf clubs.

10 Golf Club Brands to Avoid

While this list isn’t exactly an indication of golf club brands to avoid, it is a list of exact models to avoid. Most of these are older clubs, so you won’t need to worry about them unless you’re looking at used clubs. Now that we’ve prepared you mentally, let’s get started on our list of golf clubs to avoid because they’re the worst ever. But a fair warning, you’re in for a lot of unpleasant surprises.

10. Bullet Hollow Point Driver

The club that has managed to be the least bad one on our list is the Bullet Hollow Point driver. One of the major factors that contribute to an awful golf club design is getting rid of the crucial components of customary standard equipment. The Bullet Hollow Point driver fails to serve its purpose. The features that it offers aren’t worth a mention as the driver isn’t of much help when hitting the ball on the green. It doesn’t provide you with the accuracy that’s required to put the ball in the hole.

9. Flip Face Odyssey Putter

The next golf club on our list is the Flip Face Odyssey Putter. You must be surprised to find that such a modern club like this one has made it to our list, but it’s hard to leave it out. Although this putter has almost all features of any other standard Odyssey putter, the reason this putter is among the worst clubs is because of its design rather than its performance. The flip face just doesn’t seem right to us and feels like an unnecessary addition.

8. Yonex Graphite Driver

It has been over 2 decades since the Yonex ADX driver was launched in the golfing world. Back in the day, it was thought of as an extremely oversized golf club. Since then to this day, no one besides Lefty Michelson has managed to use this club to hit the golf ball firmly.

7. Callaway Ely Would

While Callaway is a well-renowned brand in the golfing world, one of their clubs has managed to sneak into the list of the worst golf clubs. Their wood named the ‘Ely Would’, is a complete disgrace as it doesn’t help in delivering better shots. You won’t get the distance gains that you look for from a fairway wood, and neither does this wood helps to hit straighter shots.

6. Cobra Baffler Blade Irons

We’re all aware of the fact that irons are hard to hit with. This golf club specializes in this characteristic taking it to the extreme, as it is unhittable. The name seems to be right on the money though, as we’re pretty baffled by the design of this club.

5. The Hammer X Driver

It’s common for golfers to put all their attention to the driver. In order to achieve lower scores and enjoy their time on the golf course, for most players the ball should be hit long and straight. It’s possible to get a properly fitted driver, but when you want to avoid the hassle and are on the lookout for a driver, you must avoid the Hammer X driver at all costs. It comes with unique features such as 0cc, power-core infused sword shape shaft, that are good for nothing. We advise you to leave it on the shelf and not in your golf bags.

4. Nike SQ 5900 Irons

Now that we’re nearing the absolute worst ones on the list, the SQ 5900 iron by Nike falls perfectly in this 4th worst spot. The club has a look of a horrible box on top of a stick. The rest of its general acoustics have contributed towards its place in our list, which is why it was a must-add.

3. Cobra Tricep Putter

If by chance you ever had to carry around one of the Cobra Tricep putters, with wide load 20 lbs 3 putt poles you’d realize that even in the golfing world, Cobras can be life-threatening dangers.

2. The Alien Wedge

The Alien Wedges was intended for high handicappers, to help their clueless slices get out of the dry heavily sanded bunkers. However, this wedge’s design is able to provide sound barrier-breaking, laser-like headshots from any bunker lie or tight fairway. Yet the wedges somehow ended up sending a thinly hit Top Flite on the moon, quite literally.

1. Cleveland VAS Irons 792

Finally, the golf club that tops our list of the worst golf clubs is the Cleveland VAS Irons 792. It’s undoubtedly the ugliest shank-less golf iron ever to be made. The club head’s shape is out of this world, and we don’t mean that in a good way.

The iron fails to achieve the purpose of golf irons as it doesn’t provide the forgiveness, feel, and control needed from them.

Honorable Mention:

Ping Doc Putter

The Ping Doc putter is an honorable mention on our list of golf clubs to avoid. The large head of the putter and its perimeter weighting is designed to rid the player of the ‘handsy stroke’, but in actuality, the only advantage you get using this putter is that it gives you the ability to putt 4 balls in the hole at the same time.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of the golf clubs that you need to avoid, make sure you steer clear of them; otherwise, it’ll only lead to a situation where you’d be at a loss of both your money and words.

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