Golf Bag Dividers Inserts: Keep Your Clubs Organized

Golf bags come in various shapes and sizes and honestly many of them don’t have the custom-built features you are looking for. When they tick all the boxes with features, they get out of stock or put up a price that you don’t want to strain your budget with.

The primary function of a golf bag is to keep and carry the clubs. If you are not able to use your golf bag for this basic function, it essentially becomes useless. For instance, if a golf bag with all its space can’t hold 10 clubs without making all those clattering sounds, then what’s the point? When you have a tight budget and don’t want to go for a new bag altogether, golf bag divider inserts come to your rescue.

Divider inserts are reasonably-priced frame add-ons that you can use to make your old golf bag more usable. There are some obvious advantages of using golf bag dividers.

Divider inserts tucked in a golf bag

Dividers Put the Clattering to Rest

Unlike lots of sports, golf is a game of decorum and poise and golfers (even if they are recreational) should look the part. Donning a polo shirt, golf pants, hat and shoes whereas carrying a bag producing clattering just like a moving toolbox doesn’t make for the image you like. You can get rid of this rattling messing up your golf mannerism by getting purpose-built divider inserts.

They are available in sets so that you can customize your bag as per the number of clubs you are bringing on the fairway.

Divider Inserts Allow You to Organize Better

If you want to streamline your game and time on the fairway, it is important that your bag contains clubs in an organized form. The irons, wedges, woods, and putters should be sorted accordingly. You may not be able to organize all of them in the pre-existing pockets of your bag. A divider insert set of 10 pieces or more let you do that.

Dividers Allow Easy Taking Out and Putting In of Clubs

Many golf bags have built-in dividers but they don’t go all the way down to the bottom of the bag. As a result, the clubs bang into each other whenever you take them out or put them back. With such bags, you have to actually wrestle sometimes to take out a club because its rubber grip latched on to the similar grips of adjacent clubs.

Like built-in partitions, purpose-built divider inserts don’t just stay on top of the bag. They are full-length and provide complete insulation to each and every club in the bag so you can easily slide them in and out.

With all such benefits, investing in a golf bag divider inserts set is worth your money for better organization of time and game. If you don’t have any idea from where to get this inexpensive but a valuable golf accessory, then read on because we are going to review three of the best golf bag divider inserts available in the market right now.

1) Player Supreme Golf Tubes/Dividers

Player Supreme offers impressive flexibility to buyers with this divider insert product. These full-length golf bag dividers are custom-fit for all adult-sized golf bags. You can buy them separately or order them in the sets of 3, 7, and 14. The best thing about these Player Supreme golf bag dividers is their well-thought-out construction.

The dividers are made of lightweight but durable plastic. For all those players who avoid dividers because of their bulkiness, this Player Supreme set is a good option. Moreover, the manufacturer has added a tough built-in o-ring to the divider so its diameter doesn’t warp over the course of use. The lining of the divider is also kept glossy so it doesn’t pose any friction to the clubs being slid in and out of the bag.

These dividers are 34 inches long and have a 1.5-inch diameter. This configuration makes them suitable for all sorts of clubs out there. Another good thing about these golf tubes is you can adjust their length on your own. You can easily size them for mid-sized and junior bags with the help of the hand saw present in your toolbox.

The price of this divider set is also pretty reasonable. You can typically get a full set of full-length dividers for under $50.

2) Oypla Set of 14 Golf Bag Club Protection Tubes

If you are looking to equip your golf bag for carrying the maximum number of clubs (as allowed by the USGA), then this set of 14 divider inserts can be your pick. Even if you don’t want to use them all, gift the rest of them to your golf buddies. Like any good divider insert, this one is also carved out of sturdy but lightweight plastic mold so your bag doesn’t become extraordinarily heavy.

Oypla too has used o-rings on the dividers so they don’t crumble with frequent use. It is important to mention here that the manufacturer has used extra shine in the finishing of these dividers so that putting the clubs in and taking them out remains a breeze.

The dimensions of the dividers are also kept to ensure they can accommodate all sorts of standard clubs. They are 33.5 inches long with the internal diameter of 1.25 inches. The quality and function of Oypla golf bag divider inserts are further endorsed by its reputation on Amazon. It has earned the prestigious tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “golf bag tubes”.

3) Golfas Divider for Golf Bag

Many golf bags come with built-in dividers that are made of fabric. Such club separators wear down over the course of time at a very rapid pace. Those torn-up separators become useless for the purpose they are added in the first place i.e. to ensure better organization and easy handling of clubs. Golfas has devised a solution for all such golf bags with its set of 10 dividers.

If you want to give your golf bag a lift-up and make sure the clubs don’t bang into each other, then get this Golfas Divider Set for Golf Bag. This option is also pretty suitable for all those people who consider 14-piece divider set a bit superfluous.

We also like this divider set for its universal dimensions. It is 33.5 inches long and has the opening of 1.5 inches. These specifications are suitable for every wood, iron, and putter in your collection. This divider set is a bit expensive in comparison to the ones we have reviewed above. Here, you get 10 full-length dividers for $21.77. However, the quality and function of these divider tubes are worth every cent of their price.

Their rating on Amazon is also indicative of the premium quality and extended functionality of these divider inserts.

Our Final Thoughts

While buying divider inserts, keep these things in mind:

  • Always go for a set instead of buying separate dividers even if you don’t need a full-size club assortment. It will save you money and you won’t need to make a similar purchase for a long time.
  • Always pick vinyl and plastic material andmake sure they are finished with a luster.

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