Cobra King F8 Driver Review

Every game is important. Every golf player wants to ensure an accurate and precise hit every time. That is why you need a reliable golf driver. It is an essential piece of equipment to achieve pure enjoyment and satisfaction. Cobra made a mark by introducing their latest driver.

It is the first golf driver to get a precision milled face and it goes under the name of Cobra King F8. Cobra mentions that this is a fully CNC milled machined golf driver with the most precise, hottest, and thinnest face ever made. We give this driver a 4-star rating.

cobra king f8 driver review

Our Cobra King F8 Driver Review

It is one of the straightest drivers available on the market. What more do you need to know about Cobra King F8? And why should you choose it from the rest? We’ll have an in-depth review of the best features and benefits of Cobra F8 Driver today.

Things We Liked

  • modern and beautiful design with great functionality;
  • very straight driver for farther distance;
  • lightweight and well-balanced for easy maneuver;
  • provides extra distance and more spin;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • expensive but worth it;

Key Features

  • 100% CNC Milled Face: The Cobra F8 Driver has a 10% lighter and 3% thinner face, which improves its overall consistency in every head produced to hit shots straighter and further. Along with this innovative aspect, you can expect a great improvement of the driver’s head.
  • Paired with 360 Degrees Aero Technology: The Cora F8 Driver has been engineered to deliver the most precise, smartest, and fastest drivers. These features improve aerodynamic performance, spin optimization, ball speed retention, forgiveness, and adjustability.
  • Combined with Cobra Connect: It is also equipped with the revolutionary Cobra Connect. It is powered by Arccos to set every golfer to the next level of the game. You’ll have an idea through the app of the locations of your hits to help you improve every game. Now, you can synchronize Cobra Connect with your smartphone or smartwatch to track your progress.

Appealing and Functional Design (5/5)

​The Cobra F8 Driver is the first golf driver with a 100% CNC milled face. It allows the face to be thinner and lighter. The technology is very complex. There are 3 different curvature angles from to heel and more or less curve lower or higher on the face. With its design, you can expect improvement in the consistency of every head produced. To help deepen and lower the center of gravity, this driver has been designed with a 5-layer carbon crown. It also gears for excellent forgiveness.

Also, every F8 has a built-in Arccos shot tracking sensor. This is for recording and analyzing locations of hits on the golf course. The crown of the Cobra F8 is made of carbon fiber material. It is ultra-lightweight with 5 layers of thickness. It means that inefficient weight is eliminated and put to better. This is to improve stability and forgiveness.

Further and Straighter Shots (5/5)

​Expect nothing less with Cobra F8 Driver. The CNC milled face is the key to achieve a real premium-quality driver. It helps retain ball speed, optimize spin, display excellent aerodynamic performance, and depicts great adjustability. Expect accuracy, possibly adding more or less curvature on face areas to lower the spin. It also increases launch and increases the gear effect.

It helps in hitting the ball higher and further with greater accuracy. Expect to enjoy every game with the Cobra F8 Driver at your grip! It gives the most accurate and straightest hit you need every time. This driver was engineered by the best company producing high-quality golf equipment, Cobra.

Simple Adjustability (4/5)

​The Cobra F8 Driver has 2 weights. These include a 2-gram weight and a 12-gram weight that you can change around. You’re going to obtain a different ball flight when the 12-gram weight is located at the back. Also, you can expect a higher spin. On the other hand, a 2-gram weight at the back will give you more draw.

The smart pad and adjustable loft ensures pretty square head sits whenever it’s adjusted. Now, that is the true essence of adjustability and versatility at its best!

Superior Performance (5/5)

​The 360° Aero Tips optimizes aerodynamic performance from any angle. It means that there are aerodynamic trips experienced on the sole and crown. The Cobra F8 Driver has shaped the toe area in order to specifically target and reduce drag. With better aerodynamics, you get an extra speed without trading.

The short bias weighting creates a draw-biased gold driver. It helps the square the face at an impact, straightening out a slice. When you switch the weight at the backport, you get a more neutral step. This will generate plenty of forgiveness and more spin.

The sensor that is built-in in the grip virtually talks to your smartphone app. It records your hit locations with every drive. This feature helps in improving performance by 3 to 5 shots.

Made for Him and Her (5/5)

​The Rickie Fowler model is a Cobra King F8+ Driver. It has a more compact head and a 12-gram front. Its 2-gram back sole weights are for lowering or raising launch or spinning. Spin is reduced when the weights are switched.

On the other hand, the Ladies Cobra King F8 Driver utilizes all the innovative technologies that are available in men’s F8 Golf Drivers. These features include 100% CNC Milled Face, 360 Degrees Aero technology, and Carbon Fiber Crown. It also includes MyFly8 with Smart Pad, Cobra Connect, and the two adjustable CG positions (back and heel).

The loft range made especially for ladies maximizes launch and distance. The oversized profile will increase MOI. It provides women the needed distance, speed, and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Our Final Thoughts on the Cobra King F8 Driver

​The Cobra F8 Driver is a good investment with its premium quality and excellent performance. It brings out the best in you every time you drive on your favorite golf course. It is a fantastic driver that is forgiving and powerful.

It is the only golf driver on the market that records where a golf player hits every drive due to Arccos’ grip sensor to improve performance which can be seen on a smartphone or smartwatch. The features of Cobra F8 are cool and amazing, worth every money spent.

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