Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set Review

The quality of your golf equipment matters a lot during a game and practice, especially when you’re in the learning phase.

That said, ifyour kid has started to take an interest in golf, it is your job to encourage them to move forward. To do that, you must find the perfect equipment.

After reaching a certain age, your child can’t play with a simple plastic club. Instead, they need equipment designed for their age group. Sadly, not many brands accommodate the needs of young golfers.

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set Review

But Aspire is different. Aspire factors in theirrequirements, keeping in mind the size of children to produce golfequipment that best suits their golfing needs.

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set, in particular, is the perfect example of how well-designed and thought-out its products are.

With so many positive reviews about the golf club set, we tried and tested the set, and we assure you that all the good things you read about it online are true. Here’s our Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set review.

Our Review of the Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set (Amazon ASIN Number B07THLVWLN)

Let’s start the Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club set review by overviewing all its features.

The Aspire golf club set is designed for junior golfers between the age of 3 to 12. There are a total of 5 different variants of the golf club set for each age group. Be it the size of the grip, shaft flexibility, weight, or length of the club, the Aspire junior golf club set checks all the boxes that make it one of the best golf club sets for children. Let’s look at its features in more detail.

1.Size and Weight

The size and weight vary depending on the set. Each golf club set is designed while keeping the height and weight of young children in mind. If the club headsare heavy, your child will struggle to get the perfect swing, resulting in inconsistent shots. But in Aspire golf sets, the weight and size differ from regular clubs. The weight and size will increase as you move up the age group. For instance, if you compare the pack for 3-4 years to that of 11-12, there will be a considerable difference in the weight of both.

2.Graphite Shafts

For children, finding a shaft that matches their flex and speed is essential to make those high hits. But using graphite shafts ensures that aspiring golfers are able to generate the perfect speed swing. Fortunately, the AspireJunior Plus golf club set uses graphite shafts in sets for all age groups. It allows children of all ages and weights to get an optimal swing. The flex system of the golf clubs progresses according to the age bracket.

The lightweight graphite shafts are much easier to handle, which encourages budding golfers to practice more. Unlike adults, young golfers use considerably less strength when making shots, but these shafts match their strengths, allowing young ones to hit the ball higher.

3.Premium Quality Aluminum

Another redeeming feature of Aspire Junior golf club sets is that they are made using high-strength aluminum alloy used for aircraft. So, all the irons are almost 15 times bigger and 20 times lighter than other irons designed for children.

A bigger club means a more prominent sweet spot. It makes making shots so much simpler and easier for your little one. A larger sweet spot implies more forgiveness. It means that even if a golfer makes off-center strokes, the shot won’t stray too far from the path. When the young player is able to make more accurate hits, it motivates them to practice more, and best of all, it makes the game enjoyable for them.

4.Lightweight Golf Bag

When you take your child out on the golf field, the Aspire lightweight golf bag will come in handy. It is designed to store all types of clubs and has dual straps, allowing kids to carry it similarly to a backpack. And since the bag itself is lightweight, it doesn’t feel like a burden.

The bag also features a rain cover that protects your clubs and bag from rain. Moreover, the built-in stand allows players to keep the bag upright when it is not being carried.


Last but not least, the clubs. The Aspire golf club set comes with various clubs that make the game even more fun and allow young players to experiment with different options.

Each set includes the following:

Driver/Fairway Wood

The driver features an oversized head designed for young golfers. It allows them to make accurate shots with maximum distance.

Hybrid Wood

The hybrid wood is only included in sets above the age of 7. It gives more accuracy to players with increased forgiveness, making it easier for players to make difficult shots.

Stainless Steel Iron

The stainless steel iron provides ample distance because of the thinner top line. Moreover, the design features an undercut cavity that offers more control.


The deluxe 2-ball alignment putter considerably reduces backspin, allowing players to get a smoother roll.

Our Final Thoughts

That wraps our Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set review. If you see a rising golf star in your young one, this is the golf kit they need. Not only does it make the play easier, but it also encourages juniors to practice more and experiment with different techniques. From the size and weight to the variety of clubs, the golf set has everything you need to instill a passion for golf in your kids.

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