THe 6 Best Mizuno Fairway Woods

Mizuno is an industry premium for blade-style irons. It offers exclusive golf equipment well-favored by reputed golfers, including David McCarthy, Adrien Saddier, Erik Barnes, and Hee Young Park. At present, 7 PGA Tour golfers prefer playing with the Mizuno clubs and other equipment, including Justin Rose and Cameron Smith.

Mizuno delivers remarkable control to experienced and pro golfers and promises a smooth performance with its high-quality products. And when it comes to an impressive golf match, these are the two essential features every player thrives on to make their game feel beyond sensational.

If you’re thinking of buying one of the best Mizuno fairway woods, you have stumbled on the perfect blog.

Best Mizuno Fairway Woods

Best Mizuno Fairway Woods

Read along to discover six of the best Mizuno Fairway Woods you can include in your golfing kit. Stick with us until the end to find a few factors in determining as you set out to buy the ideal model of Mizuno fairway woods for yourself.

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Mizuno ST200 Fairway Wood

The Mizuno ST200 Fairway Wood is suitable for left-handed golf players. It contains MAS1C Maraging Face technology for excellent and complete energy transferthat promises your shots covering distances based on your hitting force- and keeps you free of worries about wasting your effort even slightly.

Moreover, the wood also offers a Carbon Composite Crown. It ensures the lightweight quality and texture of the fairway wood. So, if you value using a club that weighs the bare minimum yet enables you to play with unmatched professionalism, the ST200 is your go-to model.

In addition, the fairway wood also consists of the Harmonic Impact Technology to assure utmost precision. The accurate and fine-tuned geometry of the head promises smooth feels and a performance that stuns the crowd. The CORTECH design further alleviates the experience by ensuring even face thickness. That assists you in covering the maximum COR AREA and playing an outstanding match.

The ST200 fairway wood also includes a Wave Sole to ensure better stability without demanding you to add spin to your deliveries. That way, you’ll have to execute lesser energy to ace the spin and more concentration on delivering an energetic shot that helps you prolong your fantastic game.

Mizuno ST200TS Fairway Wood

The tour-ready Mizuno ST200TS Fairway Wood consists of a Beta-rich face made from Titanium. The club is suitable for low to mid-spin shots and is extremely practical for swinging speed.

The model was launched in 2020 as a joint venture between Mizuno’s Japanese and US Research & Development departments. It was designed especially for professional touring golfers who prefer exceptional-quality clubs with impressive reliability.

The 3-wood ST200TS offers a titanium-based driver for an extraordinarily smooth match due to its lightweight. On the other hand, the 5 and 7-wood ones contain steel to make the club sturdy and offer finesse to your game.

In addition, the fairway wood also contains Compacted Wave Sole to alter the thickness of the crown. The graphite-based crown is shaped to be low and deep to provide the golfers with utmost stability in every shot with even the bare minimal spin. The TS version even offers an adjustable hosel, enabling you to alter the loft to your liking.

Moreover, this fairway wood comes with wet-weather score lines. They assist you in maintaining your spin and control even when the course is moist. That way, you can play golf even as it drizzles or rains without fretting over damaging your performance and delivering a less-than-optimal ball flight. It’s one primary reason for the ST200TS being one of the best Mizuno Fairway Woods of the present times.

Mizuno STX220 Fairway Wood

The Mizuno STX220 Fairway Wood is one of the most recent developments by the credible brand. The club is ideal for brilliant stability in your off-center hits and promises better initial launches that impress the audience.

The STX220 is pragmatic and convenient and delivers consistent performance throughout the match. It provides stability in all your launches by maintaining the launch angle and backspin. Using the club helps you stop worrying about fluctuating games and overall inefficiency in swings and launches.

Furthermore, the club contains an X-axis design that encourages better flights and ensures optimal distance coverage. The 3-wood is made using Titanium with a SAT2041 Beta face and a Ti811 body. The sensational structure allows it to deliver the fastest ball speed out of all existing Mizuno fairway woods.

If you love the professional tour-ready feels, you can opt for the 5 and 7-wood clubs. They are made using steel and uplift your gaming confidence as you improve your ball’s airborne time and strike it higher and farther across the course.

The slight limitation of this model is that it’s suitable for right-handed golfers only, and left-handed golfers can’t benefit from this exceptional model. But compared to its unlimited and exclusive benefits and qualities, STX220 is definitely, one of the all-time best Mizuno fairway woods you can use. And if you’re a golfer who prioritizes a steady match with deliveries that cover a vast course area, the STX220 is, undoubtedly, your golf kit must-have.

Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood

The Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood consists of professional curves and an intricate design to help you ace an outstanding performance. The third-generation club offers MAS1C face to ensure versatile thickness across the crown and is one of the thinnest faces launched till now.

Furthermore, the club also has a lightweight carbon-layered crown. The material aligns the area into ultra-light and strategic perfection and reduces the center of gravity (COG) to almost non-existent. That assists you in delivering an outstanding spin in every shot. The updated Wave Tech Technology further helps reduce the club’s overall mass. And that, in return, lowers the COG, even more, making it an essential fairway wood for golfers who find it challenging to improve their airborne time.

The left-hand 3 and 5-wood clubs also offer face angle adjustability and a loft of 4 degrees. And the shaft is made using premium-quality graphite to notch up the overall durability of this fairway wood.

ST-Z’s technical and ultra-advanced features make it suitable and the go-to golf equipment for players who’re looking for the best of everything. Be it the extra coverage or impressive spin, using the ST-Z can transform your golf match into a splendid gaming session.

Mizuno ST200X Fairway Wood

If you’re a player who values longer shots and consistent performance regardless of the vast distance, Mizuno ST200X is the perfect golfing equipment for you. The advanced CORTECH design optimizes face thickness to evenly apply all over the wood to encourage better COR area.

In addition, the MAS1C Maraging Face ensures maximum energy transfer from you to the golf ball to boost the ball’s speed over the course. The ST200X fairway wood also offers a lightweight structure, perfect for mid and high handicap golfers. The 3-wood also provides a deluxe Titanium-based make for the driver to go along with the high-speed Beta-rich face.

In addition, the fairway wood also has a graphite crown, a sturdy and professional-quality surface of varying thickness. Add in the compact wave sole, and you’ve got an excellent club that enables you intense control over the golf ball.

Mizuno GT180 Fairway Wood

The Mizuno GT180 Fairway Wood was launched in 2018 and, since then, has been one of the best Mizuno Fairway Woods for expert golfers.

The GT stands for “gravity tech,” making this club offer an impressively low gravity to squeeze in the best and maximum possible yard area. The wood mentions three positions- 1, 2, and 3, respectively to assist you in transferring the weight according to your preference and accomplish an exemplary initial launch.

In addition, the fairway wood can increase or decrease spin rates, depending on the course and situation. The presence of Mizuno Wave Sole further allows you to improve your ball flight speed by enhancing the trajectory. Golfers wanting to experience even lower lofts can opt for the TS (tour style) version of the GT180.

Be it the 17-grams of sliding weight or the 1770 Maraging Steel face. This magnificent model’s features promise well-tuned ball flights and awe-striking ball speeds to cover the optimal course area.

Factors To Determine When Buying The Best Mizuno Fairway Woods

Before buying a fairway wood that suits your requirements perfectly, you must consider a few things. The elements help you decide which of the best Mizuno fairway woods can help you accomplish your goals and suit your golfing preferences.

After all, you don’t want to order a fairway wood only because it is one of Mizuno’s star equipment. That particular model might be more effective for someone else but not you because you prefer COR AREA more than the ball speed. Therefore, here are some crucial factors to look out for when investing in a professional-quality Mizuno fairway wood:

Face Angle

If you think a fairway wood caters to your requirements, don’t forget to check its face angle. A squared-face angle means the face of the wood sits at a sharp 90 degrees to the target. Open clubface faces the opposite direction from where you’re standing and reduces loft for every shot. On the other hand, a closed clubface is tilted towards you and boosts the loft.

Now you must decide how impactful you want the ball flight to be. If you think slicing is a challenge you have yet to overcome, closed clubfaces can be vital assists for you. And if you can manage to hook the ball exceptionally well and want high impact, we suggest you go for open clubfaces.


There are three basic materials used for fairway woods, including composite, steel, and Titanium. Composite offers deluxe lightweight carbon over the crown to make the club more user-friendly.

Titanium was once the only material used for fairway woods. Today, you’ll see lesser titanium-based woods because of the rising demand for steel. However, Titanium guarantees quality and deliverance that covers extensive distance.

Lastly, steel enhances the sturdiness and durability of fairway woods and is one of the most commonly-used materials for smaller clubheads today. You can decide what type of material you value for your fairway wood, from the robust quality of steel to the extraordinary lightweight nature of composite.

Low Center Of Gravity

Ideally, you must get a fairway wood that assures a low center of gravity. The lower the gravity, the more you can improve your initial launch without adding a high spin. To attain this, you must get a club that feels light on the crown area and has more weight on the back of the sole.

Moreover, lightweight crowns work wonders for all players who want to master their golf ball airborne time but find it a massive challenge to accomplish. The low center of gravity from the fairway wood can assist such golfers to cover more distance and improve their shot’s air time.


Your budget is a critical factor that can alter your buying decisions. Admittedly, fairway woods are long-term investments, and you don’t buy a new one every few days. That’s why we suggest extending your budget to buy one of the best Mizuno fairway woods. That can offer intense and consistent performance and firm control for excellent matches.

Our Final Thoughts

Above, we listed six of the best Mizuno fairway woods and their features to assist you in your final decision-making. We hope you made notes and decided what the perfect fairway wood for your preferences is.

As you think about adding a new club to your golfing essentials, be sure to evaluate a few elements for your buying decision. That can guide you to narrow down your options till you find the fairway wood that suits your golfing requirements to the tee.

Use your new Mizuno club for the upcoming match and impress others with your enhanced performance and tour-ready confidence.

Happy Golfing!

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