The 3 Best Martini Golf Tees

Do you think you know everything about golf tees?

These tiny pegs are more smartly designed and crucial than you think. That’s why you can utilize them for nearly all holes.

There are a number of things you need to consider while choosing the best golf tees for your game. First, do you want wood or plastic? Traditionally, golf tees are commonly used. Although the stiff-nature of the wood makes up for a good performance, they are prone to breaking more frequently. Therefore, sturdiness is not going to win them any awards.

Best Martini Golf Tees

On the other hand, plastic golf tees are quite durable – they won’t snap if you go for a powerful drive.

The build quality is not the only thing that separates golf tees. Some have colored rings, helping keep the ball at the same height on every tee, whereas others have more complex measurements systems. There are some that are completely unpainted too. And then, there are tees that maximize performance, whereas others are more on the creative side.

To help you with the best golf tees, we have come up with a list of Martini Golf Tees. Named after the martini glass, these tees are designed to improve your driving.

Best Martini Golf Tees

These are one of the best in the market with different designs, styles, and prices.

Martini Golf Tees 3.25”

Martini Golf Tees is a popular brand for experienced golfers. They buy it without hesitating because these tees have earned their trust over a long time. These are made in the US and conform to USGA rules. With these tees, you can achieve straighter and longer drive by hitting the ball in no time.

Due to these tees, your balls will fly longer distances more frequently. That’s because an aerodynamic design is used in their production, which helps you make better shots.

If you see yourself join the professional world of golf, you will need to participate in tournaments. That means you have to make a number of drives at a stretch. A reliable bunch of tees can increase your likelihood of winning a round. Without bringing the best tees, you might struggle with achieving the desired results.

The Martini Golf Tees 3.25” promises a long service time and efficiently minimizes the resistance. This comes in handy when you are looking to fight back after a poor round and helps you meet the desired outcomes. So, what is making you wait so long? Let’s choose these tees for a high drive.


  • Extremely flexible and ideal for playerslooking to make it a permanent part of their accessories
  • The higher length of the tees makes it easy to boost the distance of the sheet
  • They can be easily dug out – irrespective of the surfaces
  • Long-lasting and durable body minimizes the friction


  • Fitting these tees on the golf cart is hard

Martini 2 Golf Tees – 2 Inch

These tees are well-suited for those who are looking to take the long drive. They have the classic Martini design but what truly makes them stand out is that they are considered virtually unbreakable. You can hit your ball over long distances while retaining straight drives easily.

Compared to wooden tees, these tees help you get better results. For instance, you can easily remove them from hard surfaces. Unsurprisingly, more and more golfers prefer them. Besides, it boasts a stunning design and multi-materials, which make them durable as well.

If you have used other tees, you’ll find these to have more efficiency and better performance. These tees help hit the ball for long distances by allowing your club to get a good connection. Its bright color will ensure it never gets lost.

If you are a beginner, you can buy these golf tees without any doubts, as all experienced golfers recommend newbies to practice with these tees.


  • It is easy to find it in the green due to the orange color
  • It won’t break away even after 30 round and more rounds of playing
  • Offers straighter and longer drive like other tees
  • Produced from a unique polymer resin blend which makes it extremely durable


  • Fitting these tees on the golf cart is hard

Martini Tees- Step Up Golf Tees 3-1/4

If you are looking for golf tees, then go with Martini step up tees; they will not affect the bottom of your driver. Instead of using wooden tees, go for this environmentally-friendly tee. Besides, it caters to the USGA rules.

These golf tees will help you get straighter and longer drives with consistent ball height. Tees are produced from a proprietary polymer resin blend – a build quality that ensures it lasts longer than wooden tees.

The pack contains five tees with varying colors. Many find these tees sturdier than wooden tees. Hence, these unbreakable tees are one of your best bets.


  • You can use these tees with any club and wedge.
  • These tees offer greater stability when you take the shot
  • The tees are adjustable and long for the players
  • The ball goes a long distance after being hit by these tees


  • Fitting these tees on the golf cart is hard

Our Final Thoughts

A high-quality golf tee will make a positive impact on your game. With our guide, you can choose the best tees with ease. If you have any queries, send us a message.

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