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If you have aspirations of becoming a pro golfer, you must be willing to play golf in all weather conditions. The most challenging conditions to play golf in are when it’s raining and the weather is cold with moisture in the air. You want to perform at your best when faced with such weather conditions, which means having the best golf rain gear. When you have protection against the elements, you can focus on your game instead of shivering in cold and wet conditions.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Rain Gear Options

Finding the best golf rain gear is vital to improving your game and allowing you to hone your golf skills in different conditions. It’s not too hard to pick the best golf rain gear for yourself, but when you are a novice just starting your golf career, you need all the help you can get. That is what we will be doing by sharing our buyer’s guide along with our reviews for the best golf rain gear on the market.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Rain Gear

The best golf rain gear will keep you dry and protected from the cold and the wet weather conditions. They must also be the right fit for you so that they don’t hinder your golf swing. You must look at several features before selecting the best golf rain gear for yourself, and these include the following:


You will find the best golf rain gear for different climates, and you must base your choice depending on the climate you are playing in. Some rain gear will be made for cooler climates, and they have fabric that helps trap body heat to keep you warm. However, other rain gear will have vents designed to keep you cool when there is a lot of humidity in the air. Breathability is the number one feature you should watch out for when purchasing the best golf rain gear.

Best Golf Rain Gear

The Fit

Golf rain gear comes in all shapes and sizes, and you must find one that fits you perfectly. The sizing and fit preferences differ between brands, and selecting one ideal for you can be hard. However, you must decide whether you want a baggy fit or a more tailored fit for your rain gear. Keep in mind that this will have a bearing on your overall performance on the golf course.


You want unrestricted movement so that you can swing your golf club perfectly and get the best results on the golf course. Therefore, you must choose golf rain gear that is comfortable and suited to your style of play. Whether that is opting for stretchable fabric or fabric that keeps you warm or dry. It comes down to preference, but if your rain suit doesn’t allow you to swing naturally, you won’t have much luck on the golf course.


The most vital feature you want in golf rain gear is how great it is in keeping you dry when you are playing in wet and rainy conditions. The point of purchasing rain gear is to ensure that you have water-resistant clothing so that you’re not soaking wet on the golf course. You must find golf rain gear that has excellent waterproofing to ensure you can concentrate on your game.

Reviews of the Best Golf Rain Gear

Now that we know about the features you must watch for when purchasing the best golf rain gear, we shall now review the best options in the market. We have carefully selected these golf rain gear as they meet all the criteria and offer you the best comfort and protection against the elements.

1. Abacus Pitch 37.5 Rainwear Rain Jacket

One of the best golf rain gear we have come across is the Abacus Pitch 37.5 Rainwear Rain Jacket. It is made from a lightweight material with high breathability and does an excellent job at keeping you completely dry. The fabric features 37.5 technology, which is designed to keep your body temperature at 37.5 degrees. That is the ideal comfort zone and allows you to concentrate on your game. It also has a four-way stretch that allows you to swing your clubs with incredible flexibility. The jacket comes with a rubber anti-slip print that ensures your bag doesn’t slip from your shoulders.


  • Four-way stretch
  • 5 technology keeping you warm and comfortable
  • Rubber anti-slip print
  • Exceptional breathability and comfort

2. FootJoy DryJoys Select LS Rainwear Rain Jacket

Another great contender for the best golf rain gear is the FootJoy DryJoys Select LS Rainwear Rain Jacket. It is the ideal rain jacket that you will need to perform at your absolute best when playing in wet and rainy conditions. The jacket comes with specially engineered fabric that offers superior breathability and waterproof protection. That ensures you remain completely dry and warm even in the coldest and wettest conditions. The best part is that it features lightweight construction, so you won’t even feel the jacket’s weight when playing golf.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Lightweight material
  • Specially engineered fabric

3. Sun Mountain Tour Series 19/20 Rainwear Rain Jacket

Rounding off our list of the best golf rain gear is the Sun Mountain Tour Series Rainwear Rain Jacket. It features a DWR finish that offers superior rain protection and has 3-layer construction to keep you warm and dry. The jacket has a lightweight design that provides excellent comfort, and there is no moisture buildup, thanks to the breathable fabric. You also get excellent stretch and wind protection so that you can move naturally through your golf swings.


  • Rain protection
  • Stretchable jacket
  • Wind protection
  • Breathable fabric

Our Final Thoughts

You need the best golf rain gear to weather through the storm and ensure that you get enough practice playing in wet and rainy conditions. It is not easy to find the ideal golf rain gear, but we hope that our buyer’s guide, along with our reviews for the best golf rain gear, has made your task easier. You should consider all the features and then pick the golf rain gear that suits your game for the best results.

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