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Known as the most important club in the bag, putters can change the tides of any game in your favor. When your shots reach the hole, and you are inches away from victory, a putter can make or break your golfing career. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best golf putter that will pull through in the end. Since there are many unique golf putters in the market, we have created a list of the best ones to help you get better at golf. Moreover, we will also discuss the best golf putter qualities, so you will know which one to choose from our list.

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In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Putters

What to Look for in a New Putter

Like any other golf club, a putter has unique dimensions and features that make it excellent for tight shots. But knowing those qualities is challenging for beginners. Here you can learn what to look for in a golf putter, so you can make an informed decision when you buy one.

1. Consistent Aim and Stroke

Great putters have consistent aim and stroke. By this, we mean that a putter adjusts for your deviated body angle. For example, a player might always tilt to the left when hitting the ball; a putter will automatically adjust the angle upon contact with the ball, and the shot will go slightly to the right.

Qualities of the best golf putter

2. Perfect Weight Balance

Putters are used for tight situations when the ball is close to the pocket. In this situation, you need every bit of help you can get to prevent miss-hits due to wind or friction. Equal weight distribution in a golf putter can help land perfect shots. Top-heavy or bottom-heavy putters can be difficult to wield and somewhat result in inaccurate hits.

3. Feedback on Stroke

The fundamental of a good putter is feedback on stroke. When the ball comes in contact with a putter, it creates a sound that provides feedback to the golfer. This sounds thickness explains how well the shot was and where did the ball meet the putter. An ideal shot that lands on the center of the putter, but if there is low feedback, golfers never know how their shot went.

The 5 Best Golf Putters

Many manufacturers are shifting from reducing the head shapes in their putters and moving towards an improved look and feel. However, there is a choice to be made. Here you will find the best golf putters for 2021 with the best look and improved efficiency.

1. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter

One of the best Scotty Cameron putters is the Newport 2, with a revamped design and shape. The manufacturer wanted to go for a thinner design that laid flat on the ground for improved accuracy. Moreover, the Scotty Cameron putter is based on the iconic 1997 putter that became a legend in its days. The idea was not to reinvent the technology but make it adjustable for the future. In summary, this putter is excellent for ball control, friction minimization, and robust feedback upon impact.

Key Features

  • New Design
  • Thinner Face
  • Flat surface contact
  • Reduced friction

2. TaylorMade TP Patina Putter

The TaylorMade TP Patina putter is a championship-winning club that made history. Its unique shape and design are appealing, and it’s packed with loads of features. One of the best qualities of this putter is that it has a forward center of gravity that provides great feedback upon contact with the ball. Moreover, the TP Patina has heavyweights from its head to toe, giving it a balanced feel and complete control of overswing. In summary, this magnificent putter can change the tides of any game and can help you squeeze the last hit for winning points.

Key Features

  • Forward-facing center of gravity
  • Sturdy grip
  • Perfect shaft length

3. Taylor Made Spider Putter

The best of both worlds that look like a mallet feels like a putter and forgives like a spider. TaylorMade has outdone itself with this magnificent design and tremendous functionality. The putter is excellent at reducing friction and delivering wonderful shots. Moreover, the tech embedded in this putter is a front forced center of gravity that gives excellent feedback on shots. You can expect the ball to roll smoothly to the pocket with a TaylorMade because this brand is well known for championship-winning golf putters.

Key Features

  • Front forced center of gravity
  • Excellent feedback
  • More forgiveness
  • Best of both worlds

4. Mizuno M Craft II Putter

The M craft putters are the pinnacle of technological advancements added in a golf club. They come with an aggressive milled face done through CNC machines for precision and a strong shaft supporting most heights. You can expect to hit clean shots with this putter and also feel generous feedback. Moreover, the grilled face assists in ball control and traps the ball within its air pockets. Small swings help achieve the desired slow speed, while hits with some strength can roll the ball straight into the pocket. In summary, the Mizuno M craft is an excellent choice for beginners due to its high forgiveness, low center of gravity, equal weight distribution, and appealing design.

Key Features

  • CNC diamond shape milled face
  • Sturdy shaft
  • High forgiveness

5. Ping Heppler Fetch Putter

The ping Heppler putters are amazing for golfers of all heights, thanks to its height-adjustable shaft technology. Moreover, the Heppler putters have a low center of gravity that provides consistent perfect hits, excellent feedback, and reduced air friction. You can expect your Heppler putter to have high forgiveness because the face has no grooves this time to mess up your hits. In short, a Heppler putter is great for beginners who are discovering their style.

Key Features

  • Low Center of gravity
  • Adjustable height
  • High forgiveness

Our Final Thoughts

The best golf putters can change the outcome of any game. Ensure the putter you go for is accurate to your height, has adequate weight balance, and a firm grip. The remaining features, such as milled faces and ball control, are for pros that have spent an ample amount of time on the field. So, go out and buy the best golf putter according to your style.

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