The 6 Best Golf Pull Carts Reviewed

Are you tired of carrying your gear around the golf course? Or, maybe it’s your back that’s tired. If you want an easier solution for carrying all that golfing gear, a golf pull cart may be the solution. Also known as golf push carts, they help eliminate the hassle of carrying your gear by giving you ample storage space to store them safely and securely.

Through this golf pull carts review, you’ll learn about several golf push carts that you can buy to make your life on the golf course easier. With a golf pull cart, you’ll no longer have to lug everything around on the golf course.

Best Golf Pull Carts Reviewed

We have reviewed several golf pull carts to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best golf carts you can buy. Following are some of the top golf pull carts you can get:

Best Golf Pull Carts

1. CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart offers increased stability and can smoothly travel over a wide variety of different terrains. The golf cart is made from an aluminum frame, which adds to its durability.

Even though the golf cart has four wheels, it isn’t heavy, weighing only 15 pounds. You can fold and unfold the cart to store and transport it. With one click of a button, the cart will fold. To stop the cart, push the brake with your foot and then push again the second time to release the brake.

It has two wheels in the front and two at the back. It also features a built-in patented basket with an umbrella holder and cooler. It also has a storage rack, allowing you to store other items in the cart.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Increased stability due to four wheels
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Can ride on rough terrain
  • Tires don’t require any special maintenance


  • Foot-controlled brake system instead of a hand-controlled brake system

2. Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

The Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart is the first four-wheel push golf cart from this brand. The push cart folds and unfolds easily. It comes with a storage pouch, which you can use to store additional golfing gear. It is made from durable material.

The golf cart requires minimal maintenance. Its adjustable support arms lock feature ensures your golf bag doesn’t fall or move out of place. It also has a mobile device holder. It has both front and rear wheels with the rear wheels being larger. The difference in the size of the wheels allows the cart to travel smoothly on grassy and rough surfaces. You’ll have no trouble handling and controlling the golf cart on the golf course.


  • Easy to push the golf cart
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Adjustable straps to secure the golf bag in place
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large storage space to hold additional golfing gear
  • Ball and mobile holder
  • Reliable brake system


  • Slightly expensive
  • Once folded, it feels bulky

3. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart is a heavy golf cart, weighing 18 pounds. You can fold it easily. It is one of the most durable golf carts. Its enhanced braking system is highly reliable. It also has a storage net, which offers ample storage for storing additional golfing gear.

It includes an umbrella holder, a cup holder, and a strap system. You can choose from seven various colors — arctic white, blue, charcoal black, charcoal lime, charcoal orange, orange, and silver black. With the golf cart, you also receive four accessory tabs. You can use them to hold various golfing accessories. You’ll also not face any trouble moving the golf cart around due to its reliable and high quality wheels.


  • Available in various colors
  • Comfortable to push
  • Folds and unfolds quickly
  • Four accessory tabs for improved efficiency
  • Front-wheel locking feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Storage box to store heavy items


  • Once folded, it resembles a strange shape, which reduces its appearance

4. Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cart

The Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cart is an affordable golf cart made from premium quality materials. Made from heavy duty aluminum, this golf cart can last you several years. It is very easy to use. Its two-step folding design increases its flexibility and makes it more compact.

You can move the cart smoothly on the grass and move it in various directions with minimal effort due to its integrated and adjustable handle angle. Its snit-skid tires prevent slippage. Once you have completed playing golf, you can remove the front wheels of the golf cart and store them. It also comes with nylon bag straps, a ball holder, and a waterproof scorecard holder. You can use the golf cart to carry heavy golf gear.


  • Easy to push and pull
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from premium quality and durable material
  • Snit-skid tires prevent slippage
  • The straps keep the golf bag in place


  • Wheels can become loose and will need to be tightened from time to time

5. Golf Gifts and Gallery Navigator Push Cart

The Golf Gifts and Gallery Navigator Push Cart is for golfers who don’t mind spending a little more for a golf cart that is worth their money. This three-wheel golf cart is made from premium quality materials and can perform a wide range of tasks without trouble.

With a single touch of a button, the cart folds and unfolds. You don’t have to struggle while pushing or pulling the cart on the golf course. You can easily take it with you when going to play golf. It features waterproof storage to hold and protect your gear from rainy weather. The huge hand offers increased comfort and improved grip.

Since you can adjust the cart, pushing and pulling the cart is easy. It also has a cup holder to hold your drinks while you play a round of golf. Its wide wheels allow you to travel on uneven surfaces without any difficulty. The cart’s braking system allows you to park on steeper and flat surfaces.


  • Easily folds and unfolds
  • Excellent braking system
  • Made from durable and long-lasting material
  • Offers a 90-day warranty
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Cup holder
  • Large and comfortable handle


  • Expensive
  • Weight isn’t balanced properly

6. Spin It Golf Push Cart

The Spin It Golf Push Cart is a beautifully designed golf cart with a black body and red detailing on its tires. The three-wheel cart has one small wheel on the front and two large wheels at the back. You can fold and unfold the cart without trouble.

You can swivel and move forward and backward in the golf cart effortlessly. Since it has airless wheels, you don’t have to maintain them because they’ll never deflate. The wheels can also endure a lot of weight. It comes with a scorecard holder, cup holder, and umbrella holder. It also has a huge storage space for placing additional golfing gear.

The brackets on the golf cart will prevent your golf bag from moving out of place. You can stretch the bungee cords to store your items more securely. Even though the golf cart weighs a mere 16 pounds, it can carry your heavy golf bag along with golfing accessories without giving out under the weight. You can easily travel with the cart and store it in your car or carry it in your hands.


  • Airless and maintenance-free tires
  • Comes with extra holders to store golf gear
  • Easy to put together and comes with clear instructions
  • Fold and unfolds quickly
  • Made from heavy-duty and sturdy material


  • Fixed wheels mean you’ll have to lift the cart when making sharp turns

Our Final Thoughts

Use this golf pull carts review to decide which golf cart you should buy for pushing your golf bag around the course. Any of the above-mentioned golf push carts will work well to save your back from carrying your bag.

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